Rare Captive Import: 1976 Dodge Colt

Among the legions of captive imports we usually write about, I can’t recall seeing a Dodge Colt wagon anytime recently. Based on the Mitsubishi Galant, which lived on in many forms under the Mopar flag, this example is a driver that has been modified in easily reversible ways. Find it here on craigslist in Orange County for $3,900.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Miguel for sending this in. Obviously, the polished / chrome wheels are questionable, but not entirely surprising considering this Colt fits right in with California’s love of vintage Japanese metal. These Colts likely rusted away in my part of the world, and I can’t recall seeing one on the roads in the last 20 years. The body looks mint and it appears the seller has lowered the vehicle (or cut the stock springs.)

Interestingly, the original 2.0L engine (a fuel sipper special) was replaced with a 2.6L from a Mitsubishi Montero, which has to be a one-of-a-kind swap at this point. The install looks clean but the seller says, vaguely, the Colt still needs some work. This has to be purely from a mechanical standpoint, as the body looks too clean to need any sort of rust repair.

The mudflaps are a great look, along with the period roof rack and pop-up sunroof. The Dodge also wears a surprising amount of chrome detailing, which actually looks quite nice here. As someone who just recently bought a wagon as a daily driver, I can appreciate the added utility a class captive import like this offers, and I’d love to know how it pulls with the beefier 2.6 under the hood. Find another one!


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  1. SlickB

    Normally I would say ugly but that window stickers makes it all better

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  2. Vegaman_Dan

    Can’t stand the wheels or ride height, but I do love the mini wagons of the 70’s and early 80’s.

    Today we have SUV and CUV’s, but there’s still a proper market out there for awesome wagons if OEM’s wanted to make them.

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    • r s

      Clown shoe wheels on any car just don’t look right.

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  3. Stephan Jerome Meli

    In ’74 I purchased a ’73 Colt 2 door sedan for my father-in law,who was 6′ tall & in his early 60s at the time.I remember him telling me it was way under powered and difficult for him to get in & out of.I sold it to a young lady as her first car-she loved it.Took the money brought Dad a ’71 Ford XL 2 door which he loved.If I had the money I’d buy the wagon,especially with the 2.6 engine.

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  4. Markin32425

    My dad bought a 1971 Colt 4 door in the fall of 1973. He and I drove it a few years. Sold it to a neighbor in 1976, bought it back in 1978 in better shape than it was when we sold it. Then sold it to another neighbor with the warning to check the oil every time you get gas. Usually needed a quart every third fill up. A few weeks later the neighbors son blew the engine. Low oil.

    Usually a fun car to drive. Sold it the first time because to get it to start you had to smack the starter with the lug wrench. Three times.

    We bought it back after first neighbor fixed all the electrical gremlins in it.

    Only “foreign” car my dad ever owned. I enjoyed driving it.

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  5. PRA4SNW PRA4SNW Member

    Reminds me of my parent’s ’74 RX4 “Rotary Wagon”.

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  6. Doug

    The lady I was with in the late 70’s had a 4dr Galant sedan, which came from the factory with the 2.6 & a 4 speed manual trans. It was a peppy car, nearly as roomy as the Volvo 142 I was driving at the time, and great for long drives. Sadly, I haven’t seen either her or the car since the mid 80’s……

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  7. Gay Car Nut

    Awesome looking Colt Wagon. Not enough pics, though. I would think that one would want to see what the interior looks like as well. Oh well. It’s still a nice looking car

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