Rare Color 1956 Ford Thunderbird

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There is not a whole lot of information to go on for this 1956 Ford Thunderbird that is currently at $4,051 with the reserve not yet met. It is currently located in Fairview, New Jersey and does not have a VIN listed, but does apparently have a clear title. The car has been tucked away in a barn for the last 36 years. Thank you Ikey H. for the tip. You can view more here on eBay.

The car had gone under a restoration process before it was stashed away, or that is why it was stashed away. According to the listing, the car has a 292 cubic inch, Y-block V8 that is connected to a 3-speed manual transmission. Unfortunately, there is no indication that it will run and the seller indicates that they have no receipts or any other information on what was modified on it in the past.

Inside is a green interior on the dash and what should be white seats. The color combination is coded as ZE, according to the seller. If that is true the Z is for Thunderbird Green on the exterior and Colonial White on the inside. Whoever did the paint from back in the day didn’t hide all the green very well. If they knew then what we know now, they might not have tried repainting.

It does have both the hard top and soft top that will be sold with it. The seller also notes that there are some chrome trim pieces that are missing and that there are a few rust holes. A lot of that can be confirmed based on the photos but as always, some things will just have to be explored in person if you go purchase the car.

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  1. big mike

    Well at least they pulled it out of the junk!!!
    This would be a nice project if you are T-Bird fan. I am not never owned one but have worked on them.

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  2. nessy

    Again, me with the license plate and inspection sticker obsession. Those NJ plates were issued around 1972, I can tell by the 3 and the A on the plate and look close at the red inspection sticker. Red in New Jersey means the car failed inspection and you had 30 days for repairs and reinspection. Everyone hated getting that bright red inspection sticker as the police would always pull over a car with that nice red sticker. They knew most were already past the 30 day time limit. It says in the auction that the car has been off the road since 1983 which makes total sense to me as I recall 1983 was the final year that the NJ DMV issued those bright red failed inspection stickers.I guess the car failed inspection so they parked it….That red on green combo can’t be correct but it is interesting.

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  3. Beatnik Bedouin

    Interesting find…

    Any prospective buyer should check the centre chassis crossmember, as I’ve seen these cut out and crudely replaced to get to the transmission for its removal.

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  4. XMA0891

    Where I live, one of these makes the local car show circuit each season.
    It is the green over white with all the associated period posters and literature.
    They are VERY proud of their pea green.
    Guess I would be too.
    Nice Find! Hope whoever gets it knows what they got.

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  5. 86_Vette_Convertible

    Is it only me, but looks like that one may have started as an automatic and converted to a manual tranny sometime in it’s lifetime. Not necessarily bad but definitely a consideration.

    Wonder what the reserve is on this one?

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    • alphil

      86_Vette I’m not familiar with these,so would like to know what you are seeing(or not seeing?) that makes you think it might have been originally an automatic? Wouldn’t this information be on a vin plate? SELLER,where are the rust holes you mention?Are the exhaust holes in the rear bumper solid?Why no pictures of driver side,trunk,frame,jeez!

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  6. Mountainwoodie

    A very long time ago, mid eighties, my sister in law’s boyfriend had a mint green ’56 that was absolutely ‘mint.’ He wanted eleven grand for it and of course I didn’t have the cash sitting around. This looks to be the same color as I clearly remember the interior. It really popped although I am sure it’s an acquired taste. Too bad they changed the color.

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    These 2 seat birds never really took off in value, like the corvettes did, You can buy a decent driver for high teens, low 20’s. Anyone looking at this needs to look at the underbelly and inner rocker panels. and a butchered x frame member, as one of the guys said. Thiis could be a real nice 56!! Good luck to the new owner!!

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  8. waynard

    Terrible color combination. And that green is not a rare color at all, there are at least three in Albuquerque. Had one, these were rust buckets, buyer: get a PPI!

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  9. TortMember

    In the early sixties a good looking girl named Molly drove a bird of this color to school. I don’t recall the “continental ” on the rear bumper so it had to be a 55. It is my favorite color of the early birds and maybe because of memories of great times. I also remember Dad must have taken the keys away in the winter because she only drove it in the spring and fall.

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    • Barry L Klotz

      This could be a 56 . I restored one with my boss in 80’s. It had the continental on the back. It was made with it, also exhaust came out in the bumper.

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  10. Little_Cars Saul

    “Daddy took the T-bird away….”

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  11. kenzo

    The tin cover for the floor shift on the trans hump appears home made.
    Did this to my 55 Meteor when I moved the column shift to the floor.
    Were these T-Birds ever a column shift?

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