Real R/T: 1970 Dodge Charger

Now before anyone starts going off about General Lee clones, this is an actual GoMango Orange 1970 Charger! According to the seller, this is one of 463 built in this color. This is also a real R/T car, and the seller has the build sheet for it. Although many parts are missing and much work will be required, based on the information given in the ad and the value of R/T 68-70 Chargers the seller’s $13,000 asking price isn’t totally ludicrous. Though it would be unlikely to turn a profit on a project like this, it would be possible for the cost of restoration and restored value to even out. This car can be found here on eBay in Minnesota, take a look and be the judge!

According to the seller, this car was purchased from someone who disassembled it in the hopes of restoring it but changed their mind. The floor pans are in decent condition and won’t need to be completely replaced but some small patches will probably be required. At some point someone started to convert this car to a 4-speed, but did not complete it. This was originally a 727 automatic Thus, the center console and automatic shifter are missing. The original dash cluster and heater box have been removed but are included with the car. Nothing is said of any of the other parts, but aside from the things pictured and mentioned it can be assumed that anything else is missing.

Originally a 440 4-barrel car, this Charger is missing its drivetrain which will decrease the value. Though the body is a little rough, it isn’t total Swiss cheese like many B-body Mopars are. Because quarters and rockers aren’t bad enough, B-bodies are known for structural rot in the rear subframe rails, front frame rails, and the torsion bar crossmember. Some metal work will be needed on the exterior and it will need a trunk floor, but the previously mentioned structural areas look to be in solid and usable condition. Because all of the metal for this car is reproduced and readily available, sourcing parts will not be a challenge.

How can you not love a rear like that? Regardless of what you think this car is worth, or what it was worth in 1985, this is a great shell to start a project with. While it likely won’t need miles of new sheet metal, it will need some patchwork and patience. If a period correct 440 and 727 could be sourced, perhaps some of the value of this car as a true R/T could be preserved when restored. Rusty as it may be, as these cars come it isn’t in terrible shape especially considering this car was a Minnesota car since new. Would you restore it as close to original as you could get? Or throw the drivetrain out of a motorhome in it and have some fun?


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  1. erikj

    I would try to keep it close to ,as-it was when new. Just that ,if it is a real r/t and orig. color, you don’t see that much anymore.
    A 440/727 is not very hard to dig-up. That’s just me-I love all vintage classics kept as close to original since there are so many clones and pro touring ect. out there.
    There are lots of parts to be gotten,and some money to be laid out,This one can be saved.
    That’s just me!!

    • Andrew Tanner Member

      I’m with you!

  2. Karguy James

    I hate it when sellers post several photos showing the car in various states of disassembly without being very clear about what the car looks like TODAY.

  3. Alfie

    440/auto R/T with 8 3/4 rear end and no 26 inch rad? Huh.

  4. stillrunners lawrence Member

    Northern car ?

  5. Mlaw

    Minnesota salt shaker,good luck.

    Like 1
  6. John Holt

    I doubt he gets the asking price, compared to what that kind of money will buy, most people would pass on this. but if u got deep pockets and love mopars, u must have deep pockets to get this ‘phoenix’ of a car back on the road. only a well off mopar lover will bite imo,

  7. Scott

    Since the drivetrain is already MIA, I’d strongly consider a Challenger SRT V8/T56 combo.

  8. carsofchaos

    No drive train, tried to convert it to a stick, partially disassembled…..have fun with your own personal nightmare if you buy this. Someone like Graveyard Carz, who already have access to 1000’s of parts, would be the type to buy this.

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