READER AD: 1958 Continental MK III Convertible

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If this low mileage Continental Convertible looks familiar, that’s because we featured it back in January when it was part of the massive collection of cars recently auctioned off in France. You can read Jeff’s original article about the collection here. Well, Reader Dr. Omar A purchased the car at the auction and transported it to his home in Lüdenscheid, Germany. It’s in beautiful condition with just 29k miles on the odometer, but Omar’s plans have changed so he’s decided to list it for sale and thought a fellow reader would appreciate this car’s originality. If you’d love to own this beautiful Mark III, be sure to contact Omar via the link below.

The Mark III was offered in several body styles, ranging from a Sport Coupe to a Landau Sedan. Convertibles, while not the rarest, are the most desirable of the Mark III Continentals and it’s really easy to see why. These massive cars are really quite striking. To give you perspective on just how large this drop top is, a 2019 Chevrolet Suburban is 18.7 feet long and weighs in at a hefty 5,600 lbs. while this Continental is an absurd 19.3 feet long and weighs within a few pounds as the 7 person SUV. Talk about a land yacht!

Omar’s ad is missing photos of the 430 cui V8, but thankfully he sent additional photos to us just for Barn Find readers! As you can see, the engine bay is just as clean as the rest of the car and highlights what makes a low mileage survivor like this so special. It hasn’t been messed with, is complete and will look like new with nothing more than some cleaning. The round air filter indicates that this is the base level engine rather than the optional 400 horsepower triple carb setup. Don’t worry though, it’s still good for 375 horsepower and 490 foot-pounds of torque!

This wouldn’t be a real land yacht without copious amounts of leather and Lincoln didn’t disappoint with the Mark III. Look at this beautiful two-tone interior. It’s going to need a good detailing, but after cleaning it up, this car will be ready to be shown off. Honestly, this car would fit right in at any top tier Concours show. There’s no word on if all the electronics work, but the car was still on the road as recently as 2014, so hopefully, that means everything works as it should.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a low mileage survivor that will really stand out, you should give Omar’s Continental a closer look. It’s going to need to be detailed, serviced and the fuel tank needs to be reinstalled, but those are simple tasks. Omar is asking € 33,000 or $37,352 and is also interested in potential trades, ranging from a Mercedes Pagoda, W111 or a Porsche 911/912. Be sure to message him via the form below if you have any questions or to make him an offer. You can also view his ad on here.

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  1. Stillrunners

    Nice car – wonder what it brought at auction ?

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  2. Fred

    I wonder why Mr.Omar does not wash off this car before advertising ? For me it looks like the car needs much… or is this all just dirt we see on the pics ? I know what I am talking about as I had two 1958 Continental Convertibles. After years of restoration I sold them and started new projects.

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    • Omar Alwreikat

      This car has no rust at all, this car was parked in late 2014 in a closed barn with other many cars including a miura. It was transported to me as it is, we have fortunately found the original keys and some pictures from 2014. Car 8s very original, with Original 29k Miles. I’m selling it because it is a little too big for the roads here in Germany, that’s why I’m considering a swap with smaller car, pagoda, sl190, or a 912.
      This car was thoroughly inspected, a nd or is guaranteed that every thing works.

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  3. JBP

    All to much, when it aint driving. Every good mecanic could fast fix these things he mention.
    Maybe its becourse i dont like that big ugly car. Its all to much, and farh from elegant imo.
    Even a Square bird i like better, and they are a bit same stile

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  4. Clay Bryant

    Largest production car .Made a statement at the time. Had one and was a real deal to transport it on an open trailer at the time………Talk about a “hangover”

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  5. Calou


    I was to the auction, I’m French, the fact the new owner is not talking about is there is a problem with the title, it’s not one of a convertible but one of a four doors…
    Regards from France.

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    • JBP

      So we know why he wants to sell. It will be a problem with Tüv and Zulassung in Germany. So the price is way to high.
      So its has bin cheap
      33,000€ is nuts

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      • Omar

        No actually you do not know why I’m selling it!!!!, there is no problem at all all to get TÜV!! Your assumption is totally wrong!!! I’m selling because I do not have place to keep it, as I have many other cars .

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  6. Omar

    It seems that you are totally wrong Mr Calou!!!!!!! Please check your informations before writing such a misleading comment!!
    Have a nice day

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    • JBP

      I was maybe a bit fast to comment, not for affending you. No if title fit to car, so ofcourse no problem. I have just tryed a importet car, with wrong title. Sadly it still stay in barn.
      Dare i ask why you dosnt fix these small things? Maybe it could push the sales price a bit in the right direktion. At so you can testdrive it.
      At least it can move under own power

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      • Omar

        It is ok, so honestly, I don’t have time to fix it, neither place as I have also other cars. The car was brought to me at 06.02.19 we took some pictures and since then no one touch it, we have found the original keys and amazingly some magazines from year 1949 in New condition!!!! And mant other things in the trunk!! The auction company in France had recently provided me with some original photos from the car, those pictures can proof that the odometer reading is original.
        My plan is to wait just for a few weeks, if it doesn’t sell it will go in a heated garage to be restored later.
        I’ll be very happy to answer any question that you have (English or Deutch) and to provide more pictures.

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  7. David

    The chrome looks quite bad as does the area behind the rear window.

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  8. David

    The ad for this car is written in German…that’s useless to English-speaking buyers.

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    • Omar

      Hello, I’m the owner if you have any questions please write them down, I’ll be happy to answer them and provide you with any information that you need.

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  9. Omar

    Many people want to know how much iv paid to get it, ( although I don’t know why the people want to know that, but as I said before I’ll try to answer all questions)
    Every one who was at that auction or read the results will know that this lincoln was sold to a online bidder for :
    18500€ + 21% tax + 24€(FRAIS ENCHERES EN LIGNE FORFAITAIRE) ( I do not know what’s the meaning of this)
    That means 22409€ + 2000€ shipping to Germany + 1500€ that means in total
    26009€ .
    Am asking for 33k but price is very negotiable.
    Best Regards,

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  10. Omar

    I’ll consider also a trade with Audi S7(+2015, S8(+2014) R8, or AMG E class/ S class (+2014)/ Pagoda/Porsche 911/912 / Bentley Continental GT.

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