Rare Camping Combo: 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon and Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer!

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Combining novelty and rarity, here’s something you definitely don’t see every day. I’d be curious if any of our readers have ever seen one of these Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailers up close and personal. I know I haven’t. Here’s a chance to own a red and white 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon (reportedly with 38,000 original miles) and a matching red and white rare 1952 Kom-Pak trailer (that uses an upside down fiberglass boat as its roof).  It’s currently located in Aurora, Indiana and is for sale here on eBay. As of this writing it had generated 43 bids and a top bid of $40,100, which hadn’t met the seller’s reserve. (The seller actually states in the ad that the price will be out of range for most buyers.)

The history of this unique camping combination isn’t shared, but the seller state’s he’s “had this outfit for a long time and is ready to let it go.” There are a decent amount of photographs in the ad including photos of the disassembled Ford during its “reconditioning.”  The wagon’s chassis and floorboards were sandblasted then coated with a rust preventative paint and the original Fordomatic automatic transmission was rebuilt. There are more photos and detailed images of the Kom-Pak Trailer than the Ranch Wagon, but the Ford looks solid and the red and white two-toned paint looks presentable. This is a custom paint job as two-tone Ranch Wagons could be ordered in 1952, but the second color was subtle and located around the windows and glass, not down the side like you see on this wagon. Most of the online photos of Kom-Pak Trailers show them in a solid color, but the the sales sheet says two-tone colors were available and even three-tone for “a small additional cost.” The front and rear bumpers of the Ranch Wagon appear to be painted silver to match the rear bumper of the trailer, and the photos don’t show enough to assess the condition of the glass, trim, and chrome pieces.

The fiberglass Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer was a nod to good old 1950’s American ingenuity. The trailer could sleep two, it had a tailgate galley area in the back that included a 5.4 cubic foot ice refrigerator and an 8-gallon water tank. And the most ingenious of all, the trailer’s roof was an upside down fully functional 12-foot-long fiberglass boat. With the boat removed, the trailer had a convertible-like canvas top to protect everything from the elements. It even came with a 3-hp Johnson motor that folded to fit into a space-saving suitcase. Although it was advertised as “Truly A Sportman’s Dream Come True'” the Medford, Oregon manufactured Kom-Pak wasn’t cheap (it advertised for $1,595 when the base price for a ’52 Ford Tudor Sean was $1,629), and I guess it wasn’t what many sportsmen dreamed of, so only a few were ever produced. The seller shares that the Johnson motor hasn’t been run in 10 years but pulls freely, the cabinets were rebuilt using the originals as a pattern, and it still has the original water storage tank and original ice box. Also included in the purchase is a new “vintage-looking” cook stove, a wooden boat oar, an old fishing rod and reel and tackle box, plus a twin size water-resistant mattress.
There aren’t many detailed photos of the Ranch Wagon’s interior. The sellers says the wagon has new carpet and a new headliner, but the rest is supposedly original. The front seat is wearing a blanket because the seller shares “the front seat has a bad spot on it.” Based on the few photos though, the brown carpet and “woodsy-looking” door and cargo area panels makes for an attractive cabin on this old Ranch Wagon.
Under the hood is a clean and tidy engine bay with the Ranch Wagon’s original 110-horsepower Strato-Star V8. The seller claims it has 38,000 original miles. Although the original Fordomatic automatic transmission was rebuilt during the wagon’s reconditioning, nothing is mentioned about any mechanical work performed on the engine through the years. The seller shares that “the engine runs great, so the only thing done to it was cosmetics, and a dual master cylinder was installed for safety reasons.” The Ford has a new battery and exhaust system. I’ll be curious to see if the reserve is met and if this unique combo finds a new home. If it does, the new owner will most likely have the only 1952 Ford Ranch Wagon/Kom-Pak Sportsman Trailer combo at any car show they ever enter.

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  1. alphasudMember

    Boy we have come a long way from the 50’s. Back then if you showed in your neighborhood with one of these you would be the envy of every guy on the block. Wouldn’t cut it in today’s entertainment choice. We now have toy haulers that sleep at least 4 and some even have bump outs to increase the living area. It would be fun to show up in the campground to relive the 50’s. I don’t know about you but I seem to wish for simpler times as of late.

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    • HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

      I, of all people here, hear your anguish, my friend. Far as “simpler times”, I’ve made peace with,, it isn’t going to happen. It’s “too far gone” to relive “simpler times”. Almost daily here, I’m reminded how lucky we were to have enjoyed these things the 1st time around. Lucky was the person, or more accurately, the family, indeed that had this. In most cases, the people this attracted, lived with others of the same class, and had camper/boat units of their own. My beef, of course, is a family today that would use this, isn’t going to spend $50grand. Not with eggs $8/dozen and $3,000 mufflers for the mini-van. It’s a fun find, but will go into the “warehouse” with all the “other” investments,, and all their millionaire buddies can ooh and ahh over it, but I highly doubt will be used for it’s original intent ever again.

      Like 28
  2. RedBaran

    This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen on BarnFinds – thanks for sharing!

    Like 20
  3. "Edsel" Al leonardMember

    Yes…the 50’s are long gone….but the memories aren’t….

    Like 24
  4. Tom Wasney

    Saw a mint condition green/white combo for sale about 8 years ago in the Fishkill New York area… I was passing by while on my delivery job I retired from five years ago… Of course being a car nut I had to go and look it over. Such a cool piece of American heritage pleasure cruising… Believe it sold on an online site eventually. So Damn cool

    Like 8
    • Doug Plumet

      What if you are out in the boat and it starts raining? No roof?

      Like 2
      • JTHapp JTHapp

        My thought exactly… nowadays, a popup canopy would do, (if secured properly).

        Like 1
      • 1959Buickman

        Funny how we managed those little short comings back then with pretty much everything from that period.

        Like 1
      • Dave Phillips

        Go back and re-read the write-up – “With the boat removed, the trailer had a convertible-like canvas top to protect everything from the elements.”

        Like 9
      • Lothar... of the Hill People

        I see a canopy top in the Ebay picture.

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      • HoA Howard A ( since 2014)Member

        Yahhrrr, matey, the rain never stopped any of the fishermen , oops,, fisher PEOPLE, I knew. I stayed on land under the tarp,,,As a kid, my old mans boat had a top and more than once, were caught in the rain. It was actually kind of neat, like snowmobiling in a snowstorm. I think fishing is actually better sometimes in the rain, anyone?

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      • Sam

        I guess you didn’t read the ad. It has a cover for it when the boat is off. In fact he even took pictures of it.

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      • Bill McCoskey Bill McCoskeyMember

        There are several photos showing the canvas roof in place. One photo shows the metal folding ribs, and the photo also shows a black rubber roller in the foreground. There were 2 on the back end and served as rollers so that one person could actually take the boat/roof off the trailer.

        In the late 1970s I was wandering around a local junkyard in Rockville, MD [Sav-Mor Auto Parts], and towards the back was one of these in dark blue, but the boat was missing and the insides had been exposed to the elements for many years, and it was so beat up it wasn’t even good for spare parts. .

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  5. 427Turbojet 427TurbojetMember

    Saw a light turquoise combo like this at Barrett Jackson a few years ago. It was in one of their “feature areas” and the owner happened to be there. Had a nice short conversation with him and then on to the next “see once in your lifetime” automotive oddities.

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  6. JCH841

    Doug Plumet – I wondered the same thing last time I saw an ad for one of these. The writeup states that there is a soft top under the boat.

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  7. Big C

    Even back in the simpler times? I never saw one of these. Totally cool.

    Like 2
  8. T. Mann

    Back of trailer opens like a teardrop camper.
    Very cool.

    Like 3
  9. TheOldRanger

    I remember seeing one of these back in 1953 in Kansas (I was still a kid). I thought it was really neat, even though I didn’t know a lot about cars.

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  10. Marko

    Camping does not get any cooler than this car / camper / boat combo.

    This is what Rock Hudson should have been outfitted with for the movie “Man’s Greatest Sport”.

    Hope someone wins the sale, and takes it out in summer. Pretty sure you would have to schedule 2 hours per fuel stop, because this beauty is going to be a huge conversation starter.

    Like 5
  11. Russ Ashley

    At $40.3K now and reserve not met. I’d like to have the wagon but don’t want the trailer. It’s a neat piece but I’m not healthy enough to use it and it would just be in my way. The wagon looks like it was in good shape before the restoration from the EBay pictures. I hope the car and trailer go to someone who is into vintage camping and will be taken good care of.

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  12. Keith

    I saw one of these at a car show that our club put on in Northern California (yes, Howard, California) back in the 1980s. As I recall it was painted either gray or silver and was not done as original, but it made a neat street rod.

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  13. Yblocker

    The Camper belongs in a museum, and the wagon belongs in my garage. Oh wait, I don’t have enough room in my garage, dang it!
    Beautiful combo.

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  14. Montana DanfordStaff

    I love these camp trailers that have a boat on top. So cool!

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    • Christopher Gentry

      Man’s favorite sport. Now there’s a great film , great out door gear , great cars in that film too. Was that a fiat the girls were driving in the start of the movie ?

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  15. chrlsful

    “ready to get rid of” cuz he’s too old to get the boat up there.

    I all ways think these should have a tight solid top under the boat (when off) rather thana canvas so as surprise storms dont drench. Wish the ‘sleep area’ in the trailer was photoed…

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  16. Captain RD

    US $50,100.00[ 49 bids ]
    Reserve not met

    Relisted on E-BAY

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  17. FrogwartsMember

    Won’t ever be the same, but it sure does trigger the good memories.

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