Real Super Sport: 1968 Chevrolet Camaro SS

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The good news with this Camaro is that the owner has the original Protect-O-Plate which verifies that it is a genuine Super Sport. The bad news is that while it appears to be a solid and prime candidate for a restoration, the original, numbers-matching engine and transmission are long gone. This begs the question as to how much of an impact that these facts will have on the ultimate value of the car. The Camaro is located in Mays Landing, New Jersey, and is listed for sale here on eBay.

The owner supplies a reasonable number of photos with his ad, and these show that while there is a liberal coating of surface corrosion on the underside of the car, the floors and frame look quite solid. The body itself has some pretty common rust issues in some of the lower body extremities, such as the lower quarter panels, the lower fenders, and some in the rockers. There is also rust apparent around the rear window, and some in the hood. All of this can be dealt with, and the car would look great when this work was completed, especially refinished in its original Matador Red paint. Obviously, those 15″ Corvette wheels aren’t standard, but they do look nice on the car.

Originally equipped with a 350ci (295hp) V8 engine and a 3-speed Muncie transmission, both of these are now long gone. In their place, we have a 350ci 4-Bolt engine and a 4-speed Muncie transmission. The original 12-Bolt rear end is still in place. The car doesn’t run, and the owner also doesn’t indicate whether the engine turns freely. The engine and transmission combination is a nice one, but it doesn’t matter how meticulous the restoration is on the vehicle, it will never be a numbers-matching car. It will be interesting to see whether this is a big deal for our loyal Barn Finds readers.

That black interior must have looked pretty trick when combined with the red exterior of the car. The interior will require complete restoration, but if we’re going to take away a real positive from what we can see here, I guess the fact that the interior is virtually complete will give the new owner a solid base from which to work. The original radio is missing, but thankfully no-one has hacked into the dash to fit an aftermarket unit.

So, now we come down to crunch time. This Camaro is a verified Super Sport, but it isn’t a numbers-matching car. Good examples continue to bring some pretty impressive sale prices. There has been a reasonable amount of interest shown in this car, but with a BIN price of $16,500, or the option to make an offer, is the price of entry on this project okay, or is it too high?

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  1. Gaspumpchas

    Rust bucket with non orig engine-4 speed tho—16 five sounds like a lot of coin, are these bringing that kind of money? I sure that u will be rewarded of more rust once you dig in. Another camaro- yawn- Caveat Emptor- everything u need is available- Good luck


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  2. Steve Gravelle

    Seems a bit much for a non-running, non-numbers hulk. Would be great as a repro’-d driver, but don’t see how anyone would pay more than $40-50k for one.

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  3. Joe Machado

    Last week, I picked up a 68 Camaro, SS, 396, 4-speed. $45,000. No rust. But needs restoration. Runs excellent. Drives. Interior was done correct. Needs repaint and wrap around front white decals. Remove engine and repaint-detail all of engine bay

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    • Benjamin

      What would a barn find 69 z/28 ralley sport be worth

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      • Chuck Foster Chuck F

        Benjamin, it depends on a lot of items, condition, rust on body, matching number engine/transmission being at top of list. Send info if you care to chevy55_geo at yahoo .com

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  4. txfella

    A rusty no-option non-matching red camaro. $16,500. At least another $25,000 to 30,000 to restore it correctly. Then all you have is a non-matching, no-option SS camaro. Not worth my time or effort. It’d be iffy at half the asking.

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  5. JBP

    Im shure you can find better projekts Camaro’s than this for 16 grand.

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    • Tusoona Kabooma

      Its horrible to once again be a party of the kind of anxiety that comes from the rolling around on a creeper underneath one of these monuments to “we can bring her back”but now it was me looking at a 50 grand(and im being really optimistic) resurrection of another un remarkable at best pony car and my 19 year old grandson is top side praying something about me not feeding him to his mother for paying way too much for all this body filler and something called flip flop irredesence, banking on Gramps to find a way to make a real car out of this polished turd with 3 thousand dollar tires and rims. Oh well.. Time to begin the body filler applyed over structural corrosion seminar.

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  6. Poncho

    Yeah…Seller says it is a solid car…a closer look at listing photos tell a different story. Needs: at least drivers floor pan, hood, header panel, replacement of or serious work to 1/4’s, inner fenders…etc. Should be fairly solid after sheet metal replacement, but still a non runner. Good luck getting that $16500. Maybe looking to pay off student loans.

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