Ready for Glory: 1958 Buick Super


As some of our readers know, I don’t claim to have a huge collection of American classics in my garage, but there are some that always catch my eye and leave me wondering if I should add one. The Buick Super is one such vehucle, as I am always struck by the exaggerated proportions, huge flares, and unique chrome accents running the length of the body. This 1958 example here on eBay is a project listed with a Buy-It-Now of $4K.


The imposing looks combined with that truncated C-pillar is a striking combination, and that’s before you even get to the flared hindquarters. This example is part of the seller’s collection of projects, and he’s acknowledging that this one is too far down the list to restore. The original engine and transmission are still with the car, and it also retains nearly all of its trim and original glass.


The seller notes that it shares its style and dimensions with the Cadillac model of that same year, but that’s a fact I’ll leave to our marque experts to confirm. Regardless, I can see the similarities. This Buick, however, is just a touch more subdued, which is why I like it more than the Caddy. Give me the flares and the chrome, but dial it back a bit. Not much is shown of the interior, but it’s clear the emphasis on styling carried over to the inside.


Those huge tail lights are another favorite feature of mine, along with the rear glass. The paint is long-gone but I do like the surface rust that remains in its place; however, these cars are so classy that I think this example deserves to be repainted. There is a reserve on the auction and bidding is at $1,550, and with a BIN of $4,000, I’m guessing the reserve isn’t unreasonable. That seems like a bargain for a car with so much presence, but there’s obviously some upfront investment needed to bring this one back to its former glory.


  1. Johnni B

    Wouldn’t you rather have a Buick!

  2. Don E Member

    $4000 seems like a deal for all that. I’ve had a wood is for these for years (with no medication needed) … seriously, refurbish only as needed to be a driver though. Resto would be cost prohibitive.

  3. Gil salazar

    Body by Whirlitzer

  4. Kevin

    If there was ever a ride that demanded Johnathan Ward’s Derelict treatment, this be it.

  5. Rick

    I think what Johnni B means is “Wouldn’t you REALLY rather have a Buick”

  6. Bob Payne

    11,235,897 for rechroming!


      It ain’t cool if your chrome don’t shine

  7. Jeffro

    Love the styling on this Buick. Miss the days when you could tell the make/model of a car at night by just seeing the tail lights!

  8. The One

    The back bumper kills!
    I love Big brother Buicks

  9. RJ

    Pass. Rechroming would probably be half the restoration budget.

  10. Howard A Member

    I believe the ’58 Buick was the ultimate in glitz. The grill had 160 chrome squares alone. Look at the bumpers, the probably can make 2 Fiats out of those( sorry Fiat lovers. The joke used to be Asian cars, but I don’t think there’s any metal at all now in Asian cars.) I think we tend to forget what driving a car like this must be like. I mean, today, with the handling of modern cars, this, I bet would be a challenge. What an era. GM certainly had the flashiest cars. Be a little much for me. About as opposite as you can get from a TR6.

  11. James

    I love the backstory on this car about when it was built. Story goes the design team was showing the big wigs the two different styles of chrome side trim they were proposing to go on the car, the Buick side swoop or the new “rocket” on the rear quarters. The bosses said “build it with both” and here it is.

  12. Brian Joseph

    I’ve always liked the chrome plated shovel on the rear quarters. Unique for sure

  13. guggie

    1964 I bought one of these, my first car , would pass anything but a gas station ,red and white , red leather seats wonderbar radio. Everyone thought it was my Dads car .

  14. Gary K

    In just one word, it says it all, this beautiful ’58 Buick 4dr hardtop from the 2014 Buick Nationals in Portland.

  15. Gary K

    After a little research on this ’58 Super Rivera coupe it would be a model 56R and there were a total of only 13,928 made. This would sure make a nice cruiser, you would most likely be the only one at your local cruise in. I hope someone will step up and take this project on. Nice find!

  16. Woodie Man

    Back in the early nineties a guy in my gym was driving a ’58 canary yellow convertible..trying to sell it and asking …….$3500.00 for it. I thought it was too much!

  17. ccrvtt

    This represents the pinnacle of the Harley Earl era at GM. There are hints of the 1951 Buick LeSabre show car with the pillow-topped fenders and those rear fins rival the ’59 Cadillac’s. You’d definitely be upside down on a total restoration, but in the end it would be totally worth it. Great find.

  18. Bruce Fischer

    I had one back in the late 70s.Trans. always leaked though.Ran good though. Bruce.

    • Frenchy

      To make the Buick dynaflow leak all you had to do was step on the brake and press the throttle. There is a bolt that holds the torque converter on and that will loosen up the torque converter causing the leak
      Jack up the car and take the cover plate off. Reach up with (I think it was a 9/16ths wrench tighten it back up and replace cover plate. Leak cured.
      The real issue is those beautiful aluminum finned drum brakes which if worn too thin have not been reproduced

      • Bobsmyuncle

        Can’t drums be relined?

      • Ed P

        Bob, drums can be reground to be true round by turning them on a grinding machine. The process removes metal from the drum and can only be done so many times before the metal is to thin. Someone said these are aluminum drums so I don’t know how that changes things. Drums are usually cast iron.

  19. Ed P

    ’58 was Harley Earl’s year of chrome. He did not miss a spot on these big cars.

  20. Oldog4tz Oldog4tz Member

    I took my father’s canary yellow 4-door to the senior prom in 1963. Smacked the passenger side in a Cleveland rainstorm that afternoon, so my date had to slide under the massive steering wheel in her puffy prom dress

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