READER AD: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro Survivor

1967 Chevrolet Camaros have always been desirable, it’s the first year for Chevy’s Pony car after all. Even base 327 cars can fetch good money these days, especially ones that haven’t been modified and retain all their original components. Reader Ed T has decided to part ways with this Camaro and while it will need restoration work, it hasn’t been customized, hot rodded or modified in any way. It appears to be quite solid, runs and wouldn’t take much to get back on the road. So, whether you’ve been looking for a good restoration candidate or a ratty survivor to drive, be sure to give Ed’s Camaro a closer look here on eBay in Brunswick, Georgia.

What Makes It Special? Unmolested original 1967 Camaro Coupe with dog dish wheel covers. Original Red car with red interior.

Body Condition: Excellent body that appears to have all of its original panels. Floor pans appear perfect. Pinch welds are straight. Even body gaps are in alignment still.

Mechanical Condition: Running original 327 V8 with power glide transmission. I have not started it in several months so I would not call it road worthy.

While most collectors are looking for high trim level cars, I actually like this combination. The 327 is a good V8 with enough power to get you down the road comfortably. The red on red color combination is eye-catching and sporty. I even like the red wheels with dog dish hubcaps. It’s a clean and subtle look that SS and RS cars tend to lack, with their stripes, trim and badges. Don’t get me wrong, I love the higher trim cars, but it’s nice to see a base car that hasn’t been turned into a clone.

It might be a base level car, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t well optioned. Besides receiving the Strato-Bucket seats and center console, it was optioned with power steering, Powerglide transmission, tinted windshield, and air conditioning. Ed doesn’t state whether this is the 210 or 275 horsepower V8, but it’s most likely the base LF7. It’s original to the car though and while he hasn’t started it recently, it should be fairly simple to get running.

Restoring a base level car probably doesn’t make a ton of sense from a value standpoint, but this car is solid and complete enough to justify cleaning up. This looks like the kind of car you could get back on the road and restore as you have time and money. Personally, I’d tune the engine up, flush all the fluids, sort the brakes, throw some covers on the seats and start enjoying it as is right away. Then, over the winter I’d fully restore the interior and get it painted. In the end, you’d have one cool and fun to drive Camaro. Heck, with working AC and a 4-barrel carb, you could easily daily drive this during the summer months!

  • Asking Price: $19,900
  • Location: Brunswick, GA
  • Mileage: 160000
  • Title Status: Missing
  • VIN: 124377N194128

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  1. Mikey8

    I love the first generation camaros, but I think it’s a little steep on the buy it now with condition. Currently just over 5K and that seems more realistic to me. Too many Barrett Jackson followers and pricing.

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  2. TimS Member

    “Survivor” is on its way to becoming bastardized like the P word and the I word. Survivors used to be unrestored originals that still presented well. Now it will just be any car that hasn’t been kept up.

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    • Dave at OldSchool Restorations


      You are right…… whoever wrote this story sounds like an uninformed newbie ..

      Not only is “Survivor ” mis-used…. so is “unmolested” ..

  3. Superdessucke

    20k? I mean, 20k? Yes! I bet it gets close. Every day brings a new surprise. May you live interesting times.

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  4. Tom Bell

    What are the “P” and “I” words?

    • TimS Member

      “Patina” and “Iconic.” Patina used to be one of the things you’d see that made something a survivor (for example Exterior parts that were slightly dull but not damaged) but now just means a neglected finish. Iconic went from being a symbol of a particular sport, hobby or movement to just being an adjective attached to any item. Something can now be “a little iconic” or “incredibly iconic.” Meaningless term.

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      • Eric B.

        Rare is another misused term.

  5. KeithK

    Me , 1979. Hey mom,dad could I get an advance on my tax return there’s this guy with a 67 Camaro and a 57 Chevy bel air. He’s willing to sell either one for a thousand bucks.
    Dad. NO. You’ll just clog up my driveway with that worthless junk. Oh well.
    Me 2019 . Hey sweetie check out this Camaro. Can I dip in and get 20k ?
    Wifey, NO. You’ll just clog up our driveway with that worthless junk. Oh well.

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  6. JOHN Member

    I’d restore it as is… no RS or SS conversion, it would stand out from the others at car shows. Add dual exhausts, and maybe a updated but stock appearing stereo.
    Drive it!

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  7. Coventrycat

    To think we’re looking at history here – without this car there’d be no mullets.

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  8. Louis Q Chen

    This would be a good car to restore and use it as a DAILY DRIVER! Also ’67 is before all of the emission “junks” on it. It would look good with THRUSH side pipe for a beautiful sound! As for the price, it just too high!

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  9. stillrunners Stillrunners Member

    There’s a little better one on the Dallas CL but both asking too much.

  10. Paul

    I was high bidder for a while …..people that really know these car can see the value here, others that don’t know these cars won’t, I can understand why some people don’t see the value. I just really like these first generation Camaro’s.
    If I didn’t already have a 67 Camaro and a 67 mustang…I would still be the high bidder…this car is a great true barn find in my opinion. The Buy it now price is a bit high, however it’s well over $10,000 at this time!

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