Real Deal 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 Barn Find!

When we write about our finds here at Barn Finds, sometimes we get a pleasant surprise. When I looked at the first photo of this 1969 Chevelle SS, my heart sank and I was fearing the worst but was I wrong about that. You will find this SS listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Ringgold, Georgia, it will be sold with a current Georgia registration and Bill of Sale. After bidding opened at $100, it has already rocketed to $14,099.

The first photo had me bracing for the worst, but the subsequent photos were quite a revelation. This Chevelle has apparently been sitting since 1982. Wherever it was sitting, is a place that I’d park my car, because the underside is about as clean as you will find on a car that is a barn find. The floors, frame, and rockers are absolutely solid with only a coating of surface corrosion to deal with, and the internal shot of the trunk shows a floor that looks virtually new. There is some minor rust in the driver’s quarter, and a bit showing from under the trim for the vinyl top, but otherwise, things are looking quite rosy.

When we look at the interior the news still remains positive. We don’t get a direct shot of the dash pad, but by piecing together external shots I get the impression that it appears to be okay. The rest of the interior? Give the carpet a vacuum and wipe everything over and it looks good to go. Actually, it looks like there might be a bit of corrosion on the shifter and turn-signal stalk, and possibly a blemish on the seat piping on the driver’s seat, but address those and the wrap on the wheel and that’s about all you would need to do. The term “time capsule” gets thrown around quite liberally when it comes to older cars. If this interior is original, and if the car has been sitting untouched since 1982, then this definitely qualifies as a legitimate time capsule.

When we open the hood the news continues to be positive. While the engine doesn’t run, it does turn freely. Even better is the fact that the entire drive-train is numbers matching. So what you get is a 396ci V8 backed by a TH-400 transmission and a 12-bolt rear end. Nice combination, that. When it was shiny and new that engine pumped out 325hp. Hopefully, it won’t be too hard to set those ponies free again.

That first photo in this article explains why you can’t judge a book by its cover. Hidden behind that dirty, dusty exterior and those flat and perished tires lurks a gem that’s just waiting to be polished. Bidding on this car has been lively, and now we know why. I personally wouldn’t mind parking this Chevelle in my garage exactly as it stands, and I would then gain enormous satisfaction from returning it to its former glory. How about you?

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  1. poseur Member

    favorite year for these with both the quad headlights & aggressive angle at the leading edge of the front fenders.

    around here this would be a Swiss cheese mobile with rust holes everywhere.

    amazing how solid it is. looks like a great restoration opportunity as long as the bidding stays reasonable, which looks unlikely given there are still 5+ days to go.

  2. geomechs geomechs Member

    The ’69 Chevelle is my ultimate favorite car. While I’d prefer to find an original 300 2-door with a six/3 spd., I sure wouldn’t kick this off my driveway. Sure glad this one is complete and, isn’t rusted into oblivion. It needs a restoration but nothing that (I see) would break the bank. Unfortunately I’ve got to count my pennies or this could very easily be headed to points west.

    • Jeff

      I like the way you think. I’ve always found base-model cars more interesting than the beefed-up higher trims.

    • 68custom

      I want a 350/300 horse and 4speed equipped from the factory 300 or 300 deluxe! Maybe someday…must have disc brakes and 12 bolt as factory equipped as well!

  3. Gaspumpchas

    Sweet–looks pretty unmolested- good luck to the new owner!!!



  4. Boss351

    Looks to be a solid car even for the south. Only draw back is “No” title – I hope it can go to a state that allows GA registration paperwork to get a title. The comment on eBay is not entirely correct about Georgia titles. The rule in Georgia is any vehicle before 1985 does not require a title to be registered in Georgia. If the car does have a title (GA or any other state) you can have it re-titled in your name. You can’t get a GA title if the chain of title’s has been broken on a car of this age.

  5. Chris

    Kool barn find but just a base model SS with 325 hp 396 & dreaded auto on the column. Even at that I’m sure it will have no problems finding a new home good luck to those involved with its sale & purchase.

    • 68custom

      Has A/C!

  6. Superdessucke

    Personally, I would just clean it real good, maybe put some protecting clear over the existing rust spots and drive it as is. Original cars are getting rare. To me, this is a thousand times more interesting than a version which looks like it just crawled out into the light from the Year One catalog.

  7. Chris

    Fantastic barn find. Regardless of the lower option list this car has, it’s a pretty great example. Although at near $15 grand I would think it’s about all the money.

  8. Mark Cubberley

    Sexton has some awesome cars!

    • Ron

      Shout out to Mark Cubberly, Ron with the E-M project in Ooltewah..

  9. Matt steele

    My brother had a convertable with a 327 & 4 was sweet back in 1975..

  10. Joe M

    Awesome find but I have a feeling it wasn’t lost. Hope someone preserves it and doesn’t chop it too bad. My father had a coupe the same year but not an SS just a 327. My brother and I didn’t care anyway, we enjoyed it because the back had the perfect slope to slide down when it snowed.

  11. KawiVulc

    Details are hazy but there was a ’68 or ’69 around town when I was in HS which had the front end & I guess the doors from a ’70. Never got a really good look at it sitting still so what the work quality was I don’t know – always assumed the sheet bits more or less just bolted on. Until you got used to seeing it you weren’t quite sure whether the car in the mirror was the same one you just passed going the other way. Wonder whatever happened to that guy, think he’d walk before he’d drive anything but a Chevelle & of course they aren’t just used cars any more. The nicest one around, in my opinion, was a ’69, black vinyl over tan with black interior with Torq Thrusts… belatedly in my opinion, I guess, probably back then I thought it should be blue or red or something but looking back… sharp, sharp, sharp.

  12. Emsea

    This is so much better than the one a few days ago! At least a complete car.

  13. Skorzeny

    My drool cup just filled… Too bad it’s an automatic. I would still love it…

  14. Andy Paradise

    Clean it up, attend to the safety issues and drive it without restoring!

  15. RADggs

    What a find, bumpers, bumper gaurds, grille, hood, really looks unmolested, with the exception of that bracket on tranny. Timing is everything, for I’d be a bidder on this bench seat column shift 396, if I had one space in the garage.

  16. gto4ever

    Leave her alone and cruise!!!

  17. Gray Wolf

    Had one with a 4-speed, bench, PONTIAC green(paid $30 extra) and black interior. Loved it! Sold it during the gas crunch, high insurance and young child. I am now leaving you to go out to the garage and kick my ass around the yard and back! Worse mistake EVER!! 😢

  18. stillrunners

    Nice bench seat for ma lady….cool it survived.

  19. Randy

    136 car ??
    I thought ALL Big Block Chevelle ss’s were
    138 cars ??

  20. Troy s

    I’ll admit it, I’m hardly a purist at all especially when it comes to these old muscle cars, if improvements to horsepower, traction, handling, and braking can be made why not then…just so long as the car doesn’t get all hacked up. The term “day two” seems to fit my liking.
    But this car here seems so close to stock I’d actually prefer it unmolested, keep it as original as possible with any upgrades being unseen.

  21. Cory

    All 69 SS cars were in 136 cars, it was an option in the 69 model.

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