Rare Challenger Convertible With Shaker Hood!

1971 Dodge Challenger Convertible

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We already featured this Challenger back in April, but it’s still on the market and I thought it deserved a second look. There were only a handful of these built with a convertible top and Shaker Hood. Throw in the Plum Crazy paint and 383 big block V8, and you have quite a machine. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of rust, but an iconic muscle car like this deserves to be saved at all costs, right? Well, it’s going to cost someone because it’s listed here on eBay for $34,900 or best offer! That’s only a couple grand lower than the seller’s original asking, so I doubt they are going to budge much.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. grant

    Crusty rusty dusty. Will he gorgeous once restored. Have to wonder why they took the hood off though. At least they covered the carb.

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  2. Fred W.

    If posted with photos revealing all areas of the body, I’ll bet this one would do well in a no reserve auction- bound to bring market value, whatever that is, due to high demand.

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  3. MeepMeep

    I liked the Challenger over the ‘Cuda. Plum Crazy Cool :)

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  4. Nick Maher

    A real unicorn amongst oddballs, it’s not an R/T and was ordered and received with the shaker hood.

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  5. stevee

    Oh, the wonderful mystery of buying a lump of dirt w/ the promise of hidden treasure within! The promise that ‘it ran when it was parked’. And, ‘its a great investment’. IF you want to truly sell it this way, carefully wrap it up dirt, bugs mice and all and take it to one of the big auctions. Remember the car collectors creed: Rare, desirable, valuable, CONDITION and cost to make it right. Then, pay for it with a money order from a Nigerian bank and run run run.

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  6. Craig

    It’s clearly a 340, and no shaker option. So ya, BS all around. At least in the photo in the article.

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    • Jesse JesseAuthor

      The seller mentions that just the air cleaner is from a 340.

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      • Jack

        My comment on this car as a former owner of a ’71 Challenger R/T 340 4bbl:

        – I find it hard to believe this car only has 60,000 miles on it given the extreme rust and condition this car is in.
        – The engine is a big block, and most likely the original 383. The orange color for the ’71 383 is correct.
        – The fact that this car is not a R/T, is a convertible and has the shaker hood does make it quite rare.
        – the Rallye wheel inside the car is in fact a 71 Rallye wheel, I had them on my car.
        – the car was repainted at least once as shown by the poor making job around the VIN plate on the door (not that it matters). This is evidence to suggest the VIN plate is legit.

        I would have to research what price this car would command fully restored but I think he $34K asking price seems way steep. As a former ’71 Challenger owner and Mopar nut, I would love to have this car or take on this project if it wasn’t so badly deteriorated.

        A consultation with Galen Govier would be in order before bidding on this one.

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    • Nick Maher

      Yeah just the air cleaner is 340, and it’s from a 72 or 73 car. The Shaker is clearly shown though not attached to the vehicle. Big blocks have a front mounted angled distributor, as shown here, Small blocks have a rear mounted straight up distributor.

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  7. Craig

    I should have hit the link from ebay before opening my yap. I saw the air cleaner and just assumed…….I’m old enough to know better too.

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  8. Kay

    Way overpriced for something that needs total restoration.

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    • Jack

      Agreed. That is why it is not moving.

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  9. Bill

    Legendary auto just sold one of the other 9 shaker convertibles also Purple but a 340 small block Car for $185,000

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