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Rare COPO 427 V8! 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

If you wanted to get a 427 cubic inch V8 in a 1969 Camaro, you had to work with your dealer to custom order one for you. This went through COPO (Central Office Production Order), a special-order system that was only available to dealers. This low-mileage ’69 Camaro was purchased new that way in Columbus, Ohio, and was a one-owner car until about five years ago. Though the engine block has been replaced, most of the rest of the automobile is original and pristine. Located now in Atwood, Illinois, this rare pony car is available here on eBay where the bidding has reached $50,100. But the seller’s reserve is north of there.

Chevrolet officially built about 243,000 Camaros in 1969 and about 14,000 came with some version of the 396 V8, the biggest engine available in the brochures. But no mention is made of how many 427s were produced as that officially didn’t happen. Some unknown numbers were assembled through COPO, which is how Don Yenko’s famous Yenko Camaros came about. So, the seller’s car is in rare territory and the original owner paid nearly $500 extra to get the 450 hp engine (big bucks in those days). For reasons unknown, the block had to be replaced under warranty but the heads, intake manifold, and the like are original.

We’re told that “most” of the yellow paint is original, and the black vinyl top was added by the dealer at the first owner’s request. The machine has been treated lovingly by its four owners, which includes the seller, and they collectively only put 8,300 miles on the odometer. A lot of documentation dating back to the original purchase has survived and will go with the car. The car has changed hands three times in almost as many years after the first owner passed away.

Headers were added but the original full exhaust was kept though it was cut off and may not be usable. The interior is from the date of manufacture and looks quite nice as the low mileage would reflect. A TH-400 automatic transmission takes care of all the shifting. This is a beautiful and rare car that will likely sell for some rather serious coin.


  1. Yenk Your Trust fund out 😉

    Dreaded replacement block but cool car.

    I see it going 150 k

    Just married in early 80s i could’ve bought one with its original engine in garage needing rebuilt for 2 grand. It was running a 454 block. I raced it on and off thru high school with my hot rodded 69 Rally Z28.
    🥺 Being just married and starting a family plus not settled in yet… it was out of reach.

    Very cool car!

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  2. scrapyard john

    Sad that such a car has only been driven less than 10k miles.

    Would be sad that such a car had been used up and never seen again 20 years go too.

    If I had the kind of money to buy it, I’d have to put a few more miles on it, though.

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    • Martin M

      10,000 miles: quarter mile at a time.

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  3. AutoArcheologist AutoArcheologist Member

    I have one for sale and although I have known about COPO and Yenko cars for many years, I learned a lot about all the specific items that came on the COPO cars when doing the research, such as the intake and carb are COPO specific, the alternator is, the BE 12 bolt rear.. try to find one today for less than $10K, I’ve read that they did not come with the rear spoiler and of course, not the vinyl top, however, it’s stated that the original owner had the dealer install… The purists out there ( whom I’ve been dealing with since listing ours) would look at this car and say they’d need to remove the vinyl top and the wing and repaint the whole car .. It will be interesting to see where this lands pricewise.
    Ours only has 846 miles, quite literally driven to the track and down it, many times. Long story not for telling here but rather interesting.

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  4. Greg

    What a shame another investment car. Cars like this will never be enjoyed for what they meant to be enjoyed for. To be driven and driven hard, no they’ll just sit in some collectors garage to be looked at and then sold. What a shame but that’s the life of cars like this today.

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  5. C Force

    If it were an M-21 equipped car would bring even more money.This car should bring at least $150k or more.But i’m more partial to the Z28,the DZ302 with the cross ram intake,high lift cam and a 4spd will hold it’s own against the 427…

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    • James Steganius

      The 302 would have no chance against the 427. Don’t downplay the automatic. This thing could MOVE! Speaking from personal experience.

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  6. steve

    I would be using other methods to sell a car like this, not ebay.

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    • Ashtray

      I agree with Steve, why would this car be on ebay?
      I had seen COPO vehicles sell on Barrett-Jackson before and they always bring good money.
      The way that I understand Barrett-Jackson vehicles, they have meet a certain level of quality and authentication for them to even sell them with their stamp of approval? Maybe not, that’s just my understanding?
      For this kind of money, I would not buy a $200,000.00 vehicle on Ebay, Craigslist or FB Marketplace.
      If a potential buyer can afford to even considered purchasing this particular vehicle, then you can afford to buy from the Big Boys!
      I don’t know what it is worth, buy this is Just My Oponion!

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      • steve

        Ashtray, I can tell you one experience I had. About 7 years ago, I was looking to buy a first gen Camaro. My buddy and I went to look at one that was local. The guy who owned it lived in a big house with multi-garages, full of expensive cars. He had a 68 SS Camaro and said it was a Barrett Jackson car. Well, let me tell you, it was a piece of crap! The driver window glass had a crack, the paint was rough in spots, and there was rust in the trunk. No thank you! But who knows? If had been a good car, I certainly would have wanted proof that it was from BJ.

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  7. Ffred

    A kid in our high school(Columbus Oh) got a new COPO for graduation, it was a 4 speed and a bright green. It was sold on BJ about 10 years ago for 225K? BJ even talked how he got the car from his parents.

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  8. Greg

    I look at great performance cars like this like great athletes that were taken in the prime of their greatness and placed in a cell only to be let out every now and then to show their greatness.What a lousy existence and would his greatness be worth more in his old age? I don’t think so, wait Babe Ruth five cents amateur base ball card did sell for 5 million recently. Maybe there is something to this collector thing.Go figure. Smile 😊

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  9. MGM

    Somebody’s gonna pay $250k , I’ll bet ya. Rarety, Rarety, no, no, miles . Skies the limit, how hi can you fly. Get yer wallets out gentlemen. Cause you know you want it.

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  10. Jim Reed

    My father bought his for 1900 in 71 after his 68 SS 396/375 Chevelle got stolen Always kinda wished he’d get a call saying they found it in great shape or something 😂😂

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  11. L.E. G.

    I agree with a lot of the people that feel that cars like this should be driven and enjoyed. One Note. I could be wrong, but that appears to be the wrong vinyl top for a 1969 Camaro. In 69, the body color went up over the top of the window and had chrome trim between it and the vinyl top. I had a 69 Camaro with the vinyl top. This discrepancy could be because it’s a copo.

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