Rare Pickup: 1962 Volkswagen Double Cab

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Among the coolest air-cooled Volkswagen Buses are the ones sold in limited numbers here in the states or the earliest examples with the split windshield design But what if you could combine both of those things into a hard-to-find early model Bus with the iconic windshield? Well, you’d have one of the more sought-after variants out there, such as this rare double-cab pickup. You might also be compelled to list it for sale with a fairly lofty opening bid, as the seller is looking for $29,000 to kick off the auction for his 1962 Volkswagen double-cab pickup here on eBay.

It seems like these old buses always show up with a smattering of rust when listed in unrestored condition. Of course, there are the rare exceptions for barn finds found in dry, western desert states, but pretty much every where else will lead to some level of rust repair being needed. Not that the presence of rot stops most people from rescuing these sought-after vehicles, as the market for early Type 2 VWs continues to be hot, even as other makes and models cool. This double cab is even more desirable for having its original, numbers-matching engine according to the seller.

Truth be told, even with the rough spots on the body, the pickup looks surprisingly complete. This example doesn’t appear to have been converted into a chicken coop when it was just a tired, old truck and not a rapidly-rising collector vehicle. It’s amazing when you consider how many of these were simply cheap modes of transportation for anyone running a light-duty commercial enterprise that there are any left, considering they were probably subject to plenty of abuse. That’s what makes finding one relatively intact such a literal gold mine for anyone lucky enough to be at the right place and the right time to buy one off of the farm where it’s been hidden for decades.

The seller has updated the engine with a new fuel pump and has also refreshed the brakes and replaced the tires. Unlike most sellers who happen into owning a very desirable vintage car or truck, he’s put some work into it so the next owner is at least able to make a judgment call based on a vehicle that can move under its own power. The opening bid is the wrong way to sell one of these; I am pretty sure the seller could get to his preferred asking price by opening the bidding at $1.00. Regardless, he may also be hoping to spur someone to reach out with an offer in the mid-20s, which seems like a fair deal considering what these sell for once restored.

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Ed Hardt

    Crusty from Mustie1!

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  2. Ed H

    Crusty from Mustie1

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  3. Big C

    I honestly think that the speculators in our hobby have just about lost their minds.

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  4. drew

    The prices on these have always been nutty. My dad and I looked at one in about this same condition for sale in about 1990, the seller wanted 8k. I ended up buying an almost completely redone ’65 Kombi for half the price.

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    • BCB42

      Was that combi out of Oklahoma with a non-running and pulled engine?
      If so, I wish I hadn’t sold her at the time…

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  5. Ed

    Auction has ended with zero bids.

    Not surprised. This is far worse than the one I bought for $4,500 20 years ago and drove from Texas to California to Philly in one trip.

    Of course, it’s not 2002 anymore, but having owned several of these I couldn’t imagine paying $28k for one, let alone a rusty project like this.

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  6. Ian T Hardin

    It is amazing the stupid $$$ being thrown at single cab/double cab/buses.

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  7. MikeG.

    “literal gold mine? Perhaps figurative gold mine would have been more appropriate.

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  8. TheOldRanger

    It was ugly then, and it is ugly now… not surprised on the no bids part.

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  9. Mark

    It’s got two inline fuel filters. That ought to be worth something!
    I don’t think I’d leave that fuel hose flopping around loose so close to the generator belt.

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    • MICK George.

      yep 2 fuel filters that are not equiped with clamps would spit off a first turn of key. also has new/rebuilt carby to. even with motor in the back they are were noisy things. we had all the types in Australia as we assembiled them here with the bugs. Mick George Australia.

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      • BCB42

        Ack in HS a cute girl from my class had her beetle at the local pizza place/hangout.
        Couldn’t start her car and smell of petol was evident.
        All the gearheads stood around, looking at the fuel line that had slipped off the filter….
        Me, a fellow VW owner, asked her if she had a rubber band or hair tie.
        Promptly pulled her tie out of her hair (a glorious sight, I might add) and I procceded to wrap it around the fuel line till tight enough to hold it on filter.
        The rest of the story modicum dictates stays private.
        She was thankful.

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  10. chrlsful

    3 dor? Call me krazy but reminds me of the early Burban, Travelall, etc (3 dors).
    Nota lota utility w/the motor takin up space but still a vehicle w/character~

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  11. Robert Levins

    I’d be curious if this VW ever sells for more than 20k. Maybe at the right price it would make a good project, but too much money up front and you’re likely going to be the next owner for quite some time. Good luck. Nice article too.

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  12. Maggy

    Nice ones sell for around 15 20 from what I saw on the internet. Seller started too high .I also caught the fuel hose with no clamps.I agree start at a buck and put a reasonable reserve.

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  13. type2vw

    right now, there is a restored double cab split window for sale at $145,000. there are south american double cabs selling for similar prices as this one. the days of $800 bus (what i paid for my last one) is over. they will only go up in price unless demand goes down.

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