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Ready To Ride: 1936 Harley-Davidson

1936 Harley-Davidson RLD

We don’t feature a lot of motorcycles here on Barn Finds, but this 1936 Harley-Davidson RLD caught my eye and I thought you guys might enjoy it. This motorcycle may look like it came straight out of the barn, but it has actually been gone through and is ready to ride. Like most of these old bikes, some of the parts have been swapped out for bits from later models. The paint isnt perfect and the seat is ratty, but I feel confident saying that you could ride this one without feeling like you are ruining a piece of our American heritage. It’s located in Kalamazoo, Michigan and is listed here on eBay. The seller does not elaborate about what makes it a barn find, but the photos and video alone are worth checking out. What do you think – should we start featuring more two-wheeled finds?


  1. Jeffrey Duddles


  2. Howard A Member

    Absitively, posilutely, more bikes. My 1st bike was a Honda step thru 50 when I was 10 years old and have had a dozen bikes since then. The video was awesome. If that doesn’t get a red-blooded person’s blood flowing, you should probably dig a hole and jump in. I never rode a Harley with a “suicide shift”, but after “riding” along with this guy, it, aside from having to take your left hand off the bars, looks pretty straight forward, and didn’t seem dangerous at all. That thing sure sounded sweet, didn’t it? I was immediately transformed back to the ’30’s. Could you imagine how cool it was to ride this thing in the ’30’s, when most people were driving Model A’s. Thank-you very much, Jesse, for this.

  3. Howard A Member

    Oh, another thing, I’ll bet Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz (American Pickers) are spinning their wheels to get this. I love Mike Wolfe’s motorcycle finds.

  4. cory

    Definitely need more bikes. I buy a lot more bikes than cars simply because I can stash more of them in my garage. It seems barn bikes are a lot more common and in better shape than barn cars. Bikes tend to be parked with no problems, usually parked at the end of a season with every intention of firing it back up in the spring. Fast forward a few years, carbs are gummed up, but it doesn’t take up much space so it stays around. Add kids, aging bodies more responsibility, and less free time, and bikes get more and more forgotten. All the same reasons as cars, but bikes tend to have better storage situations due to their siZe.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi cory, that’s true. Cars get used up until they don’t work anymore, but bikes can be put aside, for whatever reason, and forgotten. And they don’t take 6 figures to restore either. Bikes, as I said, have been a huge part of my life, from the humble Honda 50 beginnings, to my ’75 GoldWing (that I put 100K miles on) to my ’75 FXR, and everything in between. ( lot of dirt bikes,too) Now, if, by some chance, Barn Finds features a Trident or Rocket 3, I may have to make a deal with the devil. :)

  5. John

    Yes please, more bikes. All old bikes of all makes are interesting to me, the older the better.
    Great site, I enjoy all the emails, thanks

  6. Dr. D

    I’d also like to see more bikes.

    I really like this one. I’m watching the end of the ebay auction now — it’s about 23 minutes from ending, the current bid is $13,600 (and has been for 4 days) and I think the reserve is off. I will be extremely jealous of the person who gets this bike for $13,600.

    • Dr. D

      Well it went for $15,100 — still a good buy in my opinion.

      • Werner

        This Bike was offer in November 2015 in Germany and Belgium in ebay classifieds for 3800 Eur (ca. 4000$). I was interessted and found the bike over Google Image search in this side. Clearly a scam.

  7. Brad

    This one just ended with a small flurry of activity in the final seconds. $15,100. What a beautiful bike, and that YouTube video gave me chills to see how wonderfully smooth it rode after all these years. Congrats to whomever bought it ~ it’s a showstopper.

  8. geomechs geomechs Member

    Definitely need to feature more bikes. Two-wheelers were a major part of my past and there’s always the chance I could get back some of that past if the right deal comes along. Like Cory says, bikes are easier to store. And Howard, I’m with you on a Rocket 3 or Trident.

  9. Woodie Man

    More bikes would be great. While this’36 was leaning against a barn, I’d say,purely speculating based on sellers words, that this was a mix and match taking parts from different the ’40 tranny, the bottom end rebuild, the repop lights etc. Nonetheless it looks super cool and whoever bought it will have some fun……..after a new seat if they have a bony a s s!

  10. rjc

    thank you Jesse for featuring this bike!
    I agree with all that howard said in his first post!!!

  11. Phil

    Definitely! Learned to ride on a 51 Harley 45 with foot clutch and side shift. Been riding for 52 years, string of Brit bikes before moving to the Japanese types. Always interested in old bikes………..presently looking for a 650-750cc Brit bike to turn into a weekend runner.

  12. jim s

    yes i too think more bikes would be nice. nice video to help sell the bike. but i’m not riding a bike with a foot clutch. great find.

  13. Mike L.

    Reading his story I was really happy for this guy when, I’ll use his words “I was the new owner of a dream machine I had lusted over for 5 years” yea good for him! then he dropped the flipper bomb! I mean really! I was was anticipating the story to progress on how he was itching to restore it and get the dream machine on the road!
    He set the story in motion and I was rooting for him and then… What a disappointing ending! Why pull on the heart strings? The story should have read I saw an opportunity to get my hands on a antique bike and the dollars I could make on eBay would make my year… Straight and to the point…I still would have been happy for the guy! I feel so violated… Oh well on to the next Barn Find Story, but next time I’ll be ready!

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