Reader Find: Lambo In The Sticks

Lambo In The Sticks

From Perry C. – I found this Lamborghini body by accident really. The story goes that a 75 year old man bought it and was going to build a kit car but never did. He asked me if I was interested and I said sure! So he said its yours. I offered to pay him but no-go. He told me he had enough money. After I got it out of the woods on his homestead in Willow, Alaska I had to ask him, “why don’t you need the money?” He the proceeded to tell me about his life in the army and how he and his best friend had bought into a friend’s business. Ok, so I asked what business and he replied “you’re drinking it“. “What coffee?” “No” he said, “Starbucks”.

Loaded Up

Still Hiding


  1. RayT Member

    I get the impression this is a fiberglass knock-off. Doesn’t look too bad (if you like the original’s shape, which I confess I don’t), but it’s still a kit body. Original would have been aluminum, right?

    Have a spare Fiero lying around? Otherwise, prepare to start welding up some tubes…. Can’t beat the price, though.

    • insane

      RayT, if you read the story it states its a kit car………

  2. Catfishphil

    Gonna need a donor Volkswagen… :) But then again, it would make great wall art as-is.

  3. Richard Lewis

    The best usage is to cut it down the middle with a circular saw and make 2 wall art pieces.

  4. JamestownMike

    He doesn’t need the money but he bought a cheesy fiberglass Lambo want-to-be KIT CAR body?? Why didn’t he buy the real thing if he was so loaded? Not sure I believe that story!

    • charles

      And steel beams can be melted with jet fuel!! Lmao!!

      • rjc


    • Eric

      The insurance on a real one is probably higher than on a kit car… sides why shell out umpteen hundred thousand dollars for real one… specially in Alaska… the roads up there can be bad at times

    • jimmy

      I think he bought the car before joining his friends business…

  5. Chris

    Cool shop.

  6. Mark E

    Hey everybody, don’t knock it. It’s my favorite four letter word…FREE! Let us know what you end up doing with it.

  7. VetteDude

    “Found out in the sticks.” Are those smoking sticks!!

  8. Steve H.

    Sure wish someone would give me a 63 split window corvette that they have just sitting around in their shop……lol.

  9. dennis

    If you ever want to get rid of it let me know PLEASE!

  10. NEMO

    Yea, VetteDude…..those smokin’ sticks got my attention equally.

  11. Perry

    Im thanking Lamboat

  12. rjc

    Good for you Perry, great find. keeps us updated if you decide to build it.

  13. gunningbar

    The very last thing I would want to begin is a kit car project.

  14. Doug Towsley

    Dont really understand all the hostility and cynical comments really. I love the story, and know a number of eccentric people up in AK, Wouldnt surprise me in the least. Where else can you shop at Costco with a .357 on your hip and no one finds that odd at all? As for kit cars, in my opinion they can be better, much better than the originals as there are no rules and you can build to suit and no one is worried about driving them. All about fun. These kinds of storys and experiences are the best. Screw the anal OCD bolt polishers.

  15. johnforsman

    hmmm, some people may not have studied hard enough in their horticulture classes. Each set of serrated cannabis leaves grow on their own stem. These have a single leaf growing on a stem, as best I can see.

    • bruce

      indeed. all i see is golden rod(assuming it grows there)and wild grape vine(
      possibly but I doubt grows there)

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