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Rare Hurst Hatch: 1975 Hurst/Olds W25

Up for sale is a 1975 Hurst/Olds Cutlass W25 that is located near the Bristol/Hartford Connecticut area. This black with gold accent vehicle is in decent condition and the seller is asking $10,500 for it. Unfortunately, the listing does not offer much information like the mileage or the VIN, but it’s at least marked as having a clear title. Thank you, Pat L., for this tip. You can take a closer look at it here on craigslist.

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst

According to the listing, the drive train is all new. They are not specific on what is exactly new, or whether or not it was simply rebuilt, but as you can see in the photo the engine does appear to be fresher than the rest of the car. It is still is hard to see with the glare, and you would still want to contact the seller to clarify what the details are on this 350 Rocket V8 and the automatic transmission.

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst

There are a few photos of the interior to show its condition. You can see that the front bucket seats, which are said to swivel, are starting to tear in a number of places. It also looks like something in the dashboard near the radio has been altered, as there are some wires hanging down. This car appears to be in good condition, but upon closer inspection, there are quite a number of finishing touches that need to happen.

1975 Oldsmobile Cutlass Hurst

This car does have t-tops, which the seller claims makes this car quite rare, with roughly 1,200 manufactured. It is noted that the decals and stripes are all new as well. While it is a less common vehicle, and a more uncommon year, the price seems to be questionable for the condition the car is in. The seller will accept phone calls only to answer your questions. You will want to make sure you ask a lot of them before you go see it. So, do any of you know just how many of these were built with t-tops?


  1. Jim in FL

    Can’t really tell, but if these are true hurst hatches, this is rare indeed. The hurst hatches all leaked when new. My older brother and I used to drive firebirds out to Hurst in PA to get the seals repaired from dad’s dealer in Bucks County. We were close enough it made sense to have hurst fix as opposed to using the GM parts kits.

    Later, when I worked at a dealer in Philly in the late 80’s we found several correction kits. The parts manager sold them himself at a decent profit to the local Pontiac community.

    The hurst hatches, if I recall, we’re smaller than the later fisher body hatches. Anyway, enough unrelated memories.

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    • JoeMac Joe Mac

      Yes, the Hurst hatches are smaller than the Fisher version and they absolutely leak but I love mine on my 78 T/A. This Hurst Olds is a nice car, price is a bit strong for my blood in it’s present condition, but maybe the owner would be flexible enough. Ask the owner about rust on the t-top frame. That becomes a costly fix.

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  2. Kniedo

    Price is strong for the cars shape and only a w25 350 car not the more desirable W30’455 car . Let’s see the sail panels if still there , if not they will set you back over a $1,000.00 , if you can find them . All hurst olds came with t tops so not rare for said car . These cars rarely command high sale prices as there is no demand , you would be upside down in this quick at this price .

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  3. stillrunners

    Buddies ready to sell his 1 owner….black with a built motor – hauled his winning drag boat back in the day….nice car listed,,,,,,,,,,

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  4. Stevieg

    Bumpers should be chrome not painted black. I assume that is due to rusty bumpers. Makes ya wonder what other short cuts were taken.

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  5. Chebby Staff

    Olds 350 engine is supposed to be gold, not blue. Painted rear bumper area looks crappy and COME ON DUDE, looking at your own reflection through that dusty paint, wash the damn car! Dust, soft tire and no plates says it’s been sitting a while.

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  6. Will Fox

    The bumpers were NOT body-colored on these when new. re-upholstering the reversible seat cushions won’t be cheap. Better get more details as to what was done under the hood; some people think changing air filters means “rebuilding” the engine. Tape stripes are an advantage here, as they can be expensive to replace.
    As with alot of cars I see, my rule of thumb is to buy the very best example you can afford, which means putting the least amount of money into refurbishment. These aren’t impossible to find, really–just not that common. Me? I’d look for a better one for my money, but hey–that’s just me.

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    • David Ulrey

      No, it isn’t just you. The car has plenty cool potential but the price takes that enthusiasm away from most if not all. I sell regular daily drivers on the side for some extra money so I realize that you have to start somewhere with an asking price but when you start with something too high, people pass you right by to check out something else. To anyone that gripes about ‘flippers’ I’ll tell you this. I’m completely honest about the cars in my for sale ads and never profit more than 300ish dollars. Plus if they aren’t safe to drive I won’t sell them like that. I’ll fix whatever is wrong to make it safe and reliable. Sometimes I even lose money but not usually. I like to keep a clear concious and also not worry about someone unhappy showing up at my door or irate phone calls. Not everyone is in it to win it. Some of us just need more than our base income.

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  7. Bobby Longshott

    Another seller wanting ten grand for a dusty pile of problems. Only barely cool when new, would be kinda’ cool as a driver if I only had $4500 in it. Do people really get these prices?

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  8. christopher george lawrence

    ALOT of “personalization” done to this car. I highly doubt it is the original motor. If it is then it might be worth about 4K. Not a lot of power and a lot of weight made these hard to stop. As the saying goes, rare does not equate valuable. Lot of money needed to bring this one to even quality driver condition and with a non original motor…. pretty much need a buyer that just HAS to have it. Pass for most people.

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  9. James Martin

    Oldsmobile motors were painted blue in 75 cutlass model last year for gold was in 74 cutlass. Now the 88 models were painted blue in 71. Painted bumpers I believe was not an option. 4-5 gs is a good range for a car if this condition. 10 is a dream. But seems to be going rate these days for any classic car. I have a 75 442 swivel buckets ralley pack gauges. I love the car, float down the road.

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  10. jimmy the orphan

    Is that a 8yr. old taking the pics. of this car? must be. What did he do ? puff can the whole front of the car? headlights and all? Maybe T tops are cool I don’t know. What I do know is T tops will not support the weight of the car in a roll over. Just a word to the wise. By 1975 this was just another one of GM’s weak try’s to throw something at a non buying public to see if it would stick. This one didn’t then and sure doesn’t now. 2-3k tops. Don’t be foolish. later……………………………..JIMMY

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  11. Mike

    Can anybody else imagine that 500 pound door dropping about 2-3 inches down when you open it? And the whole car rattling when you have to slam it shut?

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    • bone

      The hinges on these cars are pretty heavy duty ; I owned a 74 Cutlass and a 73 Malibu and I didnt have any problems with the doors dropping

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