Rare L69 Survivor: 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

As the saying goes, you learn something new every day. This 1984 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 is a long-term family-owned survivor that also happens to be equipped with the desirable L69 package. What I didn’t realize is that in the long list of packages and options GM traditionally offered, checking this box on the dealer invoice actually got you several key performance upgrades. The Camaro has just 31,400 original miles and remains in excellent condition, and has some other desirable features like a leather interior and functional air conditioning. Find it here on craigslist with an asking price of $13,900 in Ocean Park, Washington.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Matt H. for the find. The Camaro presents very well from all corners, with clean paint and dent-free panels. The two-tone red over gray is a good look, and there’s no sign of mismatched paint or obvious evidence of accident damage. The seller reports that it’s been owned by the same family for over 30 years, and it hasn’t seen any rain in that time. While the third generation Camaro and Firebirds are appreciating, there are still some models that generally aren’t very desirable. A survivor Z-28, however, with the L69 option, is a model I’d expect to continue picking up value over time.

The leather interior is a sharp look, but I’m not sure if this was a factory option (if there are any third-generation experts reading, please let us know.) The Camaro is equipped with the 700R4 automatic transmission, and while a manual gearbox would be the truly hot ticket, this is a reliable setup that will likely work for years to come with routine servicing. The interior is clean, with an aftermarket radio with Bluetooth installed. The armrest appears to be an aftermarket lid that retails for around $160 and allows you to enjoy a beverage in your old-school Camaro.

According to a few online web forums, the L69 package got you several engine upgrades, one of which is completely obvious in this photo that shows the dual-snorkel air cleaner. Other tweaks include flat top pistons with a higher compression ratio, more aggressive spark timing, a larger catalytic converter and exhaust lifted from the Corvette, and a carburetor that was tuned for better performance. Overall, it’s a bit of a sleeper, even if performance numbers, in general, were in the doldrums during the malaise era. Still, the L69 cars reportedly had strong 1/4 mile times, making this clean Camaro an appealing specimen in more ways than one.


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  1. jerry z

    Too bad its not a stick car but does look sweet! Just wondering how the car was treated for almost 40 yrs with that low if mileage. Were wear items replaced along the way or sat in a garage all thus time.

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    • Doug from MD.

      Good point Jerry . Buyers of cars 20 yrs or older with low miles should always ask questions about maintenance and repair history.

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  2. The Tower The Tower Member

    Hmm…I’m on the fence with this one. It’s obviously clean, but the automatic and the 4th-gen F-Body seats are a big turn-off for me. I think the seller will get his money for this one, simply because 3rd-gen values are starting to take off, and this one is well-priced, but it’s not my cup of tea. And I say this as a third-gen enthusiast who currently owns two of them.

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    • Mark

      I agree…. I would rather have about any late model C3 Corvette than this for very comparable money.

  3. RKS

    The interior is clean? That carpet looks disgusting. Definitely needs a shampoo.

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  4. jwzg

    I think the carpet is cleaner than you might realize. Could be lighting, and I’d be surprised that a car this neat on the outside was allowed to go to trash on the inside.

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  5. Bmac777 Member

    That carpet is filthy. Maybe just the mats.

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  6. AnthonyD

    Interior is a big turn off.

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  7. YourSoundMan

    A general question regarding 3Gen F-bodies:

    Since lack of body integrity(body flop) is a common discussion point, how/why did it end up that thes cars were among the “floppiest” among sporty cars, and among 80s cars in general?

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    • jwzg

      One of my close friends was a chassis engineer on the 3rd gen F-body convertible. In short, the metallurgy and manufacturing tolerances had not yet caught up with the architecture (design). A-pillars were relatively thin and the large open hatch area just couldn’t resist the twist. Throw in t-tops or cut the roof out, and oh boy…

      The solid-roof cars were more robust and once the structural adhesives started being used on the 91 and up cars, they got even bit better.

      The big issue with the lack of structural integrity was the necessity for increased spring rates and roll stiffness to compensate. The resulting low-level vibrations made these rattletraps given the lack of interior parts quality.

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      • YourSoundMan


        Good insight!

        I “stiffened up” the body of my then twelve year old 1981 Buick mid-size just buy repositioning all four passenger door strike posts inward about 1/8″(3-4mm)!

        The car actually handled a bit more crisply, quieted things down in the cabin, and allowed the aircon and heat to work more effectively in their respective seasons.

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  8. Karl

    Did I miss something, what size is the engine?

    • jerry z

      L69 is a 305/4bbl.

      • Karl

        Thanks Jerry, with that hi performance designation I was expecting a 350? 305 wasn’t much on it’s very best day.

      • jerry z

        This is the same engine that debut in the 1983 Monte SS.

  9. CharlesS

    Pretty sure that’s 145 HP.

    • MDW66

      L69 was rated at 190 horsepower. Strong for a GM 5 liter of the era.

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  10. Bhowe Member

    I dont make it a habit of questioning odometer listings but as the owner of an 83 z28 with 22k documented miles I’m of the opinion that this has over 100k. Never seen an earlier camaro with leather and only base models had vinyl so I think the seats have been reupholstered. That makes sense along with the dirty carpets etc. Not buying the mileage claim on this one.

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    • The Tower The Tower Member

      Those are 4th-gen F-Body seats.

  11. gregg stewart

    I never considered these as “Z28” .After 701/2 with the LT1 I think the label was miss used.
    Just my opinion.

  12. Jeff Inwood

    I know these cars real well having had one of the early one’s, late 1983 when the hood was still fiberglass. I ordered my pretty much like a 1LE no AC, no radio, I added my own system, no T-tops. Of course I had a 5 speed manual with the special multi-colored Camaro seats, 4 wheel disc brakes. These cars came with 3.73 rear gears but you couldn’t get posi-traction, the rear gears were too weak. The L-69 was basiclly an L-82 but 5.0 liters. I added shorter headers, buildup the Q-jet, and put late model IROC wheels with new shocks. I sold it 2001 for 11K with 64K mileage, I paid 11K for it new 19yrs earlier

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  13. Reid Hall

    My Dad had a Silver,on Gray edition, these may be kinda rare,but not ultra rare, his,had what use to be called the hypertech,power chip, with,monza,and or borla,exhaust, which is what makes these cars really fast.As l remember, these cars 🤔, only said Z28, 🤔, on the dash, not 5.0/H.0.,and the seats 🤔, were covered 🤔, in cloth, with one vinyl 🤔, strip running down seats, from right 🤔, below the headrest, all the way down.Maybe the value has appreciated, a little, but l think $10-20k,is a little high.Remember 89 Iroc-z,not Z28/lroc-z,Corvette 350/VA,Tuneport,only 100-200,cars were made those, are most rare,cars.

  14. Gary

    While they work well for the uninformed , The seats came out of a newer GM sports car. I’m not totally turned off by them, I’m just not impressed.

  15. John Hutchison

    I still sadly remember what my older sister’s back and gold 84 Z28 looked like after she spun out of control on an icy highway cloverleaf and had the entire back end run over and crushed by a gravel truck. Kind of like a Fiero. Grateful she lived without a scratch.

  16. AnthonyD

    If you buy this car and live in the snow belt, make sure you put something heavy in the trunk…like bags of salt or sand…or be ready to spin out. Saw it happen all too often back in the day.

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    • Jeff Inwood

      That’s why I sold mine, newer house already had a 4th generation WS6 Trans Am and I didn’t want to subject a Supreme 3rd generation to winter driving so I sold it and bought a 94 Buick regal

  17. Melton Mooney

    All the third gen guys would give a nut for the dash pad.

  18. Jeff Inwood

    My 83 and a half had 5.0 liter H.0 below the Z-28 badge on the lower side rocker panels and on the rear bumper as well as under the Z-28 badge on the passenger side dash. And they made more than a couple of hundred IROCs with 350s because they became an option from late 1986-1992

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