Rare TWR Package: 1990 Jaguar XJS

While old XJS coupes are a dime a dozen on craigslist, finding true survivors takes far more effort. To find one with the rare TWR body kit requires more than just effort; it may take years to track one down. Finding a TWR car that also hasn’t been ridden hard borders on impossible, so this recently discovered example that went into storage after the owner passed away is a true needle in a haystack find. The Jaguar wears a number of goodies from the factory, including the TWR body kit and BBS wheels. The seller has listed it here on craigslist for $10,500 in Royal Palm Beach, Florida, sort of the perfect place to drive a car like this. Thanks to Barn Finds reader Pat L. for the find. 

Mileage is said to be 56,000 and the interior honestly looks better than I’d expect for those kind of miles. Perhaps the cabin was redone at some point or the Jaguar was just cherished from new. If the owner knew the exclusive club he was a part of by owning a genuine Tom Wilkenshaw Racing package car, he may have taken great pains to keep it looking sharp. The seller does confirm the car remains entirely original and that the interior is one of the best he’s seen, and I’m inclined to agree. From the seats to the woodgrain trim, any flaws are not immediately evident. Despite residing in a sun-intensive climate, the dash shows no cracks, which likely means the Jaguar enjoyed indoor storage when in active use. The seller notes the car had not been detailed when these pictures were taken.

The TWR kit may have just been a body kit, but it certainly did enhance the appearance of the XJS for the better (in this author’s opinion.) The additional body cladding helps to mask the ugly U.S.-spec bumpers, in my opinion, and the seller notes that this example also features the rare quad-tip mufflers which he believes were only found on the highly sought after XJRS coupes. I’m not sure if the decklid spoiler was part of the TWR package as I swear I’ve seen it on cars not equipped this way; in fact, I’m almost positive I removed one from an XJS in the junkyard and sold it for a hefty profit. Regardless, the back end of the car confirms it remains in excellent condition from one end to the other.

The trunk compartment shows no ugliness or signs of dampness, and the Jaguar comes with a matching full-size BBS wheel. To me, the wheels really do kick this XJS up a notch in the looks department, but it also underscores how unfortunate it is that these TWR cars didn’t come to the U.S. with an extra dose of horsepower. Now, the suspension was also supposedly tweaked in TWR cars which consisted of a subtle lowering kit, but the quad-tipped exhaust has me curious: there was an optional “Engine Efficiency Kit” offered by TWR that consisted of a high-flow intake and exhaust. Did this XJS get more than just the body kit when ordered? Hard to tell, but no matter what, it’s a looker and a nicely preserved example of a car that is rarely seen with the optional TWR parts.

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  1. Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

    I think those are the factory wheels, not aftermarket BBSs. Nice car! I’ll keep the Lister, though :-) I like the five-speed too much!

    • XJSLord

      I think those are probably aftermarket. On the stock rims, there isn’t as much as a contrast/break between the mesh and the silver rim part. I have factory rims on my XJS, and they look very similar, but are definitely not these.

      Sweet ride, bodykit turns the XJS from a gentlemen cruiser to a back roads bruiser…

      • Jamie Palmer Jamie Palmer Staff

        Ok, I’ll defer on this one :-)

  2. Tirefriar

    Swap US market quad headlights for Euro lenses and cruise the p!ss out of it. Dig these cars.

    • Jack

      I actually prefer the quad lights.

    • PatrickM

      I love this model Jag!! This turns heads everywhere… driving up to the supermarket, date night, cruise-ins… You name it. Sure wish I was in the money. I’d MAKE room for this daddy.

  3. Tony B.

    Is that overspray on the rear bumper, or just light reflection off of the red paint? If it’s overspray, I would question what else may have been quickly patched…

  4. Chris

    Its “Walkinshaw”.

  5. Del

    Thats a cheap Jag if it runs.

    Must be hidden problems at that price ?

    • PatrickM

      They did say, “Forced to sell.” Anything they make on the sale is pure profit for them and a good buy for the new owner. What’s not to like?

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