Real Hemi Bee: 1968 Dodge Super Bee

With only 125 examples being built during the 1968 model year, the Dodge Super Bee Hemi is nothing short of a serious muscle car. This one has been confirmed to be the real deal, and it has apparently led quite a life. The time has come for this awesome piece of machinery to find a new home, and that could represent the chance for you to park it in your garage. The Super Bee is located in East Meadow, New York, and has been listed for sale here on eBay. The owner has set the BIN price for the Dodge at $76,900, but there is an option available to make an offer.

There is no doubt that finished in Racing Green Metallic, the Dodge is a tough and purposeful looking car. This is enhanced by the White transverse stripe, which tells you that this is a car that means business. The owner points out that the paint isn’t original, with the vehicle receiving a repaint some years ago. He admits that it isn’t perfect, but it still presents quite well. As he says, it isn’t a car that is going to win at Pebble Beach, but it is capable of placing at almost any show. Rust is definitely not an issue, with the panels looking solid, and the underside of the car as clean as a whistle. The external trim and chrome present nicely, while the original and oh-so-cool Super Bee badges are all present.

I know that you’ve been waiting to get a look under the hood, so there you go. This is the ground-pounding 426ci Hemi V8, pumping out a healthy 425hp. The power finds its way to a 3.23 Sure Grip rear end through a TorqueFlite transmission. As I said earlier, this is a car that has led quite a life. The original owner purchased the car with one intention, and that was to go fast. This he did, right up until the day that the original Hemi raised the white flag and went “bang.” He then fitted a replacement Hemi, and he managed to blow that one for good measure. The car spent some time fitted with both a 383 and a 440, but also spent some considerable time off the road as well. As seems fitting, there is once again a 426 Hemi under the hood, and this has been built using ’68 heads, original internals, and a solid cam. In the owner’s own word, the car goes awesome. He says that you could take it out on any cruise night and really enjoy the experience.

While the engine and paint might not be original, apparently, the interior is. What we find is black upholstery, and this appears to be completely free of splits and tears. The dash is close to perfect, and the original Music Master AM radio is still located in the dash. The Rally gauge cluster is in perfect condition and features the trick looking Tic-Toc-Tach. The owner specifies the fact that all of the correct numbers are present in the right places to verify the authenticity of the vehicle, while it has also been placed on the Super Bee Register. Included in the sale is a 2″ thick file of documentation which traces the history of the Dodge right back to its original owner, along with an 18-page Galen Govier Report.

The fact that this Dodge Super Bee isn’t a full, numbers-matching car is certain to have some impact on its potential value. If it was a numbers-matching car, then figures in excess of $85,000 in its current condition would be quite realistic. I suspect that at the BIN price, it is valued at about the right level. I also suspect that it would be a car that would plaster a huge smile on the owner’s face the moment that they buried their right foot. That sounds like fun to me.

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  1. flmikey

    I thought it was a bargain, and I was right…it’s already gone….

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    • andrew

      The ebay add said ‘ended’ not ‘sold.’ There is a difference. Not a bargain and I’m not sure it sold. Not enough information here.

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  2. Classic Steel

    Impressive hot rod but …

    First original engine .. bang

    second non original…bang

    Years later non original engine placed in..

    It looks good but not original or even original heads and intake.

    Hmmm hey maybe 10999 RPMs on take off wasn’t a good thing..🙄😂

    I remember once in my youth winding up my engine in a drag race and letting the third gear rev to much to Gain
    ground too much pre shift… then changing piston caps a month later with cracks… it was a small block chevy not a Hemi 😏😃
    I won the race but later lost the engine to smoking and wear 👀

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  3. GeigerCounter

    Amazing that even a rusty hulk remains of any of these. Back in the sixties, the only people who bought hemis were serious drag racers (on a track) or kids who’s Daddies own the local mill. Either way, they were abused and ran into the ground, then disposed of.

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  4. Superdessucke

    Is this the F8 Green that Dodge recreated for the Charger/Challenger?

  5. kiteflier

    A friend of my brother had one of these new with the 383. I’ve been in a lot of fast cars since but that was the first one that really impressed me. The local youths had a 1/4 mile measured out that ended when you passed under a bridge. All three of us in the car and I saw 100 indicated when we flew under that bridge.

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  6. Dave Rhodes

    under rated …more like 475 hp

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    • r s

      I saw an article once where the magazine dyno’d numerous engines from ‘back in the day’ in exactly the form they were installed in various muscle cars. The 426 Hemi pulled WAY more on the dyno than the others and most of it was at the top end, because the hemi heads could really breathe so much better.

  7. John

    Had this same year with a 318. It had me at the tail lights!

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  8. Terry

    “Clean as a whistle.” Ever stop to think about that saying?

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  9. Troy s

    I’m glad the original owner really had a good time with it. That’s all it was meant for…speed. Expensive option too, so I don’t believe anyone forked over an extra grand just for kicks and giggles.

  10. TimM

    Yes it is a hemi!!

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