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Rare Coupe Body: 1984 Model TVR 280i

Don’t mind the mistaken Facebook label on this posting – it’s no Ford Mustang. It’s actually a pretty special hardtop version of a classic TVR 280i, which we more typically see in roadster form. This one is described as being a decent runner prior to being parked, but given how long it’s been stationary, it will need a fair amount of love to tackle any backroads this autumn. The seller notes that while it has been stored indoors for the last 20 years, that “critters” have had their way with it and that the wiring and interior will need complete restoration. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace in Bethpage, TN for $3,500.

I had agreed to purchase a convertible version of this came car over the summer for the princely sum of $250. This was largely due to it being parked outside for the last decade and completely trashed, but thankfully, I found out before signing the papers that it was an exceedingly rare automatic transmission-equipped model that I wanted nothing to do with. If you had seen the state this car was in, you would seriously question how it was even worth $250, so let’s all be glad it was a slushbox. This 280i coupe is a far more deserving candidate for restoration, and the interior doesn’t look as bad as I was expecting.

Still, rodent damage is no joke, and while we can’t necessarily see a whole lot wrong in pictures, chewed wiring and Hantavirus isn’t fun for anyone. The good news is that the TVR’s interior isn’t completely sun-baked, which is never good for the seemingly fragile components found inside. The TVR’s cockpit also looks to be in stock condition, with no evidence of tacky modifications. The original Momo three-spoke wheel with TVR horn button is an encouraging sign, too, that not much has been messed with here. The seller mentions the TVR belonged to his father, who has since passed away.

The bodywork looks incredibly straight, and being stored on dollies inspires some confidence that the previous owner wanted to preserve the car for eventual restoration. The coupes rarely come up for sale, especially in the U.S., so it seems like a genuine opportunity for a TVR fanatic to get into one of the company’s classic Cologne V6-powered cars at a reasonable price. They make an incredible sound with a free-flowing exhaust, so hopefully, this one can be brought back to life once the wiring is sorted and the mouse nests are cleaned out.


  1. Avatar photo angliagt Member

    Good thing I have too many cars,or I’d be going to look at it.

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    • Avatar photo DayDreamBeliever

      The listing has been altered to indicate a pending sale.

      Great style, and I didn’t know that these had glass in the body above the tail lights. Hope it goes to a good home.

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      • Avatar photo Paul T Root

        If I sold my MG, I’d be crazy enough to buy this sight unseen.

        I can see a little Delorean in it. But also some Supra crossed with a 280ZX

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  2. Avatar photo Claudio

    Never knew these existed, i have always loved the topless ones but never owned because it lacked power , i am sure that a tvr lover that does his own work will snap this beauty up because of rarity and price
    But if one doest do his work this can be a huge hole .
    Good luck

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  3. Avatar photo Poppapork

    Styling reminds me of an early 80ties nissan Z31 (first gen 300zx) and even the power plant is similar.
    Talking about engines i had no clue TVR used german engines, who knew?

    I already have two non running projects in my suburban garage and im not a fan of.the wedge cars so im going to pass but this seems like a very reasonable project! This engine has a huge aftermarket and restomod potential, they were build all the way to 2011! Rest of the car uses parts from fords, rovers, peugot etc so things like brakes, bushings, suspension, headlights should be relatively easy to obtain

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  4. Avatar photo Jasper

    Cool as a coupe. The original Tasmin Coupe with no 2+2 provision had better proportions but is rarer. I really didn’t care for the wonky rear suspension on these. A lot riding on a couple of spindly components!

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  5. Avatar photo Erik

    Did anybody else see the first photo and first thought this car looked like a Delorean wannabe?

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    • Avatar photo Glenn

      I have one of these cars, and it is VERY reminiscent of the Delorean… however it was built first… so in reality the Delorean looks like it.

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  6. Avatar photo Dave

    IMO the wedge TVRs are the least desirable of all TVRs and coupe is the least desirable of the least desirable.

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    • Avatar photo Martin Horrocks

      Good time to buy, then. They´ll be back in fashion soon!

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  7. Avatar photo charles strickland

    My buddy is picking up this car today. It is going to a car loving family and will be cared for.

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    • Avatar photo Claudio

      Congrats and good luck to your friend , hope he gets to enjoy it soon

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    • Avatar photo Glenn

      Where is it going… I have one of these as well.

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      • Avatar photo charles strickland

        The Athens, GA area.

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  8. Avatar photo Jason

    I purchased this car. It is in better and worse shape than the photos show. The paint is great with only 2 small places on the entire car that I have found and no cracks in the fiberglass anywhere. The inside is also in great shape. the worst part of the car is the inside and engine bay. The inside has a smell from sitting that maybe toxic. The engine bay was home to rodents so all that will have to be cleaned and gone through later. The car was running when parked. 1st on my list is a thorough cleaning. As the car was stored for 25 years. I will also add that it turns out this car is actually a 1985 TVR 280i one of 3 made that year and last year of the coupes I believe. I am excited for this project as it is rare enough to be exotic without the large price tag. A fun driver with a good story was what I was looking for and happy to have found this. I like the looks and that it is a coupe as a convertible here you just end up baking in the sun most the time.

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    • Avatar photo Nick Lonyon

      Hi, I have a 1980 Tasmin 280i Coupe. It is the +2 Version and the first of that style that TVR made. The Wedge owners forum on Facebook can help with any issues that you might find when starting your project. They’ve helped me considerably. Regards and good luck Nick

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