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Ready To Roll: 1970 Plymouth Barracuda 340

Barracuda’s are not the most common muscle car to find, especially in running condition like this factory 340 4-speed car. The market for these Plymouth’s has tripled in the past 15 years, and these cars are difficult to find in this condition. Ready for you to drive home according to the seller, this ’70 ‘Cuda can be yours for the buy it now price of $36,500. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Ridge, New York.

While this is a factory 340 4-speed car, the drive-train has changed over the years. Currently there is a 1971 340 installed, with what is claimed to have been a NOS 727 auto mated to it. Thankfully the car is still equipped with a clutch pedal, and the seller is including what sounds to be the original 4 speed transmission. While the car is a runner and can be driven home according to the seller, he also mentions that the 2 rear barrels on the carb leak from sitting.

Difficult to tell what the overall condition is, the interior seems fair from what can be seen. There are a couple of aftermarket gauges, and there looks to be a crack or two in the dash. The seats shown in the photos are not included with the car, and apparently 1971 seats will be in the car when it is sold.

At a quick glance the exterior appears shiny and new, but there are a few paint chips, and some primer to be found on this old fish. Repainted many years ago to the tune of $20,000, according to the seller, the paint still holds shine. Beneath the yellow paint is blue paint or primer as there are paint chips on both rear quarters showing this color. There is no hood shown installed, but there is one included. I would guess that the passenger rear wheel arch has started to rust, which would explain the primer paint. There is also some light primer along the bottom of the driver front fender, and on the driver side pinch weld before the wheel arch. The trunk is solid, and there is a lot going for this Barracuda in comparison to some other high buy-in projects I have seen on Barn Finds. Is this 340 ‘Cuda worth it to you?


  1. Classic Steel

    Why no four on floor Kawalski ?
    It’s a vanishing point now in desirability .
    It’s nice but automatic devalues this cool car for me.

    Cuda woulda shoulda staid manual 😮

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    • Billy 007

      That was a Dodge, not a Plymouth, two completely different cars. And a 20K paint job? More like a 350 buck Maaco special. Look at that interior, does that look like someone who would spend 20K on a paint job? This used to be a 1000 dollar car, adjusted for inflation, maybe 3K (On a good day). My generation wants to relive our youth, fine, but use some common sense and don’t get swindled. 36 grand will buy one heck of a brand new car with a warranty and every comfort, and it will make this look like an old man against an Olympic sprinter on the track. I recently bought a new car with a turbo for 22K that would leave this in the dust. Just my humble opinion.

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      • Moose_feather

        Ummm yeah, but with all due respect I think you’re kind of missing the point. Like not just comparing apples to oranges, but fruit to meat.

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      • Billy 007

        Moose Feather, you are right, a new car and a 50 year old one are two different animals, for sure. The question is, just how much are you willing to pay for nostalgia? What this will cost to get it to anywhere near new 1970 standards, you will be able to buy two brand new sporty cars that all in all, are far better in every way. I don’t even think they are going to be a good investment for too much longer (esp if we get some economic fairness in this country that I see soon…and people with too much money won’t be looking to monetize them anymore) as the Boomers are getting beyond driving years, young people could care less about this, growing up with much better cars, they have no desire to relive our youth. If you want this, good for you, just don’t make believe you are doing it for anything else but desire, and truly, rethink how much you are willing to give up to have it. Just last night, I was at a car show in Hastings, Minnesota and spoke with a guy who had a restored Road Runner, he told me it had caused his divorce.

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      • Moose_feather

        Again don’t disagree with anything you say and I do think this particular car is overpriced, but there isn’t always a lot of rationality in people buying these things. I still think when it comes to buying a classic vs. a newer daily driver we are talking two different consumers.

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  2. Jimmy

    I would love to take on this project as it’s the first new car I wanted but Dad said no and I needed him as a cosigner. Numbers matching means nothing to me as I drive the hell out of my cars.

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  3. 86 Vette Convertible

    Wouldn’t mind having that one but not at that price, a little to much for my budget.
    It would be interesting to find out what the doll head is doing by the steering column, that was a bit of a surprise.

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  4. GearHead Engineering

    Cost of that last paint job is irrelevant. It needs to be redone now, after you fix the rust. Who leaves a $20k paint job outside under a blue tarp??? And what did they think was going to happen to it?

    These are cool cars, and this one has potential. But it will need a lot of work. Especially if you want to return it to stock configuration (trans, seats, etc.)

    – John

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  5. Del

    Price is silly

    Too much changes from original

    Doubt if it is worth 10 grand

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  6. Beatnik Bedouin

    The 340 was probably the best engine option for the ‘Cuda (speaking from hands-on experience).

    It’s a shame that this one no longer has the original engine and trans, as imho, it’s not worth anywhere what the seller is asking. I’m also guessing that there’s some rust lurking underneath that overpriced paint job, noting the primer spots on the right-hand side.

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  7. Carl

    Unfortunately he will get close to asking I bet. Seems shady for a “orginal 1970” as he puts it in the ad too many mods and not orginal eng trans seat etc . Also interesting having Massachusetts plates on it but located in long island, NY. Too many red flags

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  8. Gaspumpchas

    Lots of sin here for that big price tag. 70 was the only year the 340 came with 10 1/2 compression. Wonder why they took the 4 speed out. Dreamer or flipper, why not put the hood on??

    Good luck to the new owner…

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    Not a fan of the zip ties holding the fuel line on the carburetor or the upper radiator hose. You could drive it but will most likely not make it to where you are going without trouble.

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  10. Miguel

    When I see a car like this for this price, I definitely say no.

    For that price I want a well taken car of car.

    I don’t get mismatched wheels for that kind of money.

    Where did the original wheels go?

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  11. Steve

    The 340 was a very underrated engine. I know folks are obsessed with 440s and Hemis but the 340/4-speed was IMHO the best balanced and yet very quick combo available.

    Price is too high but I hope someone takes this on as a project and restores it to a 4-speed.

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    • Bob

      I was fortunate enough to own a 1972 ‘Cuda. It was advertised as a 340, 9:1 compression, I think, with the “Slap-Stick” transmission.
      The combination proved to be very dependable.
      These were “cab aft” designed. Translated: Long hood, short trunk, and no practical use for the back seat.
      Family was growing, so the ‘Cuda had to go.
      Just a $1000, 105,000 mile car.

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      • Miguel

        You mean a 5,000 original mile car, right?

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  12. PRA4SNW

    I should show my father this ad. Back in ’78 when I was looking for my first car, a guy in town had a 70 340 Cuda he was selling for $1500. He had done some engine modifications (carb, headers, etc), and it had a fresh paint job.

    Dad said it was too much car for me and nixed it. I ended it with a 73 Barracuda, 318, column auto, for $1800. Nowhere near the same car.

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  13. Jdgmint

    How do figure it’s a dodge? Dodge made the Challenger and Plymouth made the Cuda.

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