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Real SS Convertible? 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

After the Pontiac GTO met with great success, Chevrolet would counter-program with the Chevelle SS 396. It became a series of its own from 1966 to 1968, reverting to option status in 1969. This 1970 Malibu convertible wears SS badging but we don’t know if it’s a real-deal Super Sport. The seller provides a thin description, saying to “call if interested.” It’s rough cosmetically and we don’t know the car’s mechanical health, but it’s being offered at what may be a hard-to-believe price of $20,000. From West Allis, Wisconsin, this Chevy is available here on craigslist.

Two versions of the Chevelle Super Sport were offered in 1970. First was RPO Z25 which came with a 402 cubic inch V8 which was still promoted as the venerable 396. Second was the new kid on the block, the RPO Z15 with a 454 V8, the biggest offered by Chevy up until then. Within the 402 family, there were three horsepower options, ranging from 330 to 350 and 375. If you went for the 454, you could go as wild as 450 hp. The seller doesn’t get into any of this nor do any of the photos show what’s under the hood.

Since the Super Sport was a Malibu option, the number that would have been convertibles isn’t known. We do know that 7,141 V8 Malibu drop-tops were built in 1970. If you assumed 20% were Super Sports, could it be that less than 1,500 of them were manufactured? This car has a 4-speed manual transmission and 77,000 miles on the odometer. The rest is speculation.

We’re guessing the paint is Champagne Gold and it could be that the finish is original. There’s rust peeking through in a few places and the interior, with bucket seats, is going to need work, especially the driver’s perch and carpeting. The convertible top seems to now only be the hardware. What’s your take on this Chevelle? A real SS?


  1. bw

    One way to absolutely confirm that it is a real SS is if it has a matching numbers engine. Although, it could be a restamp but I seriously doubt it as the ask is only 20k. A true resto SS drop top would be in the six figure area.

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  2. bw

    One way to absolutely confirm that it is a real SS is if it has a matching numbers engine. Although, it could be a restamp but I seriously doubt it as the ask is only 20k. A true resto SS drop top would be in the six figure area.

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  3. Cam W.

    This is a real SS. Confirmed. It is also highly likely to be a scam! This very car was featured here on BF, with documentation, back in 2017. It was also the subject of a separate 2017 MotorTrend, with multiple photos. The photos from the craigslist ad have been copied from the Motor Trend site.
    According to Motor Trend 2017, the car had been bought by a Chevelle collector/restorer.
    If the price seems to be too good to be true………
    I will bet that the “seller” finds excuses not to allow showings, and aggressively seeks deposits.

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    • Mike76

      Going to same the same thing, Cam. This is a scam, 100%. This car has been posted on CL numerous times over the past several years with ridiculously low prices. It disappears for a few months than pops back up again always using the same pics and advertised being “for sale” in the midwest somewhere.

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      • Mike76

        “Going to say…” need an edit function on this site! Or, I suppose I could proofread better.

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  4. JoeJ56

    Do my eyes deceive me, or is the “top” up in the 2nd picture.. minus the canvas? It’s either that or a really lame roll bar!

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  5. Norm1564

    Regardless of pro’s & con’s w this car it s still worth the time & effort b c it ‘s mostly 75% ?! rust free gathering from pics shown & then it s worth a few bucks when restored & some TLC ! Convertibles will go for about $10-15k higher than 2 door hardtops/ coupes depending on condition?! This car looks worth every dime / dollar considering how rare convertibles are getting ; especially w 4 speed manual ?! Most car guys know that the body is where the $$ is ! suspension & mechanical are $$ too but less time consuming!$? good luck to buys this could be beauty in the rough

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  6. SteveZoom

    There is a picture with the roof “up”.
    There is a frame but no fabric. So…it will need a top too.

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  7. Al camino

    This is with out a doubt a real ss but the price is bs and if it wasn’t Patrick Nichols would be all over it!

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  8. Dan

    If you’re in that area of WI it’ll be a worthwhile trip (with a Chevelle expert in tow) to check the VIN and of course, inspect the rest of the car. But it looks like it’s been exposed to a bit of WI road salt; although aftermarket sheet metal is fairly abundant, the frame is a different matter entirely.

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