Rare Eddie Bauer Edition: 1996 Ford F-150 XLT

When one mentions the words “Ford” and “Eddie Bauer Edition” in the same sentence, it typically conjures up images of the fan-favorite Bronco. But the F150 also benefitted from the upscale trimmings of the Eddie Bauer package, a model that is seemingly seen far less often than its backseat-equipped sibling. The ninth-generation F150 is an increasingly collectible model, featuring stout drivetrains, clean yet modern styling, and interiors that still feel fresh even by today’s standards. The seller has listed the rare Eddie Bauer edition here on eBay with 168,000 miles and the bidding at $8,300 with the reserve unmet.

While the reserve not being met may surprise some of you, we’ve seen this era of the F150 picking up steam for some time. The models equipped with the Powerstroke and sporting extra floors and flareside beds are seemingly the hottest at the moment, along with the SVT-built Lightning pickup. These are the next in line, in my opinion, like so many other domestic pickups: short bed, single cabs, and with the added allure of the Eddie Bauer package. This kit mostly consistent of cosmetic dress-up, but it was seemingly very well executed: complimentary two-tone colors, upgraded interior finishes, and some subtle badges.

Some of the Eddie Bauer Broncos and F150s came with leather upholstery; this pickup goes without, sporting tan cloth instead but it’s super clean. There’s some fake woodgrain trim in the dash, and the steering wheel may be leather-wrapped. Overall, for having close to 170,000 miles, this F150 remains very nice inside and out. And, as a Texas truck, there’s no rust to speak of. The seller mentions that both heat and air conditioning work as they should, which would be essential for enjoyable use in the hot Texas climate. The interior is also equipped with full power features, including windows and locks.

The 5.8L V8 will provide plenty of grunt, especially in the most compact of the offered body styles. It does have four wheel drive to lug around, but that’s a sacrifice worth making for having a fully-equipped model that will always find another suitor should you decide to sell it on. The seller sounds confident that this Eddie Bauer-equipped F150 will go anywhere you want it to, and given this era of the F150 is known for being somewhat overbuilt, we have little reason to doubt that claim. I can’t remember the last time I saw an Eddie Bauer pickup – can you?

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  1. James West

    Is Eddie Bauer a real person ?

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    • Allyn de Vars

      Yes. He started an outdoor outfitting store in Seattle in 1920. Essentially the PNW version on Maine’s L.L. Bean.

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    • Todd Zuercher

      He was. You can google him and read all about him and the company he built.

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  2. Mike Stephens Staff

    I always liked how Ford made Eddie Bauer Edition vehicles, and how Lincoln made a Bill Blass Edition Mark V. Actually I never knew who either of those people were, but I guess a lot of people did because it seemed to be a good marketing strategy! I worked with somebody that drove an Eddie Bauer Edition Explorer. It was maroon and a very sharp car outside and inside. I believe it had tan leather seats. He drove it for years, then his son drove it for several more years. Seemed to be a very solid vehicle.

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  3. Bob_in_TN Bob_in_TN Member

    The Eddie Bauer models were in a sense a forerunner of the luxury trucks of today. In my opinion the two-tone paint with the matching tan interiors looked good. This one looks to have had good care and is nicely equipped. I agree with Jeff, this generation of Ford pickups is picking up in collectability.

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  4. angliagt angliagt Member

    I had a ’96 Eddie Bauer F150.I didn’t think it was
    that much nicer than any other F150.
    I got $5500 for mine,with just over 200,000 miles on it.
    Had I known the market would go crazy,I would have kept it.

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    • R Soul

      What do you have squirrelled away in your garage behind the F150?

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      • angliagt angliagt Member

        1974 chrome bumper MG MIdget.

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    • Steve R

      The market will place a significantly higher value on a standard cab short bed over that of an extended cab.

      Steve R

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      • FordGuy1972 FordGuy1972 Member

        Correct, Steve R; a standard cab short bed is the most desired body style. I’ve always thought the 9th gen F150 was one of Ford’s best looking pickups. I’ve owned my ’95 F150 XLT for 22 years and of all the pickups I’ve had, this one is my favorite. It’s a keeper, especially since I don’t like the looks of any of the Ford pickups after ’96. The new Ford pickups are too big and too expensive so I guess I’ll just hang on to my ’95 until thy plant me.

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  5. Todd Zuercher

    Very nice rig! So rare to see a shortbed single cab pickup with the Eddie Bauer package on it. This one is really nice since it has the cloth upholstery and 5.8.

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  6. Terrry

    This has the excellent Windsor 351, before they started putting the modular v8s in the pickups and vans. That’s also why this truck is being bid for so much.

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    • MBorst

      So when did they go back to a Windsor small block 🤔 I don’t think they did, that would make it an M351

      • Todd Zuercher

        The 351M went away during the 1982 model year when the 351W was brought back.

      • Cav427

        The 351M coexisted with the 351 Windsor for Many years, at least in car applications. At one time their was the 351 Windsor 2bbl, 351 Windsor 4bbl, the 351 Cleveland 2 bbl, the 351 Cleveland Boss (4bbl) and 351M. Not sure about truck applications, but the 351M did not last long, neither did the cleveland. The 351 Cleveland Boss was the best of them all. Underrated at its apex at 335 hp. In reality Hot Rod built one to spec, and it was well over 400 HP. The cleveland was known as the small block with the big block attitude. Ford certainly made it very confusing.

  7. Maestro1 Member

    Very nice truck, not overpriced. Call the Seller and ask what he/she/they want for the truck. Write the check. I’m concerned about the miles so you should probably do a compression check and several other things before buying.

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  8. JBD

    My dad had a similar EB truck. I always enjoyed driving it. Truly a better build than other trucks.

  9. JBD

    I remember the Splash, Nite & 1st Gen Lightning trucks. Truly imaginative and limited edition trucks.

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  10. Cav427

    I had a ’96, same color combination but I had the Factory Step on both sides, which looked very nice. Dual Gas tanks and I could go 600 miles or more without refilling (on a long trip all highway I went 700 miles.) I had the 302 and a 5 speed manual, and the sliding rear glass. I have had three F150’s, but that one I liked the most.

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  11. Cav427

    I had a ’96, same color combination but I had the Factory Step on both sides, which looked very nice. Dual Gas tanks and I could go 600 miles or more without refilling (on a long trip all highway I went 700 miles.) I had the 302 and a 5 speed manual, and the sliding rear glass. I have had three F150’s, but that one I liked the most. Also the F 150 came with a canvas bag, that accompanied me on many a trip.

  12. Bob-O

    This one only has a single gas tank and with the 351 you won’t get a whole lot of range out of it. But it also has the smaller exterior mirrors rather than the big arm style that was popular back then. This is a nice truck!

  13. t-bone BOB

    Item location:
    Argyle, Texas

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  14. Robert

    The OBS Ford F-150s are bullet proof trucks, but it does pay to be a mechanic. The new ones can’t hold a candle to them. I have had 5 in the past 4 years continuously buying one and making it run until I could find another. I ran up on this gem ,one owner 228000 miles in Tennessee with a bad engine. 1996 XLT, 4.9 5 speed. Turned out to the best one yet and plan on keeping it. Rebuilt the 300 and it runs like new. Replaced the tiny mirrors with mirrors off a 1990. These are fantastic trucks. If you can find one running or not, buy it! I had it on a rollback coming back to Atlanta and a guy waved the tow driver down to stop him, “:Is that for sale”, “You’ll have to ask the guy in front of me, he just bought it”.

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  15. FordFixer Member

    I have one, 1995, white, gold trim, side steps, 5.8, auto, EB, short bed, 4×4. Like the heck out of it, thirsty, but use it around town to save miles on my 2011 Super Duty 6.7 diesel. Same colors on both, call them Big Enos / Little Enos. I’ve had about 5 – 8 other OBS, mostly 3/4, 4×4, 460’s, great looks, tough trucks, a bit thirsty.

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