Rare Bird: 1974 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe

The term rare can have different meanings depending on your prospective. In the case of this ’74 Pontiac LeMans Sport Coupe, the condition and equipment make it a rare bird indeed. A Sport Coupe model equipped with the 250 CI Chevrolet inline-six in this condition and claimed low mileage of 47,000 make this car rare if not intriguing. Find it here on Craigslist in Nalcrest Florida for $7,500 or trade for Toyota truck.

This Pontiac looks to be in excellent condition. I believe this color is Regatta Blue and it looks great! Originality is not mentioned in the ad, but it’s possible we are looking at original paint if the low mileage claim is correct. The ad states the car has ” hardly any rust” and includes a few under vehicle shots that look good, this thing is not a rust bucket. Chrome appears good and the original hubcaps are still there.

Good condition extends to the interior. The dash pad may be hiding some cracks but the seats and carpet show well. The blue interior is a nice look on this car and the center console is cool. The LeMans was offered in sedan, coupe, and sport coupe for ’74.

This is the 4th generation of the LeMans and for ’74 the rear taillights were changed to the vertical style and bumpers had 5mph crash protection front and rear. These cars could be optioned many different ways which is what makes this car unique.

The base engine in ’74 was the Chevrolet sourced 250 six. It’s an odd sight to see a long piece of Chevy orange under the hood, especially since this car is the Sport Coupe and not the standard Coupe model. The car was also optioned without A/C so this Pontiac is better suited for cruise nights instead of daytime car shows. Considering the condition, this car seems like a reasonable deal and should make a unique driver. Has anyone owned a Chevy Six equipped Pontiac?

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  1. Dave Suton

    Wants to trade down for a toyota? I guess he must like rust and being stranded.

  2. Skorzeny

    Scott, those are not “hub caps”… Cool car though. Needs a V-8.

    • Dave

      How are they not hubcaps? My great grandmother had a sedan version of this car with the exact same hubcaps unless you wanna call them wheel covers lol

      • wuzjeepnowsaab

        Yeah, he wants to call them ‘wheel covers.’

    • Dovi65

      Not hubcaps?? Then call them “wheel covers”, as they’re certainly not styled steel/mag/rallye wheels. These were standard issue on many Pontiacs of this era. Nothing special

  3. jw454

    I’d find some sort of factory or after market wheels but, I’d leave everything else just as it is. Nice car and a bit rare to see these days.

    • Fordfan

      Those are wheel covers, hub caps cover only the hub and lug nuts
      Also known as dog dish.
      This model colonade must have the worst usable thunk space of them all
      My wife had a 74 cutlass supreme with a giant spare tire that are up most of the trunk space but the rear fenders were much taller. This one looks very shallow

  4. Bob C.

    I had a 1972 Lemans 4 door sedan with a Chevy six and two speed Powerglide auto. What a beating that car took. It certainly held its own.

  5. Rock On

    Nice that the seller posted some pictures with the car up on the hoist. The only way this car would be rarer was if it had a manual transmission behind the 6 cylinder.

  6. flmikey

    There is no way that is original paint…my Grandma could spot that from the pictures…and she’s half blind…someone from the northern climate should scoop this one up, as it is pretty much worthless down here without A/C….great odd ball car…..

    • Andrew

      What did people do before a/c was standard? Did they burst into flames. It was literally 100 degrees in Pa last week and I rolled in my 1989 Wrangler with no a/c. I lived.
      Why completely disregard a car simply because it doesn’t have air?

  7. Nick

    Back in 1989, I worked in Sears Auto Center. An old lady came in with a car like this, buckets and console, AC, and a 400 engine. She was the original owner and kept it garaged. It was milk chocolate brown. Other than being a hideous color, it was in beautiful shape. I can appreciate this blue one, even though it’s under powered and has no AC. That blue, probably not original, is gorgeous.

  8. Jeffro

    Is bird included with purchase of car?

    • leiniedude Member

      Strange about the bird, yesterday I was in the garage and two adult Sandhills and two young birds were marching up my lane. I see them feeding in the fields but have never seen a family walking together. Maybe a senior moment for me, but it was funny as hell to see there heads bobbing and stick legs moving along. Oh, nice car!

      • Dick Johnson

        I always wondered where GM gets their design inspiration.

    • Marty

      The term rare alongside the rare tern.

  9. Chris In Australia

    The colonnades are slowly growing on me. Pull the bumpers back and they look a hell of a lot better. BTW, back bumpers were only rated for 2.5 MPH.
    Add a set of 15″ Rally IIs and you’re set, appearance wise.

  10. Marko

    I have never seen a LeMans of this era with a six cylinder engine, in these parts.
    This car would absolutely rock with a set of restored PMD Rallye wheels.
    I always loved the Sport Coupes with the louvered quarter windows.

    A friend of mine had a new 1976 that he bought in 1977, with a 400cid. Potent performer, with luxury appointments. Couldn’t catch my 400cid ’73 Grand Prix though.

    Long live old Pontiacs.

  11. Tim S. Member

    I would spend my time driving it as-is and trying to resist the temptation to swap in authentic Pontiac power.

  12. Jack M.

    Driving as is would be nice, driving with a built 455 Poncho would be nicer!

  13. 68custom

    never seen the straight six in a Lemans but have seen the same motor in a plain jane 74 or 75 cutlass . this one is kinda nicely optioned to have ended up with a six!

  14. Bill Shields

    My best friend in highschool, his dad had a 74 LeMans with the 250 six, three on the tree and no power steering or brakes.
    As someone mentioned above it was a beast but you couldn’t kill it. And as two teenage boys in the sticks believe me we tried!!😎

    • John T.

      My Father had a ’74 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu with the same 250CID straight-6 and a 3-on-the-tree. I thought it was the only one on the planet with plain jane standard equipment until I just found out from Bill Shields above that an identical cousin existed. It was even the same color blue!

  15. W9BAG Member

    Took drivers ed in a ’74 Le Mans 4 door, with the Chevy straight 6. 3 speed automatic. A pooch in the power department, for sure. Always had it floored. The instructor didn’t mind. Her car was a ’68 Chevelle SS 396. She felt my pain.

  16. ACZ

    Of course the temptation is there to drop a V8 in there but it might be more fun to throw some speed equipment at that 6 or try to find a Pontiac OHC 6 from a few years earlier.

  17. Michael Proulx

    I remember these cars very well , being 56 years old and a pure Pontiac freak I’m lovin this ride although I would be tempted to browse my inventory of mighty Pontiac V8s for a possible transplant but that wouldn’t be right this car is a survivor and brings back memories.

  18. Robert Sabatini

    Slap a hood scoop on it to commemorate Buford T. Justice of Smokey and the Bandit fame!

  19. Troy s

    If only, if only, if only Pontiac hadn’t tried to sneak the 455 SD through emissions certification and got caught; cars like this could of had that terror under the hood. Too expensive to re-certify numerous cars, so only the firebird got the mighty Super Duty. Some will appreciate the Chevy six, and it is a nice looking car, but for me it’s eight or nothing. Sorry.😏

  20. Steven Ramos

    I’m the current owner and yes it sounds silly that I’m looking for a Tacoma.. But Tacoma’s get top dollar and I do need one to move stuff around..But if I don’t find one then if I don’t get close to what I’m asking I’ll keep her…The car was repainted once and I don’t have a garage where I live now…This car was originally from Long Island NY….The miles are correct closing in on 49K…Gets lots of thumbs up…So far have not seen the 6 with the console only with column shifter and this one have the 3 speed automatic not the power glide..So yes she’s mostly original except for the repaint..

    • Nick

      It is a beautiful car, good luck with the sale. Here’s hoping whoever buys it appreciates it for what it is, and maintains it original.

  21. Ron

    Had one of these, with the louvered side windows. Had the two scoop indents on the hood, which I believe was from the ’73 GTO, dont think it was an option for this model in sport trim, but I’m not 100% sure.

    Mine was a nice shade of avacodo green. 350/2 barrel. 3 speed auto. Did some body work to it and got resprayed a dark green.

    • Ron

      Had to dig on the computer, but found a few pictures of my 74, back in like 1990. Dont have any in its avacado green form, just in various stages of doing shoddy bodywork and one with a respray.

    • Ron


    • Ron

  22. Chebby Member

    With a six and no A/C, I wonder if this was a dealership’s loss leader car for newspaper ads. “New Lemans Deluxe Sport Coupe for $2,900!”

  23. mark

    Here’s the original show room manual advertising this model…..

  24. jcinvt

    Had a 73 lemans w/ 350 this car with a 6/250 would be slower than cold gravy
    Rare does not mean valuble

  25. Nick

    Imagine if it had the rare sunroof!

  26. Alexander

    Speaking of Chevy powered Ponchos. My Dad bought a well-optioned 1976 Firebird off the lot with this inline 6 powerplant. Pretty peppy when empty. Car had factory A/C, power steering and brakes, factory rally wheels and radial tires, in a deep maroon finish I’d ever seen at the time. I bought it from him and took it to college in 1986. By then, the rear fenders had started to rust away, along with the rear window trim area, and the headliner rested on my head.


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