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READER AD: 1984 GMC Sierra Classic 1500

What a great looking truck! Reader Charles H has spent the past 4 months or so getting this 4×4 survivor back on the road and cleaned back up. The engine runs great after a fluid flush, it drives as it should and the paint is even starting to look great again! He’s decided to part ways with it, so you can find it here on eBay in Orange, California with no reserve and a current bid of $2,500.

Asking Price: $no reserve
Location: Orange, California
Mileage: 92,934
Title Status: Clean

Seller’s Description: Basic barn find except owner ran it weekly instead of letting it sit idle for years.

Body Condition: Very solid amazingly low rust California truck. It’s about as good as you can find.

Mechanical Condition: Runs and drives as it should, transmission shifts well.

Auction Listing: Here on eBay

Interest and values for these trucks have been steadily increasing, especially for clean survivors with interesting options. Being a very original survivor 4×4 with relatively low mileage makes this one fairly desirable, so it will be interesting to see what it goes for! If you’d love to have it, be sure to bid.

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  1. r s

    4WD, a/c, no real rust, this is a winner.

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  2. Skorzeny

    This is a steal!

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    • Mountainwoodie

      A steal how?

      It has 8 days to go before the ‘auction’ closes. The greater fool theory is at play with long auctions.

      And with gas at 3.50 a gallon this will eat you alive :)

      But it is in better shape than many.

      Too bad its not a ’67-’72 then I would have some serious angst!

      Kudos to the seller for his efforts in giving a good picture of the trucks’ condition

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  3. matthew B steele

    Nice truvk.nice price..it should be gone

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    • Steve R

      It will be when the auction ends in eight days.

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  4. unsagacious1

    Law in California is that the seller is to provide a smog cert, although many people don’t know, don’t care or simply will not provide one with the vehicle. No mention in this auction and only consequential if it stays in CA.

    Smog involves both emissions and a visual inspection that all smog parts are present and not modified. The tailpipe emissions have to meet standards, but these are not the 1984 standards as in the past, but much more stringent requirements as the State has been ratcheting down the numbers for several years now.

    Ad states the carb might be a little rich. Truck sat, things were flushed, tires are old, paint was clayed…..so, a classic flipper. Add in that it won’t pass smog and to me it’s not such a great bargain.

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    • scott

      Yes, but his hopes are that it sells out of California so he doesn’t have to deal with that. And if it does sell in California he’ll just cancel the auction and relist it.

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  5. Ken

    This a work truck. Anyone buying it for any other reason is a fool.

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    • Rex Fox Member

      That’s a strange comment. I can think of several non-foolish reasons to buy this truck, and none are work related.

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    • Justin Jones

      Why would they be a fool. I have 1 just like it and I love that truck. I’m in the middle of restoring it right now.

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  6. michael

    HAAAAAAA.. too funny.
    The seller is flipping this truck and states that (all in capital letters… actually, the entire description is in capital letter, so you know it’s extra good ) ‘DO A LITTLE UPGRADING AND FLIP FOR A PROFIT.’ yeah right.
    I would consider it , if the seller will provide the state law smog certificates, that are expected to come with the sale.

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  7. Nevadahalfrack Nevadahalfrack Member

    A good ranch truck if you can buy it for a decent price.

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    • Tort Member

      Bought one new in 84 that was 2500 and was dark blue on the top with the white on the bottom otherwise identical. It was a beautiful but the 350 used oil excessively from day one. The dealership said the rings haven’t seated yet which I knew was BS and it never got better. Young a foolish then but today I would not stand for that.

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  8. scott

    Flipping for many as a way of life now. I’ve been known to do it for 35 years. But now it seems especially on Facebook, that flipping is a complete way of life for many. I am constantly amazed at vehicle sold with only a bill of sale and no titles. At least here in California you need a title it’s like a deed to a house and when you start inquiring to the person selling they get very upset and very flippant.

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  9. 76 Step

    I have a 76 half ton, step side. Ordered new, all meat, no frills including AC and it has a 3 on the tree. Heavy half, 350, no cat. Cali truck, rust free. Sounds like these are going up in value???

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  10. Micahel

    Worth 6k easy here in Texas and would sell in a day

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  11. Bodyman68

    The only way this would be a survivor is if was in the north east all its life ! Price is good and id buy it.

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