Rare Tribute Car: 1948 Allard J2 Recreation

The desire to own a hot-rod kit car is growing stronger for yours truly, and this incredible Allard J2 replica is not helping matters. For years, I thought kit cars were just the world of Volkswagen Beetle-powered contraptions that looked like a sad Brickin replica with gullwing doors that didn’t stay up. Then, as you begin to explore the world of replica Cobras, Porsche Speedsters, and 550 Spyders, you realize there’s a whole ‘nother side to replica car ownership. This Allard J2 homage is powered by a Cadillac 390 V8 paired with a four-speed manual transmission, and it’s listed here on Facebook Marketplace for $39,900.

So, first of all, the original Allard J2 was a magnificent creation. The genuine article utilized a Cadillac V8 engine just like this tribute build does, but it also earned its chops on one of the most storied race tracks in the 1950s. Yes, an Allard J2 took the podium with a third-place finish at LeMans in 1950 among many other top five finishes. For a low-volume manufacturer that had produced its first car just a few years earlier, that’s an incredible feat. The Allard continued its success in competitive racing events, a testament to the winning combination of being lightweight and carrying a big motor.

The Allard was part of a golden era of sports cars in the United States, as consumers were hungry for high-performance machines. Whether you wanted a Cobra, a TVR, a Lotus, a Shelby anything – you had your pick of high-performance machines that could be driven to the track, banged around, and driven back home. To find a real-deal Allard J2 today will require a significant capital outlay, and in looking at the fit and finish of this tribute car, I’m not sure that there’s a compelling argument against saving a few hundred thousand dollars to own a replica that looks surprisingly well-constructed. This Allard tribute is even titled as a 1948 J2.

The seller is bullish about the J2’s speed, noting that it is “….faster than most Cobras out there.” While there will inevitably be details that don’t stack up against the real thing, the beauty of replicas versus kit cars is that replicas are often built to a higher standard (and a higher price tag). They aren’t intended to be assembled in your garage with basic hand tools. This Allard J2 is a unique opportunity to get into a tribute car we don’t often see come up for sale and is supposedly built to a high level that captures the essence of driving the real thing. That’s all you can ask for when owning a tribute car, and that makes me curious: which tribute make or model would you go for?


  1. Harvey Member

    Kind of looks like it has 3 axles.

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    • Slantasaurus

      It’s a rare Allard/ Tyrell hybird.

  2. jageater Member

    Though not mentioned anywhere, this looks like a Kougar kit to me.

  3. Tara Member

    I would prefer a cobra, but this car really looks GREAT!!!!

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  4. Howie

    Two owners and only driven 521 miles.

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  5. VespaJay

    This isn’t a kit car, it’s a one-off custom build by a VERY prolific New England car builder. Strange that the seller doesn’t mention anything about its origins.
    For a great photo of it under construction, see post #97 in this Jalopy Journal thread, then more pics in posts #105 and #188 for completed photos:


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  6. Joe Haska

    I live in Phoenix AZ. and there is a real concourse Allard that shows up quite often at local events, it is absolutely stunning, every time I see it, I just stop and stare. I am embarrassed to say I didn’t even know there was a kit of an Allard.

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  7. Dr Fine

    I didn’t know about the prewar Ford powered Allards. The first I heard was that they could be purchased with either a Cadillac or the then new Chrysler Hemi. Nothing could beat them on uphill mountain races.

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  8. Gary Thompson

    Bought a J2X replica about 15 years ago…Had it built by a hot rod shop iin Wichita…..Chevy V8 – Mustang II suspension, S-10 rearlllIt woudl scat – and looked great..Had to sell it when we moved to Co…Sure like to have it back..

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  9. GitterDunn

    When I was a kid in high school in Davis, CA back in ’67 or ’68, a friend and I spotted this racy little red car in a side-street mechanic shop, stopped to admire it, and asked what it was. The man told us it was an Allard with a Cadillac V8, and mentioned that it was for sale: $3,600 (adjusted for inflation, about $32k in 2022 dollars) Far more than I could afford at the time. That car did not sport whitewalls or dual sidemounts, but had wire knock-offs, and an air scoop on the hood.

    I really like the period look of the baby moons and whitewalls on this J2! Barring any serious issues it looks like a nice buy for the money!

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  10. Chinga-Trailer

    Not at all garish and “over the top” like, for instance, 99% of all Cobra parodies, er, excuse me, I mean replica . . .

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  11. Richard Panek

    It’s still a kit car and is not in the Allard registry as he had said. the asking price is too much for the car.

    • GitterDunn

      Actually, it’s not a kit car. This is a replica, or “tribute” car. “Kit cars” are assembled from kits, not custom-built from scratch.

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  12. chrlsful

    looks like more classics (replicas?) in this guy’s garage. Fella here has 6 or 8 of the ‘real’ ones. Seems to B a well known specalist (these) restored. Sent from world round?
    Love the history on the ‘real’ ones.

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  13. George Birth

    This one looks to be a true sports car even if it’s a replica. Gorgeous machine!!!

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  14. Richard Kirschenbaum

    Nobody asks what the body construction is. Well, what is it?

    • GitterDunn

      The listing says it’s a steel body.

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  15. Richard Kirschenbaum

    Seems to me that the perfect target for a tribute car would be the Kaiser Darrin. Fiberglas originally and better quality fiberglas replica. Copy the original frame only beef it up so it would carry the original type engine and suspension or modern components, Seems like a killer combination on paper but would it sell?

  16. V8roller

    There’s a J2 on BaT right now https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1952-allard-j2x/

    Interesting to compare. The replica looks a bit of a dog’s dinner under the bonnet, but as replicas go, pretty nice.

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  17. Howie

    The ad is no longer on FB.

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