Ready to Roll: 1960 Ford F-100

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These old pickups have a great look to them, and although I admire the look of a nicely restored vehicle, I really love the appearance of vehicles that have obviously been used for their designed purpose, but don’t appear to have been abused. This 1960 F-100 is just such a vehicle, and it is located in Union, West Virginia. It is currently listed for sale here on eBay.

The photos of the old Ford are pretty decent, and they seem to indicate that the pickup is relatively solid. There are a few spots of visible rust in the very lower edges of the fenders, the lower corners of the bed, the corner of the passenger side door, and the rear corners of the cab, but these are only small spots and should be fairly easy to repair. We don’t get any indication of the condition of the floors or frame.

The interior of the old Ford looks quite nice and is definitely able to be used as it is. There is a hole in the seat on the driver’s side, but this could easily be covered with a blanket. The rest of the interior looks original and unmolested, and the painted surfaces are in remarkably good condition.

There are no engine photos, but the owner does give us a reasonable amount of information about the mechanical state of the pickup. Under the hood are the original 223ci straight-six engine, and the original small case Ford-O-Matic transmission. The transmission has recently been professionally serviced, and the owner says that the truck runs and drives well. In addition, the entire braking system from the master cylinder through to every pipe, hose, and wheel cylinder has all been replaced. The F-100 also sports a new water pump, new hoses, and a number of new electrical components. All of this should maximize the chances of the pickup being reliable in the foreseeable future.

There have been quite a few of these old pickups coming onto the market in recent times, and some of them are significantly better than others. This particular Ford seems to be quite a good one, and I would be surprised if the owner has spent so much money on mechanical refurbishment if the floors and frame were questionable. That gives us some hope that the vehicle is solid. The owner has set a BIN price of $4,500 for the old Ford, but the option is there to make an offer. With the ongoing popularity of these old pickups, I think that this one might sell relatively quickly.

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  1. mlm

    I grew up around these old Fords and yes I would love to own this one.

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  2. Kenneth Carney

    Must’ve been a very sharp truck when new. That 2-tone paint job still looks
    good today. These trucks, to me, had
    more style than a comparable Chevy,
    Dodge, or Studebaker. The only truck
    that could even touch this one style
    wise would be a ’60 International.
    I still recall to this day the terquoise and
    white Ford Mom borrowed from a friend
    to move us to our new house back then.
    It looked just like this one and how Mom
    rowed through the gears like a pro as
    she drove along. I think about that truck
    every time I see one. Depending on the rust issues, I’d clean ‘er up, and drive ‘er
    as is and haul what I needed to carry.
    After all, that’s what you build ’em for!
    Restos are nice, but beaters are neater!!

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  3. CanuckCarGuy

    I really like this body style, very clean lines and not as common as the other F100 bodies…the only one I’d give up my Bumpside for.

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  4. geomechs geomechsMember

    I like what I see. But then, this series is amongst my favorite of the Ford trucks (’57 and ’60 are my absolute favorites). A friend of mine has a ’57 with 223/auto. While it is dead reliable, it’s far from a performer–rather anemic. I would prefer a V8 with this one but if this came my way, it would retain its current powertrain and just be restored to driver status and used. I would continue the current color combination…

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  5. HoA Howard AMember

    It’s a good old truck, I’d check the front cab mounts. Just by looking at it, I’m sure they are rusted. It was a bad spot for these, even in relatively rust free areas. Somebody sure went out on a limb ordering it with the automatic. A bold move in 1960. Trucks just didn’t have automatics then, and probably regretted it later. Today, however, it’s a great option and will bring in a lot more buyers. With no underside or motor shots, we can only assume it’s rough.

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  6. Larry

    I had one of these as a project eight years ago. Swapped in a replacement 223 straight six, added a new carb and intake, new exhaust, new gas tank between the frame rails, new shocks all around, new brakes all around, new windshield and side glass. I learned a lot from the project, but I ended up with a gutless, smelly, ugly, ill handling fifty year old pickup. Not a fan.

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  7. Del

    Never liked this style of Fords

    Always looked like the hood did not fit right

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  8. DAVID6

    😲 i have a 60 f100 short styeside
    project i drove from texas in
    1982 drove the piss out of it 4
    3 yrs parked running tired.
    it was a manual, with 6 cyc.
    now (351c) 4barrel torqer &
    2 small thomb size hole’s cab
    corners & bed at front floor
    seam i have replacement piece
    4 it, toyota power stearing box,
    after market frt. disc’s, 9″ 411
    posi. along with 9 other pre 73
    cars & truck’s drove 2 where
    they r now . 2 old 2 finish
    any of them all complete no
    accidents. lot’s. of oem part’s
    text 4 📞

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  9. TortMember

    After purchasing my current home I discovered a 1960 Ford pickup in my woods like this one right down to the color. After checking into it I found it been there more than twenty years. Unfortunately it’s a lot rougher than this one! An “In the Woods Find”!

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