Rare Magenta Survivor: 1974 Triumph TR6

This 1974 Triumph TR6 is a claimed low mileage survivor wearing one of the rarer colors that TR6s were available in. What you may call purple is considered magenta by the factory, and the seller states that this is the original color – but doesn’t call it original paint. Regardless, it appears to be a laser-straight car with many of the classic TR6 details preserved, including those God-awful black bumper overriders. Some collectors love the rare colors while others couldn’t be seen in a purple car; decide for yourself by checking it out here on craigslist where it’s priced at $14,900.

Personally, I love the rare colors. There’s not much I wouldn’t be willing to be seen in provided the car itself is a blast to drive. In reviewing past auctions for other TR6s wearing this paint code, it’s amazing how many commenters state they were turned off by the “loud” color, which may just be indicative of British car enthusiasts who tend to favor the traditional schemes. Triumph almost seems to have been ahead of the times in terms of offering colors like this that gave buyers the opportunity to put their own stamp on a car before taking delivery.

Of course, that’s the irony in choosing such a color – that which makes a car so unique is also what (potentially) makes it harder to sell down the line. If an owner looks past the desirability of simply owning a rare color and struggles to picture themselves driving such a vehicle, all bets are off. That being said, when you look at the overall condition of this TR6, I would move quickly past any reservations about the color and simply focus on the impressively clean condition. The interior looks nearly new, as both the wear-and-tear-prone seats and wood dash present exceptionally well.

The TR6 wears factory steel wheels with polished trim rings, and the classic Union Jack emblems on the rear quarters. While no details are offered on the condition of the top or the mechanical fortitude of the car, there’s nothing that appears outwardly out of place on this gorgeous TR6. The panels look super straight up an down the sides, and if the claimed 43,000 miles is genuine, then it becomes more likely that this is indeed a magenta survivor that has been loved since new. Now the big question: would you drive a classic roadster in this color?

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  1. BarnfindyCollins

    Heck yeah I’d drive it, I’d rock it. I bought one just like this for my 20th birthday. Zooming around Nashville with a girl named Heidi visiting from Illinois on a summer night. A car, a girl, a piece of history.

  2. J_Paul Member

    I would absolutely drive this…nothing wrong with a bold shade on a sports/weekend car. Why let Mopars have all the fun?

    It needs to have garage-mates in cyan, yellow, and black though!

  3. William Bussler

    The color is a whole lot better than plain old boring silver.

  4. JMG

    Had a TR6… and a GT6… and a Spitfire… Loved all for their own reasons. But the TR6 had this gawd-awful heavy clutch pedal. It was common. My poor wife could not drive it. After you drive one about for a year or so, you will find yourself walking in circles as your left leg will be all the stronger. :-)

  5. Tom Fitch

    Love the TR6, not loving the magenta. Give me brown any day!

    • PatrickM

      Right about the magenta. But, not brown. Not on this. Red or BRG would suit me just fine. I’m in except for color, distance, place to store it, and, of course, money. Oh, well… I can dream, can’t I?

  6. Louis Chen

    Who cares about the purple color? Too bad it’s not the other purple on the Barracuda/Challengers. The price is a little high though.

  7. Stephen Brodie

    Bought one brand new, factory ordered with overdrive, and in a color they called Mimosa (bright yellow) paid $5300 for it. Only made it to 18,000 miles until I gave up on it. British Leyland had a warrantee situation where you had to spend a lot on maintenance to keep the warrantee. Their mechanics in Edmonton didn’t know how to adjust the carbs. Drove it in fine and would barely run when it left the dealership. Turned needles into seats and damaged those dual carbs. Loved the feel of it but my brothers 240Z and a whole rash of rotary Mazda’s kept racing me and winning. 117mph tops for the TR6

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