Ready To Rumble: 1931 Hudson Coupe


With one owner for about the last 40 years and having been stored in a barn for that period, this Hudson looks ripe for someone to enjoy. It can be found in Bandon, Oregon, and is listed for sale here on eBay where bidding is just over $12,000 with the reserve not yet met. I can’t say I know a lot about Hudsons, especially pre-war ones, but this sure has classy lines! And a rumble seat to boot! There’s 93,000 miles showing (I think, based on the odometer picture) and the car is said to be in un-restored condition. It’s also claimed to start right up and run well. I’m hoping someone buys this beauty and puts it back on the road quickly! It’s only missing the rumble seat cushion, step, and one engine vent knob. Any Hudson experts out there?


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  1. Mark E

    This was back when Terraplane was the cheaper, economical car and Hudson was the larger more luxurious one. You wouldn’t loose it in a bunch of Model As & Ts and I bet with that straight 8 it can cruise comfortably at 60+ on the highway.

  2. Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

    All the Hudson experts that are still sucking air don’t watch a pc screen, if they’re lucky they can still watch a TV. I take that back, I could have been a Hudson expert, so I should say most instead of all experts. And I do play an expert on Barn Finds, I have a fairly good library to back me up, when Google and Wikipedia are lacking in facting (my coined term). Original 20s and 30s cars just haven’t kept pace with same year street rods, especially not the authentic 40s and 50s built ones, but even later converted recent ‘billet/non steel’ ones. It’s sad, but a 1931 street rod Hudson will go for twice what an original one does, give or take. Oh, you would think the seller of this car would at least wash and wax it to help the sale, it’s not a dusty patina type car to me, so clean the dust off the patina.

    • MikeH

      Go away, Chuck.

      • Chuck Foster Chuck F 55chevy

        The commentary presented on should not be considered advice. Please do your due diligence before giving money to anyone. We can not be held liable for fraudulent sellers or buyer’s remorse. And lastly, always get permission from your wife before bidding!

  3. Texas Tea

    I like the car. I’m no expert, but it does retain a lot of it’s original condition. That’s the part that always gets my attention. The motor is obvioulsy repainted, etc, but the rest looks original with out looking at it in person. I have no idea what it’s valve is, but not much more than it is currently bid at ($12,000). Nice car.

  4. Keruth

    In ’31, it would have been the Essex as the lower model Hudson. The Terraplane was introduced in ’32
    Hudson’s were affordable, and quite the performers for less than almost all the normal ’30’s super marques.
    But that Willys-Knight was an engineering marvel that ran better as it “coked up”
    Both are little over-priced for their conditions, IMO.

    • The Walrus

      That Willys-Knight was right in line with the book, and, without knowing what the reserve is, this might be also. It’s definitely not a 2, but is likely a solid 3 when cleaned up, as a 3 car ‘may appear perfect from 20 feet away’. If this is truly all original, and meets that standard, it should be valued closer to a 2. The numbers below are from June of ’14.

      1931 Greater Eight, 8-cyl., 119″ wb
      2d RS Cpe 6-920 5-2,760 4-4,600 3-10,350 2-16,100 1-23,000

      • MikeH

        Walrus–what website do you use to get those figures? That’s good info.

    • Edward

      I found this 1929 Hudson Essex sedan in Mexico. The art deco details don’t hint at ‘lower model’ Hudson to me. This particular car is fully restored and priced around $31,000. U.S.

  5. kiwijeff

    Hudson’s are great cars.
    I have a 29 Hot Rod, and a 28 Speedster project.
    This one featured would be a great buy for someone.

  6. Dustin

    Beautiful car and rumble seats are fun to ride in.

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