Rarely This Nice: 1984 Dodge Rampage


As car guys (and gals), we can often agree there seem to be vehicles that just are destined to become beaters. Either they were cheap cars when new and are still cheap cars today, or an expensive model that becomes too difficult to repair with age. Whatever the reason, the Dodge Rampage seems to fall in that category of vehicles that end up tired and beaten. Fortunately, this 1984 example here on eBay has escaped that fate and is just now emerging from single family ownership. 


Looking clean on the outside and under the hood, this Rampage has had its 2.2L four-cylinder engine rebuilt (supposedly by the best engine builder in the state of Virginia) and the body remains in “show paint” condition. It does look pretty good, but I don’t know if that means it’s been repainted or simply well-loved. Long-term family ownership can lend itself to being lovingly waxed and washed every weekend, but whatever the motivation, it’s nice to see the factory stripes still intact.


The interior likewise looks excellent. If the 25,488 mileage claim is to be believed, we’re looking at an interior that may or may not be original – did the Rampage come with contrasting seating surfaces and dash/door panel colors? While I’m not sure, it doesn’t deter from the fact that the insides look far better than any Rampage I’ve viewed in recent memory. A new state inspection also gives some indication to clean running condition, and the factory tinted glass has likely helped preserve the cockpit.


Underneath, the rot-free condition is evident by virtue of the near-perfect undersides. A new exhaust rounds out a list of recent maintenance items (including tires and an engine service) and the photo gallery reveals Mopar club stickers that tell you the owners were enthusiasts through and through. The asking price is strong – $7,500 – but there is an option to make an offer. This Rampage stirs up the usual feelings of do you pay more now to enjoy it sooner, or look for a cheaper one that will have immediate needs?


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  1. 68custom

    Looks very nice and these have a cult following. But why would a non interference 2.2 need to be rebuilt with only 26k? Somethings not right there.

    • Kevin

      Maybe they mean the head was rebuilt?
      If the OEM head gasket made it ~30 years, may as well give the valves a little love.

  2. grant

    It might be artifacts in the photo, but the engine compartment looks like it has water spots all over it. The “rebuild” might have come from a can of engine cleaner.

  3. Glen

    I don’t care how good it may be,I just can’t get excited about some cars, this is one of them.

  4. Claus Graf

    Can someone make a “new rampage” out of a Hellcat Challenger?

    Just for fun use the same color scheme from the factory.

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      I guess there’s not enough mutant vehicles in the world…We’ll make another one out of a $50,000 vehicle ! Good Grief.

  5. Rob

    I had one of those back in the day, should have kept it I suppose, it had been Shelby Supercharged, and had been built by Carroll to use around the Dodge Test Track he worked at in SoCal, ’twas a real one-off ‘sleeper’, and really scooted along.. who could have known that anything with his name attached would be now so valuable these days; but stock ones were not worth it. :(

    • Mepo

      Not to be rude, but even back in 84 Shelby was an icon anything with Shelby on it was worth a bunch. If it was 1964 I could understand.

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  6. DrinkinGasoline

    Another XUV born with a serious birth defect. It spent it’s life wondering….am I a ? Or am I a ? Kinda like the Ridgeline of today.

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    • al8apex

      too funny about the Ridgeline reference but spot on …

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  7. Bobsmyuncle

    This is great! Super colour combo, great shape, and a useful runabout. I dig it!

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    • DrinkinGasoline

      Hits Bobsmyuncle with a dose of Narcan….snap out of it Man !

  8. gord

    it has been repainted, pretty sure 125 not 25k… look at the sticker on the door… repaint, tag on rad… different colour… and i have NEVER seen a multi colour interior… ie seat covers not matching the trim around them… they always matched…the door handles on inside have the colour change that would happen after many years… grime ground into the seams on the steering wheel…too fresh an exhaust…. painted bed… they always came same colour as the body…. nice but not fresh 25k only nice and certainly not 7500 as a never been touched…. just my 2 cents cdn (1 cent american) gord

    • Junkfixer

      I’m with you, gord. There’s overspray on darned near everything, especially underhood. Look at the tops of the struts: The visible portion of the bearing plates and the damper washer should be black. Even the anchor and piston rod nuts are painted body color. There’s overspray on the bottom side of the floor pan, too. Caveat Emptor!

  9. Vince Habel

    Armrest is a different color than door panels.

  10. Howard A Member

    I always liked the Rampage ( and it’s cousin, the Plymouth Scamp) It has the distinction of being the only US made front drive pickup.( and the last car-based pickup) I’ve had great luck with any K car I had, and this would be no different. The biggest problem with these ( and any non-extended cab pickup), is the lack of interior room. They made a topper for these that helped. Again, the mileage thing. There’s no way it has 25K, but find it hard to believe it has 125. Most of these withered away in the salt, so not many survived. The asking price pretty much put’s the kabosh on me ever finding a cheap one. Great find, but probably out of most peoples price range for a vehicle like this. ( unless it was a Shelby, of which only 218 were made)

    • PaulG

      Howard, I believe that the el camino was built until 1987, thus being the last car based pick-up.

  11. Rando

    Hmmm, interior has the gray going on, the maroon and even a darker color of red.The seat releases are red – dye job? Why not make the armrests match up too? I think the body is a respray. Reasonable sign should could remake the graphics. I did this for several years for local car dealers. interior just looks like replacement parts – not OEM. Why did motor need rebuilding after 25K? Speedo could have come from wrecked car. Just doesn’t seem to be what is claimed. Could be a fun ride though, for $2K or less?

    Not far from me – if I had time, would go take a look.

  12. whippeteer

    The seats are recovered. They should be red vinyl, the same color as the rest of the interior…

  13. whippeteer

    Full graphics package available here http://www.phoenixgraphix.com/p-d/1984rmpg.php

  14. whippeteer

    Door sticker is a replacement. There is no information on it as to tire pressure, weight rating, etc.

  15. Ken

    I bought one of those new in 1982 to use as a delivery vehicle and I loved it. One time while using it for personal use, I loaded it with shingles for my house. On the way home, every time I hit a bump the engine would jump 2 or 3k rpm and I would lose steering. Needless to say that was a slow trip home.

  16. Brian M Member

    Got an ’83 Plymouth Scamp a cupla years ago for one of my grandkids. It had a new head gasket but the doofus reused the head bolts, a major no-no; so I got to do it again New bolts are only $20, so what did he think he was saving? The ignition switch hung up and burned up the starter. Lots of fun changing that due to lousy accessibility and the fact that the three mounting bolts are each a different size. None of this new to me as I totally rebuilt a Charger 2.2 about 20 years ago. Grandson moved away and left the Scamp. I swapped it for a Fiberfab Jamaican on a Triumph TR3B chassis. Now to get THAT up and running after 25 years in a storage cubicle. Cubicle find?

  17. bowlzo

    Owned an 84 Rampage from 87 – 94. It was perfect with 45K miles when I got it; performed flawlessly for the 120k miles I drove it. The 2.2 engine was surprisingly quick with the 5 speed, and it got well over 30 MPG while carrying up to half a ton of books on an everyday basis. It got pretty beat up around town, getting hit several times by tourists and other idiots, and things like door and window handles were wearing out by the time I traded it. It was fairly monochromatic – gold exterior with tan & brown interior. This one looks very good – almost too good to be “original”, and the mileage would need to be verified with some records, at the least. My brother, who sold me my Rampage, would be all over this one if it had a 5 speed – I’ll be watching it over the next few days.

  18. Alan (Michigan)

    Saw one in Toledo just a few years after production, late 80’s. It had been tubbed, and sported quite large rear tires and small fronts, along with a raked stance. Heckuva custom paint job too.

    Was still the original drivetrain. Yup, FWD. ROFL!

  19. Clinton

    I’m surprised nobody has noticed or commented on the obvious silver Rust-o-leum rattle can job on the strut towers, core support, and hood prop rod. 24k miles no way.

  20. z28th1s

    I don’t see anywhere in the ad where they claim that the car has 25K miles on it. I know about the engine builder because they are pretty local to me and they have a very good reputation.

    The front seats have definitely been recovered as they should have been red cloth in the same color as the door panels. Nice looking truck/car. If it had the 5 speed manual I would be very tempted to go look at it.

    I almost bought a new ’83 Plymouth Turismo 2.2 when I was 18. I could afford the car payment, but not the insurance.

  21. Bobsmyuncle

    Wow what’s with the 100 point critique?

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    • forestghost07

      well, when a Ebay seller presents a box of lies like this one … kinda invites 100 point critiques doesn’t it? I wish there had been an analysis like this on the abortion of a ’69 MGB a customer of mine fell for; I would have convinced him to run, not walk away

      • Bobsmyuncle

        What lies? Find me a lie in that ad.

        Non of the nitpicking here relates to any of the seller’s claims, except the mileage and I think it is quite clear that is the mileage on the rebuilt engine.

        The seller didn’t claim the paint was original, or that the seats were, or the interior was factory original, and is it really necessary to point out the hood prop was painted?!

        Come on, get real people!

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  22. chad

    (sold?, nother dude just ckin out the desirability?)

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