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Rarest of the Rare? 1967 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ45LV

We may think the idea of a comfortable SUV that can take the family and tackle the trail is a new concept, but the FJ45-series Toyota Land Cruiser says otherwise. This one is a rare FJ45LV, which effectively translates to being a long-wheelbase version intended for the U.S. market, of which only 1,000 were imported. Far fewer remain today, making this example here on eBay a rare bird indeed. The seller details some restoration work that’s already been performed but there’s plenty left to do. The asking price is $49,000 and is located in Northern California.

If you want a truly eye-watering account of how a restoration can spiral out of control, check out one of my favorite reads on Road & Track about the $200,000 FJ45LV restoration. These are significant vehicles, but the scarcity of parts and the irony of restoring a vehicle for off-road use that you never actually use off-road is a very real concern. Despite the rough appearance, there’s some significant work already done to this FJ45LV, including a rebuilt motor with zero miles on it and a repainted interior and undercarriage.

The interior does look very near ready for final assembly, but the seller doesn’t elaborate as to why the project stopped here. The body appears largely rot-free, but the seller’s mention of body panels (specifically, the doors) included in the sale makes me wonder if there’s still rust that needs to be removed. The body has already been sanded, but the description is fairly clear that the body still needs restoration. Original colors were quite pretty – blue and white – as these FJs often came from the factory with a two-tone job.

It’s strange to think of a rebuilt engine that has yet to run, and really, this project has all the hallmarks of becoming too costly to keep going. That’s the key takeaway from the article I shared earlier, as it just becomes a runaway train when you’re trying to perfect a rare vehicle with parts in short supply. The Land Cruiser fortunately retains its original gearbox and motor, so after all is said and done, the drivetrain will be numbers matching. Would you take this stalled project on, or would the potential difficulty of tracking down OEM parts scare you away?


  1. Eric Barbosa

    Hahaha i saw one running driving in way better shape up north for 20k
    Stupid people think they have a goldmine

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  2. Ronald

    The best thing for this in my opinion would be to set this body down on a Suburban or whatever late model 4wd chassis.

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    • PHJ

      Haha, or bag it and really make someone really cry.
      Just kidding, I love these, but the short wheel based one.

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  3. Sam61

    The owner should keep it and conduct pot farm tours…no need for windows…kind of like vinyard tours.

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  4. TimM

    Missing glass=open feeling
    Spend that kid of money on this=stupid

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  5. MrRedneck

    “Comfortable” and “FJ series” is not a combination of words I’d generally expect.

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  6. Howard A Member

    It’s rare, alright, and even more rare, a buyer at that price. Just think, swing over and grab that shiny trailer camper, and for $85g’s, look what you got,,, now, come on, clearly, this is becoming a joke. It sure is excluding the little guy. On the up side, whether intended or not, BF staff seem pretty serious,( or are millionaires) the comments are becoming the best part.

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  7. pacekid

    Beautiful dreamer waken to me…
    Put down the pipe Norther California $$$

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  8. John P

    Nothing looks “restored” in the pictures.. I don’t know what the seller or our author is seeing..

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  9. Sheriff John

    Northern California car with requisite Nor-Cal rust and rot. This rust bucket at $49,000 dollars is a prime example of the lunacy of the wreck rebuild market. This would be a possible tricky buy at $4,900 dollars. I read with dismay the prices for old barn finds that guys my age buy, put 50,000 into it and their widow sells for $10,000.00. Is there no sanity left in our old clunker market? Where can youngsters buy a decent sedan or pick up to restore/rebuild with more than 4 cylinders? We have all collectively lost our minds.

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    • Howard A Member

      Thank you,,,not all of us, just the ones that think they can get away with this, and the scary part, is sometimes they DO. This is one time I wish the seller would chime in. We could all collectively give them what for. Pure greed.

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  10. BigDoc

    Ridiculous price

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  11. TimM

    Well said sheriff John!! My son grew up in my muscle cars!! He loved them and when he got old enough I let him take them to prom’s or other events!! He loves them as I do!! He wanted to by one and add his own flavor to it!! He couldn’t afford the junk people were selling!! He called me from collage one day and said he found a car!! We flew from New York to Florida and drove back a 95 Nissan 240!! He loves the car!! We just put a SR-20 motor in it and it’s a fun snappy little car!! He’s got $9500 into it!! The car was $4000 running and driving!! The stuff on this site is out of reach for him and many other kids!! It’s sad!!!

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  12. Scott

    Utterly INSANE !!! This is one more example of how Barrett-Jackson has ruined the classic car market. Not everything old is a Gold Mine and this albeit rare FJ will Never in the next three lifetimes be worth the asking price.

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    • ctmphrs

      Stop blaming Barrett-Jackson for these prices.All they do is give people the opportunity to be stupid.The buyers do the rest.

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  13. JoeB.

    Maybe they are just trying to recoup their costs.

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