Rare Rebel Edition: 1971 International Pickup

I don’t know if many readers are into special editions but I’m a huge fan of them. They’re typically just graphics packages without any real muscle or other benefits, but anything to stand out from the crowd, or almost anything, is good for me. This is a very rare truck, a 1971 International 1110 Johnnie Reb edition pickup. The seller has it posted here on craigslist in Tavares, Florida with a $10,500 asking price. Thanks to Ikey H. for sending in this tip!

International-Harvester made some great vehicles and their Scout could have been had in several different special edition models over the years. Their pickups reportedly only came in three special editions: the gorgeous 1957 Golden Jubilee edition, the Sno-Star edition, and the Johnnie Reb edition – emanating from and mainly for the southern and southeast markets in the US, as you probably already guessed. It was a good looking truck when it was new. Can you think of another special edition for I-H pickups? I can’t offhand.

As a huge fan of International pickups and special editions, which I’ve said too many times, I would love to own this truck. The asking price along with the restoration costs would bring it way over my fun-vehicle price limit. I can’t tell if it’s been repainted or if parts of it have been repainted. The seller says that they have another hood that comes with the sale and there is some rust to deal with, mainly on the floors but also some minor body rust as you can see. Overall, however, it looks pretty solid from what I can see, even the rocker panels.

The 1/2-ton International 1110 pickup was a slightly heavy-duty version of the similar 1/2-ton 1010 pickup, with a solid-beam front suspension compared to an independent front suspension with torsion bars for the 1010 truck. The Johnnie Reb package was available on both pickups and reportedly only 487 of them were made – they’re about as rare as it gets today. Some sources say that 463 of them were made and the seller says 485 of them were made, but under 500 total is generally agreed upon.

The engine is International’s 345 cubic-inch V8 and the seller says that this one only has 25,991 miles on it and it runs great. The seller has provided the full number of photos for craigslist which is great, but unfortunately, there’s only one photo showing the entire truck in the frame. Kudos to them for adding so many detailed photos, though. Have any of you heard of this special edition I-H pickup? And remember, NO POLITICS here!


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  1. Classic Steel

    The chrome hangers look interesting 😜

    I like it and hope this IH gets restored.👍

    This will see what the buyer will bear 🐻👍

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  2. misterlou Member

    It’s missing the rear window banjo rack.

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  3. Duane

    My 1st job after college was with IHC, and I waited three years to buy a 1971 Travelall in 1974 (trade-in on his new 1974 Travelall). In the seven years I was with IHC, and up to now, I wasn’t aware of this special edition model ! (Guess you learn something every day) My 71′ Travelall was the toughest snow-eating, trailer-pulling vehicle I ever owned, and if able, I’d love to own/restore this p/u, but not practical now. Whoever buys it, if restored to original, needs to mount the gun-rack w/ 30-30, though–might need it.

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  4. steve

    Driving an International ANYTHING these days kinda makes you a rebel, huh?
    The 8mpg fuel consumption would having you making a statement at the gas pumps too….

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  5. Allen L

    Look up Jared Link’s conversion of a ,Johnny Reb, into the Johnny Rev, swapping in the K member and suspension of a Corvette, and a LS V8 on Tavarish’s Wrench Every Day YouTube channel.

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    • Allen L

      Corrections: Jared Pink did the conversion on the Johnnie Reb.

  6. wizzy

    25,900 miles? Nonsense! Quadruple that.

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  7. Gus Fring

    The spare tire looks to have 125,900 miles on it.

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  8. Johnmloghry Johnmloghry Member

    I have a brother who lives in a small town in Georgia. His fil (rip) owned a 68 version of this pickup. He was a retired Brigadier General who put very little miles on his vehicles. The IH sat parked under a carport for many years only driven occasionally by my brother before the General died. After his passing the truck was seldom used until my sil sold it.
    Someone in Georgia got a very nice pickup on that solemn day.
    God bless America

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  9. John Glancy
  10. Randy

    My friend owned a 1974 I h 4×4 pickup truck with a three o four,a four speed to.while driving it you could see the gas gage moving towards the empty side lol.it was horrifying,I think it was getting like five or six miles to the gallon no matter how cold it was or hot it was it didn’t matter lol!

  11. idbugeye

    Florida? Floor rust but no hood hinge rust? The hood hinges and inner fender wells rust so the hood no longer holds.
    I’ve owned several Travelalls and a couple pickups and never had less than 14 mpg empty, even with the 392. Still, a worthy restoration.

  12. Snotty

    Nice Ole Reb! I had the pleasure of owning a 71 Dodge Dude, red with the white stripe 3/4 ton 383 auto. Ran strong on 7 cylinders likely would of out ran a Ford running with all 8. Yet another I should of hung onto.

  13. Snotty

    B.T.W. found the Dude parked on the street in Denver. Circled back went to the door,knocked asked if he considered selling the truck. He said sure…Just doesn’t work like that anymore.

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  14. geomechs geomechs Member

    I loved the looks of this package when it was new. I sure wouldn’t kick it off my driveway. It should be restored and enjoyed. Mileage wasn’t good on these, mostly due to the emission laws. Richen them up and re-curve the advance and they ran a lot better…

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  15. M.C.S.

    I love old vehicles and am a big International Harvester/Farmall fan, yet you couldn’t pay me enough to take this one.

    Anything glorifying the Confederacy is less than worthless to me.

  16. Chris Eakin

    Wrench every day (on youtube) put corvette drivetrain into one, seemed to go pretty good, probably not as useful as a truck afterwards though

  17. walter gregersen

    my sisters husband had one. we stacked 4×8 sheets of plywood as high as the roof.
    it ran down the road like it was empty. not bad for half ton pickup.

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