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Reader Finds: February 12, 2014

Reader Finds 2-12-2014

You might have noticed the lack of a reader finds post yesterday, but don’t fear we are still doing them! We have gotten great response so far, but we noticed that many of our dedicated submitters are night owls and do their hunting in the early morning hours. While we love seeing your emails first thing in the morning, it means we aren’t featuring many of these great finds for 12 or more hours after they’ve been submitted. To cut down on this time span and still get a full nights rest, we have decide it would be better to publish them first thing in the morning! Hopefully they don’t distract you too much from your work day!

There seems to be a definite theme with today’s finds! Perhaps it’s the weather or maybe trucks are the next big thing, but we received a number of truck submissions. If you are looking for a traditional work truck, there is a 1950 Ford F-3 that looks solid, but isn’t running. If you need something with a bit more passenger room, be sure to check out the 1969 International Harvester Travellette. For those that like the utility of a truck, but want more of a muscle car driving experience, the 1973 Ford Ranchero looks to be a great option. On the more luxurious and non-truck side of things, there is a project 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible. It is someone’s unfinished project (insert usual warnings), but does come with the rebuilt original V12 motor. While we are on rough projects, there is a 1965 Mustang Fastback that is rusty, but with bidding at around $900 it could turn out to be a great buy. Thanks to everyone that sent in their finds!

  • 1950 Ford F-3 (eBay) – Connor B
  • 1969 International Travellette (eBay) – Jim S
  • 1973 Ford Ranchero 500 (eBay) – Connor B
  • 1947 Lincoln Continental Convertible (eBay) – Josh M
  • 1971 Dodge Charger (eBay) – Jim S
  • 1965 Jaguar E-Type (eBay) – Jim S
  • 1941 Chrysler Royal Sedan (craigslist) – Offshore64Guy
  • 1965 Ford Mustang Fastback (eBay) – Josh M


  1. braktrcr

    This Chevy guy wants the 1950 Ford Pick Up There isn’t a lot of info but seems like a pretty solid truck. Not a lot of motors sound as sweet as the Flatty

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  2. jim s

    i pick the f3.

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  3. Horse Radish

    It seems like dollars are devaluating faster than Argentine Pesos ?
    Or is inflation more than the government claimed 2% ?
    I am looking at the E-type on E-bay and shaking my head ….
    It needs paint and all interior redone and serious cleaning up.
    (that is IF the mechanicals are up to snuff, which they don’t look like they are)
    $45 grand will buy you this headache ?

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    • Horse Radish

      the seller also has (from the looks of it) the hood offered in 4 pieces and incomplete on another auction….
      How does that work ??
      Hood not included ?

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    • Jim-Bob

      Yeah, for a non-runner this is a bit steep. Plus, with a six cylinder Jag, the mechanicals are the LEAST of your worries. There aren’t enough detailed shots of the normal rot areas to really sell this car. For this money it should also be able to at least run and be proven to do so. Given all of that and the cost of a quality interior and paint job, this thing is priced at triple of what it is worth.

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  4. David Reeves

    A Cadillac Continental?

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  5. Bryan Cohn

    $45,000 for the XKE Coupe? Does this think its a 911 in disguise? Maybe he thinks with 911 prices through the roof this will appear cheap by comparison?

    He’s gonna own that unit for a long long time at that price. Maybe 1/2 that but then its either a coupe or an even more worthless 2+2.

    I was offered a Series 3 2+2 for $8000 in 1990 and I thought that was way overpriced and passed. I’m not sure I’d pay $8000 for a good 2+2 today, man they are ugly.

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  6. Alan

    Re: Travelette…. I’ve ALWAYS thought that the gas fillers were weird on these trucks. Perhaps someone could answer a question or two:

    1. Was fuel stored under the passenger compartment? Yikes!

    2. Were there two separate tanks, or a single tank with fill locations on both sides in front of the doors?

    Scary scary scary…..

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    • Jim-Bob

      As bad as it would be under the cab, some older Chevy trucks had the gas tank IN the cab behind the seat! Just imagine what would happen if someone lit a cigarette and an old fuel line or tank seal was leaking. Sadly though, safety was not a primary consideration when these vehicles were designed and many cars of the era had hideous safety flaws. It’s something you have to consider when dealing with older cars and trucks.

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  7. Mark E

    1947 Cadillac Convertibles are beautiful cars but I have no idea what a ‘continental’ convertible is. I was only aware of the series 62 convertibles…

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  8. Charles

    The Charger is interesting. The IH Travelette is cool. The F3 would make a nice street rod. The poor Mustang looks like a rust bucket. The Caddy could be a neat project. As for the Jag, I remember those things from when I was a kid. My parents worked for NASA at the Kennedy Space Center. There were always flashy people driving flashy cars, and the Jags were tops on the lists of many. Several family freinds owned them. Those cars are beautiful, and when they are running well, they are sweet. When they decide to be troublesome which is most of the time, they will empty your bank account, and make you scratch your head. The only way that I would own one is to be able to find a nice original that ran well. Then I would park it in my garage, rub it with an old diaper, and admire it. When the sun was out it might take a turn around the neighborhood. Otherwise, no thanks.

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  9. julian Gould

    e type must be worth at least $15,000 as seen. Respray, Interior, new bonnet. Then you have to discover the mechanical condition AND its still only a 2 plus 2. Perhaps they sell better in the U.S. but slow sellers in the UK

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  10. MikeW

    The Mustang is a rust bucket and not worth anymore. It’s only good for a restorod since it’s a six. You better have some welding skills if you buy it. I would recommend a full inspection, as I always do. My group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/classicmustang/info

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  11. Rex Kahrs Rich Member

    73 Ranchero…..Starsky and Rust

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