Rat Rod Wrecker: 1960 GMC


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Old trucks with patina have received lots of attention in the recent past, and this one has a desirable variation: it’s a wrecker, complete with winch and bumper sling. Here’s the seller’s ad, on craigslist in Springfield, Missouri. It contains little useful information other than the asking price, which is $2,500. An interior shot or two would have been good, as well as a few words about the make and model of the wrecker unit, and it’s working condition. But on craigslist, less is always supposed to be more.


The seller tells us it’s a 1960 GMC. He says it runs and drives and needs some work, but not much other information is provided. It appears to have much later model chrome wheels on it, but the appearance suggests to me that it’s still on the original chassis.


The engine shot reveals a later model SBC with a 327 decal on the old-style oil bath-type air cleaner. Probably 1970s vintage. Apparently long gone is the original 305 cubic inch V-6 engine (do any of our readers remember seeing these with their original red valve covers which had a ‘plaid’ design silkscreened on?)  I took a lot of heat for owning a ’63 GMC with those in it one time. An acquaintance advised me to be sure I never found myself involved in a serious accident with this vehicle. He said the paramedics would show up, somehow the hood would pop open, they’d look in and see the plaid valve covers and say “Never mind. Just let him die!”


I’d tell you that tale was fictional, but I don’t possess enough imagination to invent a story nearly as dumb as that. I never became involved in an accident with it, so I guess all’s well that ends well. Many would consider this truck not as desirable as a Chevrolet from the same era. I might have agreed at one point, but this style has grown on me over the years, and now I’d be happy with either one. So what do you think? Is the price right? Is there enough in the photos to make you want to go and have a look up close? Could this truck make your automotive bucket list? Share your thoughts with us below.

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  1. Van

    I checked in the dictionary under rust.
    Nothing about Rat Rods?

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  2. Dave Wright

    Most likely had a V6 originally

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  3. geomechs geomechsMember

    The ‘eyebrow’ hoods, my absolute favorite of the ’60-’66 body style. I’d love to find a 1-ton dually flatbed and that old reliable V-6 could stay right there. Well, in this case you’d have to put it back in. The early 60s saw our share of eyebrow hoods on the farm; Dad had a ’61 Chevy Apache 10 with a 235, a Chevy 1-ton dually with a 261 and a GMC 970. Great trucks, all of them, and that torsion bar front end rode like a car, even going across a stubble field. Of course I liked the looks of them too.

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  4. the richard

    i have such a truck with the original 305-6 and no silk screening on the valve covers will require cargo box repair or replacement anyhow needs a front clip but would has good glass and granny four trans is one ton but is currently on four wheels will for sure require a water pump and fuel pump swap out as it has not run in years motor oil looks just changed

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  5. HoA Howard AMember

    The truck, I believe, is a 2500 series, 1 ton with dual wheels. It was also available with an inline 6.( not sure which one, 292?) The wheels, I believe, are hubcaps, like on motorhomes, and the lift is a “hook and chain” type, possibly home-made, rarely used today, because of the design of modern car front and rear ends. I suppose it would be neat, but I’d probably make a small dump truck out of it, and ditch the hoist.

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  6. Woodie Man

    Judging by the valve cover n door signage the seller is already “rat rodding”. Still be fun it if it was driven by David Johanssen out of Beetlejuice….and he pulls up to a call where a modern ramp tow had arrived first….and shoot the driver a low ball price and steal the tow!

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  7. Andy

    No matter, at the end of the day ’tis a sweet old wrecker!!!!! Happy Haulin’!!

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