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Rare 1-Of-11 Wagon: 1975 Cadillac Castilian Fleetwood

Judging by recent auction sales, this exceedingly rare Cadillac Castilian wagon is a bargain with an asking price of just $10,000. Of course, it carries the risk of being pelted with bullets or an explosive device given the first owner was the Western Conference Teamsters Union, and if you’ve seen the movie Casino, you know anything is possible when it comes to unsettled scores. Regardless, it looks to be in decent condition and you can’t argue with the price. Find it here on Facebook Marketplace in Anchorage, Alaska.

Thanks to Barn Finds reader Adam F. for the find. There are a few different numbers batted around regarding total production of these custom Cadillac wagons, from as few as 11 to as many as 50. Traditional Coachworks in Chatsworth, California was responsible for taking high-zoot Caddys and transforming them into wagons with cavernous storage compartments but no additional seating – so despite looking like it should have a third row, the Brougham’s seating arrangement didn’t change.

The conversion seemed to be done to a high level, certainly looking like something the factory may have built if it was so inclined. It’s interesting to think about how many high-powered individuals have demanded that long-roof versions of high end cars be made for their pleasure, mostly at the behest of princes and other royalty in the oil-rich regions of the Middle East. But Dean Martin owned one of these converted Cadillacs, and I doubt he wanted it for the extra storage capacity.

No, it’s more likely that the prospect of having a model few others did is what made the wagon desirable to the rich and famous, and I’d love to know the history behind why the Teamsters Union wanted one – but I think we can fill in some of the blanks to figure out why they, too, may have sought the prestige of a Fleetwood Sixty Special Brougham built in exceedingly small numbers. This one will require some logistical juggling to get to the lower 48, but the asking price could make it worthwhile.


  1. Avatar photo bobhess Member

    Not sure it’s wise to throw around comments like “pelted with bullets” these days but this really is an impressive car… although a huge one. My carport is few feet short for this big guy.

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  2. Avatar photo Moncton(was Winnipeg)carnut Member

    No clamshell?

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    • Avatar photo ACZ

      Thank God!

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  3. Avatar photo Bob Mck

    I would love to buy this, but the shipping from Anchorage to Fort Lauderdale is probably outrageous. Wish it were closer. Or maybe this could be a road trip. LONG road trip.

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    • Avatar photo Miguel

      I don’t think you can get through Canada at the moment.

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      • Avatar photo richard

        You can drive directly from Alaska down to the the lower states, just no shopping or vacation on the way.

        Go on, go for it

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      • Avatar photo kenzo

        Hey Maguel,
        Actually you can get through Canada as long as you use a direct route and don’t stop for sightseeing.
        Apparently when you cross the CAN / USA border you are given a sticker and registered and have so many days to reach the next CAN / USA border. Any dilly-dally and apparently you are fined.
        Okay BobMck get your plane ticket and go get it.
        Canadian Kenzo

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  4. Avatar photo bud lee

    A hearse without the frequent dead people

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  5. Avatar photo Miguel

    No it isn’t.

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  6. Avatar photo Miguel

    I don’t consider a car hit on the side to be in decent condition nor is a $10,000 asking to be reasonable, especially considering the location.

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    • Avatar photo Robert J. Craft

      I agree totally. Also notice the rust on the lower quarter behind the front right wheel. The paint wood need to be refreshed. Didn’t mention the engine, wonder why? I’d offer 5K and have it shipped to OH. Bob

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  7. Avatar photo Jermey

    Lots of things like this up here in Alaska. Cost of transport just to Seattle is over $3500. Plus, no one takes care of anything up here. I guarantee that there is likely plenty of rust in the seams of that car.

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    • Avatar photo Wolfgang Gullich

      Weird since I see plenty of 70s and 80s cars up here in and around Anchorage in extremely good condition…

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      • Avatar photo Mr. TKD

        Are the roads salted there during the winter?

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    • Avatar photo chrlsful

      yeah, not gunna drive the can-am w/dis, beat it up too much.

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  8. Avatar photo Ray

    What about the Chevelle next to it???

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  9. Avatar photo Howard A Member

    The car GM should have made. My old man loved big Caddy’s and station wagons, but the only choice was a hearse. I bet they would have sold a bunch of these. I swear, car makers sure missed the boat so many times throughout history.

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    • Avatar photo Ray

      Hearse or ambulances. I remember my town had a Caddy ambulance for years.

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  10. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    I recall a few years back, Dean Martins car, not in the best condition was around, I’m sure it’s restored by now, I think it was white

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  11. Avatar photo John Oliveri

    Re comment, I checked, the white one that was rough was similar to his, the one that belonged to him has 8,000 miles on it and sold for 70 large, gorgeous sunroof vehicle, just no 8 track, how did Dean not play Frank’s and Sammys tapes?

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  12. Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

    The seller’s target demographic is in Anchorage, Alaska, maybe as far as Fairbanks so shipping probably didn’t enter his mind. I didn’t see the crash damage in the wonderful pictures provided by the seller. It is getting a little late in the year for a trip to Alaska for a personal inspection although I have been looking for an excuse to get out of the house for a few days… HUMMMM 10 large as the teamsters would say doesn’t seem bad unless there are bloodstains in the interior or the floors are rusted out. Maybe I will save the contact info and give him a shout in the spring to see if it is still available.

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  13. Avatar photo Maestro1

    Jeff, you probably won’t print this but thank you for the post. Facebook is for juveniles and socially illiterate juveniles. Social media is one of the worst things that ever happened to the human race. Apart from technology in general. I use technology because I have no choice.
    The Cadillac is a variant of several attempts in this area and some are atrocious and others get pretty good, like this one. I would be very careful if its Alaskan, and Miguel and others are wise in advising caution.

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    • Avatar photo morrisangelo

      Spot on about Facebook, and social media in general.

      I hate all of that junk, but there are some good cars and parts to be found that would otherwise be unknown to most.

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    • Avatar photo Shan_Paramus

      yes, yes, and… well, cars are technology, so it’s not all bad…

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    • Avatar photo Wolfgang Gullich

      In response to a comment further up, we don’t use salt on the roads in Alaska as it attracts moose in winter. Structural rot is not usually an issue up here as the climate is pretty dry from Anchorage on north

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  14. Avatar photo Bob Mck

    Kenzo…so wish I could. I really enjoyed that car. Don’t know why, just do.

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  15. Avatar photo Madlad

    Back in ’75 about 2 in the morning I drove past a Cadillac dealer and saw a model sitting in the what looked like the trunk, I thought I was drunk. I did a u-turn to see it. It was one of these and beside it was a pick-up Caddillac like an ElCameno. I went back one day and was told they made these from funeral flower cars. Evil Knievel Had two of the pick-ups.

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  16. Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member


    You were lied to. The station wagons and pickups were built by custom coach builders. Hearses and flower cars were built by specific coach builders such as Miller Meteor or S&S or Scoville, and of course, very different from these elegant wagons and p/ups

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  17. Avatar photo Angel Cadillac Diva Member

    The best ones are made from Fleetwood Broghams, as this one is. On occasion, you’ll find one made from a 4 door de Ville or even a two door Eldorado.
    The pickups were usually made from de Villes.

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  18. Avatar photo David Miraglia

    Unique and desirable.

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  19. Avatar photo Michael J Walter

    Surf buggy for rich kids.

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  20. Avatar photo rodknee

    Did the rear seats fold forward in 75′ Caddies? If so, this could be the ultimate road tripping car camper. Lots of room for me, the wife and the two dogs to stretch out for a snooze :)

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    • Avatar photo JimmyinTEXAS

      Since there were conversions from standard sedans probably not. There would be no place for the seat to go below the floor pan.

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