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Rare Color: 1972 Chevrolet Corvette

If you were to compile a wish list of everything that you could possibly want from a C3 Corvette, this example that rolled off the production line in 1972 would have to contain most of your heart’s desires. It is a highly-desirable chrome bumper Corvette, and it features a healthy big-block V8 under the hood. It presents superbly, and it is a rare classic built with a Special Order paint color. Making your wish list complete is the fact that it is now looking for a new home. That means that you will find the Corvette listed for sale here on eBay. It is located in Martinsville, New Jersey, and the surprise for me is that the reserve has been met with the bidding at a mere $27,600.

The Trim Tag on the Corvette confirms the paint color as “Spec.” That indicates that the car is finished in a Special Order color, and in this case, it is Jade Green. The owner is a Corvette aficionado and is also a member of the NCRS. That means that he has a long history of involvement with these classics, and he knows a good one when he sees it. He states that this one is such a car but does admit that it has undergone some restoration work. This includes a repaint in its original color, which was completed to a high standard. It is hard to find fault with it because it shines magnificently. There is no evidence of so much as a chip or mark, while the original fiberglass is clear of flaws and cracks. I get the impression that the garage where these photos were taken is where the Corvette rests when it isn’t in use. This will have helped to protect that beautiful paint and helped to keep the vehicle rust-free. The chrome presents as well as the paint, which is to be expected since this has also been restored. One area that remains untouched is the glass. However, this also appears to be flawless, so it won’t let the team down at a show or a Cars & Coffee. The headlights and wipers, known bug-bears of these Corvettes, work exactly as they should, while the wheels and trim rings look perfect. The side exhaust adds a touch of menace to the car and is the ideal finishing touch to the exterior.

If I were to pick my favorite angle to photograph one of these Corvettes, this would have to be it. A low shot from the front accentuates the car’s ground-hugging stance and lets the world know that this is a tough customer. It shows every line and curve to great effect, and when the Corvette is finished in a darker color, it allows the chrome to “pop” in stunning contrast.

The 454ci big-block was still available to buyers in 1972 unless you lived in California. That is what we find here, and like the rest of the drivetrain, it is numbers-matching. Bolted to the back of this brute of a motor is a 4-speed manual transmission. Despite emission regulations starting to bite into the performance of classics like the Corvette, this could still get the job done if the pedal was pressed to the metal. The gallop down the ¼ mile took 14.6 seconds, which was very respectable in a 1972 context. This Corvette is said to be in excellent mechanical health. The engine starts easily, with no signs of smoke. It has good oil pressure and runs cool, while the clutch and transmission are both smooth. The owner goes as far as to say that it is a pleasure to drive.

This Corvette is a bit of a rarity for another reason besides its paint color. This one has an interior that is original and unmolested, and everything works exactly as it should. It’s pretty common to find at least one piece of equipment or accessory that requires attention in these classics, so this one is a breath of fresh air. The seats are upholstered in Saddle leather, and they, along with the rest of the trim and plastic, are original. The exception here is the carpet because it has been replaced. Everything looks wonderful, with no signs of wear, fading, or any other damage. While it might not be loaded with optional extras, a tilt wheel and a fully functional AM/FM radio are both designed to make life on the road a bit more pleasant.

This 1972 Corvette is quite a car, and it is one that is sure to grab attention and positive comments wherever it goes. I’m amazed that the reserve has been met with such a low bid, and I hope that the buyer cherishes and pampers the car as much as the current owner obviously has. With the world steadily moving towards zero-emission vehicles, we need to preserve classics like this so that future generations can appreciate the beauty of cars with hulking great internal combustion engines. Do we have any readers willing to embrace that concept by submitting a bid on this beauty?


  1. DRV

    That’s a really expensive paint job worth half of the reserve!

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  2. Survivor69

    The trim tag is a repo. Special paint cars are out there but not many of them. Nice car though.

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    • jim

      Yep. There seems to be a lot of questions on this car on corvette forum dealing with the trim tag.
      It would be nice to see more documentation on this car.

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      • John L.

        I agree, there is something about this car that doesn’t meet the sniff test, so to speak. The Ebay ad says 1972 was the last year for chrome bumpers, a NCRS member as the seller says theyare, should know the 73’s had chrome rear bumpers.

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  3. Skorzeny

    Deal of the week right here. Nice to gaze upon… Should sell quickly.

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  4. JoeNYWF64

    I’m surprised Chevy did not color match the std steering wheel to the interior.
    & they chromed the air cleaner & distributor cover, but not the valve covers on its performance motor? Odd.
    This may be 1 of the few steel bumper cars that could not be equipped with bumper guards. I think.
    “Perfect gaps” are claimed on the doors & hood of this car, but should that have even been possible or expected back then?

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    • Jeff

      Bumper guards??

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    • Frank Sumatra

      No factory bumper guards ever on a 68-73 Corvette.

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      • Frank Sumatra

        “Upon further review, the call on the field is overturned on a technicality” My definition of “bumper” on a “chrome bumper” Corvette is the metal strip below the headlights and above the inserts with the vents and parking lamps/turn signals. The vertical bumper guards are considered part of the “front bumper assembly” per the GM Assembly Manual. My original comment is not accurate.

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  5. George Mattar

    I have been involved in the Corvette hibby 47 years, worked at Chevrolet in the mid 70s and have owned two C3s. I currently have a 73 coupe. I am unaware of special paint in 72, but it could have been available. What GM did offer was cars shipped only in primer with no color coat. GM started using clear coat on Corvettes in 1981, when St Louis was closed in July of that year. Whatever the story on this car, it is beautiful. To answer a question here, all factory steering wheels had black rims from 69 through 75 regardless of the interior color. The cheap ugly Vega wheel debuted for 1976.

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  6. EPO3

    It will go for 40 GRAND EASY Nice Corvette

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  7. Big Len

    This type of owner is the one to buy from.

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  8. Stephen

    This car looks very nice. I am, however, curious about the driving experience with a 454 and no power steering?

    I had a 65 solid lifter 327 years ago and that was a chore at low speeds or to park.

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    • bucky66

      I have a 454 with no power steering and it can be a load. However I don’t ever drive it in town or in any type of stop and go traffic so it’s no too bad.

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  9. bikefixr

    Hmm. I live in Martinsville, NJ and I’ve never seen this car. Not at any of the weekly shows in the area that draw hundreds of cars. I’m going to go have a look tomorrow.

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  10. bikefixr

    I live in Martinsville. I have never seen this car. Not at any of the local shows or the weekly cruise that attracts 200 cars every weekend. I’m gonna have a look tomorrow.

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  11. BRIAN

    Wish it had Power Windows and AC, then it would be a perfect Vette !

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  12. Larry

    Air breather indicates 365 h.p. 72 corvette 454 rated at 270 h.p. wrong breather or engine change ?

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    • bucky66

      The 1972 was rated at 270 hp, I have one. The 1971 454 was rated at 365. The main difference was that for 1972 horsepower started to be listed as net, in previous years it was listed as gross. In reality between those two years acceleration times were virtually identical.

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      • Joe

        1972 454 had around 360 gross hp net was 270

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  13. Mitchell Gildea Member

    The Corvette I didn’t know I needed

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  14. Billy

    Big Block with side exhaust, wow what a sound.

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  15. JoeNYWF64

    Just noticed something for the 1st time, looking at this pic of this gen vette
    that the pedals are quite high off the floor, compared to say on a 2nd gen firebird!! If someone has small/short feet, can one even REACH the accelerator pedal with one’s heel on the floor while driving?!

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  16. Vince H

    Side pipes and no a/c. No thank you. I would never buy one like that.

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  17. Robert Malloy

    I bought a 1969 427/435 hp Vette new in this same color green and the same saddle interior !!! It was special to me but not special order !!!!!

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  18. Joel S.

    Very NICE driver but not an NCRS car. Wrong label on the air cleaner, wrong rear valence, Side Pipes not available in 72 paint on the hood is wrong and that is a quick look here.

    Joel S.

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