Rare Luxury: 1974 Buick LeSabre Luxus

When we think of the mid-1970s, what cars stand out in our minds? Is it the Big Three’s desperate attempts at compacts (Vega, Luv, Pinto, Courier, Colt, Arrow) or the big luxo-barges? For me, it’s the latter. Those land-yachts, man, how cool are those? In 1975, though owners couldn’t get rid of them fast enough… and that’s one of many reasons that this 1974 Buick LeSabre Luxus survivor, for sale here on craigslist for $4,500 in Eastern Pennsylvania, is so fascinating.

“What’s so special about a ’74 Buick? Didn’t they make, like a zillion of them?” Well, yeah, of the regular cars maybe, but this is a LUXUS model. The top of the line. The one-and-only year for a LeSabre Luxus.

Also, big cars weren’t exactly flying out of dealer lots that year. When it’s hard for the average person to get gasoline for your lawnmower (due to the Oil Embargo), it’s even harder to get gasoline for a rather thirsty big-block 455 with a four-barrel carb, that’s pushing around 4600lbs of American excess.

The very fact that, for all these years,  someone kept this car, and kept it away from the worst of the oxidizing elements and conditions Рthat alone says that it was loved and appreciated.

Carpet and dash? Looks nearly spotless. Has anyone ever been in that back seat? Doesn’t look like it to me!

Includes full-size spare AND two snow tires? Sold! Where do I sign?

Seriously, though, this behemoth should really go to a loving home as soon as possible. A museum, even! For what it’s worth, the asking price is the same as what it retailed for new. Sounds like a good deal to me!

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  1. NotSure

    I feel like I see paint mismatch from both rear doors back. Trick of the light? Is the seller using old film in his camera?

  2. Big_Fun Member

    Museum? How much are they going to pay me to go see their Sand Beige LeSabre sedan?
    This is a car that you and your car buddies go to the steak place for a good meal. Room for all four of you. Alternatively, you could also take it to the Cruise Night, park it in the Cruise Night area, open the hood, and go walk around, and meet up later at the Beige Grenade for the comfortable trip home.
    The owner of this car would also own other Buicks: a boat tail Riviera, 1975 LeSabre Luxus convertible, and a GS455 (insert or delete other Buicks here __________). You could take the new Yukon, but what’s the fun in that?
    What I’m saying, it’s this a great car for the man who has many in the stable. He probably has a set of nice wire hubcaps or Road Wheels be could add, too….

  3. Chebby Member

    “That’s right beautiful, I drive a Luxus. Got a Romex watch, too. I know what time it is.”

  4. txchief

    Yeah…gotta love that extremely rare Buick “454!”

    • egads

      Where do you see 454? All I see is 455-4. ( 455 4 barrel )

  5. Geebee

    Having a set of snow tires in the trunk, located where it is, isn’t encouraging me that there isn’t a bunch of rust in hiding.

    • Big_Fun Member

      Yes, same thoughts here. But, maybe Grandpa or Grandma hit a few items because of the size (their eyesight was declining), and after repair and repaint of the door, in 1978 they go buy a newly downsized Buick Century, and save this for road trips. So, only three winters?

  6. sluggo

    I see no appeal to this land yacht, Other than pull the motor for a muscle car. Our neighbors had one of these and my dad bought it in 1982 from them (WHY?? For the love of God almighty WHY??)
    Thing was a TANK! As a teen I drove it a few times, and great concept as you kept your foot out of it because the fuel gage dropped visually if you stepped on the gas pedal. You wont go far and even though fuel was cheaper then, You couldnt afford to go very far. Thing got like 5 mpg it seemed. (its hard to tell when you can only afford to put 3 dollars in at a time and I was earning $2.75 an hr) We tried selling it and even discounted to nearly free NO ONE would buy it.
    Finally I was gone off to the military and a friend had a Trans Am with a blown motor. I told him its 8hrs away, but how about we go Smokey and the Bandit and road trip over the weekend and get you a good motor? We did, Drove from Mt Home AFB Idaho to Portland Friday night,. Yarded out the motor in the AM, Hit the bars, and rolled back to base on Sunday. We swapped the cast iron intake for a Edelbrock, a Holley with Vac secondarys (Helped economy slightly) and a mild cam and headers with some good plugs, tweaks to the HEI and that was one fast TransAm. He did well with it at Firebird raceway in Boise on weekends. We scrapped the Tuna boat at 12 mile auto wrecking for $50.00 We felt fortunate that we got anything out of them as generally they would only haul stuff off for free.
    I have nostalgia for all kinds of cars, but not a sad tank like this. Sorry. I am the eternal optimist for vintage cars but this is just sad.

    • TimS Member

      TLDR: “My family had one. I hated them for buying it.”

  7. Pierre

    Looks in a great shape to me…but what make it LUXUS? No leather, no power windows…what a cat, though. Yes, it is worth being in a museum, just because museum are also meant to display all those things that will remind you of how things were when you were younger. Those “things” don’t have to be looking good, nor powerful, nor…but then have to be in good condition : I can see it here.

  8. Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

    Hey Russell, nice find! I had the pleasure of driving one of these in the late ’80s, transporting my boss and two others from State College, PA to Harrisburg and back. What you might not expect is how well it could corner as long as you didn’t push it too hard, and the bountiful torque let it stay in top gear all day long. For reference a 2006 BMW 750 Li weighs 4400 lb, and a 2019 Suburban is 5800, making this LeSabre seem less excessive. Sure; the 750 would kill this Buick on a race track, but for transporting six people across the country, I might take the Buick. Nice one; thanks for the memories!

    • C.Jay

      You were probably at about 3 mpg when you topped Seven Mountains on Route 322.
      My girl friend then (wife now) would use my 1975 Olds 88 sedan to attend away Rugby games. traveling from Lock Haven to Philly. They said it was worth the extra gas money.The other girls had a Corsica, Berretta and an Escort.

      • Todd Fitch Todd Fitch Staff

        Hi C.Jay… 3 MPG – could be! It was definitely 322. Another fun part of that trip was my buddy Mike, the car’s owner, always parked next to the longest car in a given parking lot and the LeSabre was always longer. Even when we backed in next to a ’70s Electra 225 the LeSabre was (surprisingly) a little longer.

  9. Dennis

    Wow true classic!

  10. SDW

    I sold this 74 LeSabre Luxus in 2014 with only 26k miles on it. The only thing not original on the car was the dual exhaust I HAD to put on the car to fully appreciate the 455 under the hood. It was a fun cruiser and also longer than my Lincoln Town Car!

  11. Kenneth Carney

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’ve always been a sucker for a good Buick.
    They’ve always been a solid reliable
    automobile, and I wish I could buy a few
    more of them to go along with Mom’s
    ’01 LeSabre custom–which this car
    certainly is. Looking for an ’07 4-door
    with low miles. Only 121 were built
    that year when Buick switched over to
    producing the LaCrosse. Yeah, I can
    see Mom driving this car, but I think
    it would swallow her up. Again, she’d
    look like a little old lady driving a big
    old Buick.

  12. Danton J A Cardoso

    No power locks, seats, windows?? How is that luxury? Looks like a bloated Caprice from the same era.

  13. Bill McDonough

    80 mph in park?
    I wonder what it will do when wound up in drive!!

  14. Derek

    That’s had a real skelp from the ugly stick, hasn’t it?

  15. Stevie G Member

    That 80 mile per hour in park comment made me laugh. That yellow needle isn’t telling how fast the car is going. It is a “speed alarm”. You preset that needle to a selected speed & if you exceed that designated speed, an alarm screeches in your ear, far worse than even my ex wife lol. The standard LeSabre had a standard bench seat, this one has the split bench with the folding armrest. That is what made it a “Luxus” trim package. It does have power seats, but no power windows or locks. Not a real luxurious ride, but a decent family car for the time.
    My great uncle had the same car, but in burgundy. He was a farmer, born and raised in Stanley Wisconsin. Not a very educated man. He sure thought he was living high on the hog when he got that Buick. No one was real impressed at the time, but compared to my 2018 Hyundai Elantra, I would rather have this lol. Although I am able to pull off 42 m.p.g. with the air on in my Hyundai. This car would NEVER do that, unless driven off a cliff lol.


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