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Rare Blue Interior: 1988 Chevrolet Corvette

When it comes to C4 Corvettes, you really have to look into the details to find one that’s worth spending some real money on. While everyone knows the ZR1s and pace cars are good bets, those also tend to cost more than $20K, which is big bite for a car that’s meant to provide some cheap thrills during the good weather months. The good news is you can find a C4 with some added value in the form of rare options without breaking the bank, as this rare blue-on-blue 1988 example shows us. It also comes with the preferred manual gearbox, making it a winner all the way around. Find it here on eBay with a Buy-It-Now of $8,500 and the option to submit a best offer.

The seller notes that in addition to the paint, the Corvette came with “upgraded” factory sport seats, and I’m not sure what that means – perhaps some additional lumbar support or power controls? Regardless, they look to be in very good condition, and that electric blue interior is hard to take your eye off of. The carpets match the seats, and those look to be in good shape as well. I love C4 Corvettes with rare interior options, like tan cloth seats or the blue leather seen here. So many of them were seemingly ordered the same way; it’s nice to see some owners wanted to stand apart from the crowd of red-over-black leather Corvettes.

The bodywork looks quite clean, with no obvious signs of damage or clearcoat failure. The Corvette also appears to be mostly stock, too, with the factory exhaust and wheels still attached. The Corvette is equipped with the 4+3 manual transmission and has been fitted with a new clutch. The seller notes there are a few nagging flaws that the next owner will have to address, including a shifter button that gets jammed on occasion, a burned out seat motor, and a targa top that’s showing some signs of age. The rear carpet is said to be faded and the ABS light is illuminated.

The digital cluster is one of my favorite features of any Corvette from this era, though this one has a loose wire somewhere causing some illumination issues, according to the seller. The aftermarket radio looks out of place, and I’d try and source a replacement that has faceplate more in keeping with a late 80s performance car. The radio does, supposedly, produce some pretty nice sound, and it has Bluetooth, so it’s at least a functional upgrade. The seller presents the Corvette as an honest driver with nominal flaws, and the price reflects this as well. Great colors and low cost – plus the manual transmission – what’s not to love? Thanks to Barn Finds reader Larry D. for the find.


  1. JM

    Not sure I would call it cheaper than what they normally go for. Easy to grab these for $5k – $6k as they get older. I’d rather pay $8k – $10k for a 97’+ body style.

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  2. Steve R

    Fix the problems if you want to ask a premium, there are a number of issues, several with the potential to be become pricey repairs.

    This car already ran through eBay once, as auction with an opening bid of $8,000, there were no takers. The market, so far, is saying there is no interest in this car at that price.

    Steve R

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  3. UK Paul

    I like this. Even mildly tempted ..
    in the UK this would be even more unusual.
    Maybe will keep an eye on the dollar and if it continues to devalue as it is I might pull the trigger if I can ship it sensibly.

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    • Frank Sumatra

      Is Claremont Corvette in Snodland, Kent still in operation? Speak with them if so.

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    • smokeymotors

      optional wheels too, doug nash 4+3 uhhh maybe some of them didn’t break, love c4’s, motors were good, valve cover gasket may need to be done they have a history to leak.

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      • Tom

        Those wheels were standard. I had an 89 identical to this 88, but with an automatic.

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  4. Superdessucke

    The preferred manual is the ZF 6-speed that came out for 1989. 4+3 has issues which are well documented. That said I like the color combo. Very interesting, and rare. I think the price is extremely optimistic for a 100K+ mile C4. But at a realistic price point this could be a lot of fun for not a lot of money.

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  5. Doc

    Lol thats my car i had no idea yall did this till someone tagged me. Thank you barnfind

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  6. Russ Larsen

    I love the color combo! All good but that 4+3 trans is the deal killer. As noted above the ZF 6 speed offered in 1989 is the one to have.

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  7. PRA4SNW

    If the seller wants this type of money, they should wait just a couple of months until the weather turns nicer, even if it is currently located in Florida.

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  8. JC

    I’m betting the interior does not look as good as the pics, they look enhanced… so easy to edit photos to make everything look perfect these days. With a to do list like it has and over 100k miles, 5k would be more reasonable IMO…

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