Really Big Project: 1939 Hudson Country Club

Josh MortensenBy Josh Mortensen

I’ve never been much of a country club kind of guy, I’m not that into tennis or golf. However, if I owned a 1939 Hudson Country Club Sedan I’m sure I would be joining the local country club! Think how cool you’d feel rolling up to the country club in your Country Club Sedan. This particular example is in need of a complete restoration and is missing a bumper and the grille. These are quite rare, so finding those parts could be a challenge. If you are up for the challenge though, you can find this awesome barn find here on eBay in¬†Grove City, Ohio with a BIN of $2,800.

I’m genuinely surprised that the seller isn’t asking more for this project, although I think it’s about right for something this rough. There really aren’t many of these out there, so pricing it is difficult. I found one other Country Club Sedan project that sold recently and it had an asking price of $6k. It had it’s original grille and rear bumper, but it was also customized with a 454 V8 and a Tran Am rear end. This example might be missing a few pieces, but personally I’d rather have an original example that hasn’t been messed with.

This is going to be a huge project to undertake and finding parts won’t be easy. The reason this one is missing parts in the first place is because they were used on a much more desirable 2 door sedan, so one can only assume that means you won’t find replacements anytime soon. Thankfully, the engine looks to be complete, let’s just hope it isn’t seized!

I can’t say I would buy this project just so I could go hang out at the country club, but it’s definitely cool enough to undertake as a classic to cruise around in, take to car shows and to park at the ritziest country club in town (especially if it leaks a little oil). So could you see yourself driving around in this Hudson?

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  1. jw454

    Ohio is a title state and they are sticklers about it so, just F.Y.I.

    At $2800.00 I don’t think there will be a market for this ole’ gal. Unless your plan is to customize everything. That may work.

  2. Al

    Can somebody explain what a “title state” is?


      I believe it means that Ohio issues a title for all vehicles regardless of how old the vehicle is. Some states only issue titles for cars newer than a certain year which varies according to each state.

  3. Shawn

    You can get a title easily for this car.

    • Keith

      That depends on the state you are in….if you are in New Jersey unless you use some out of state title company, you will never get a title for this car, unless you can prove it was abandoned at a repair shop, and get said repair shop to do a bunch of paperwork and fees for you. NJ has also started flagging cars that have titles form certain states (oh, let’s just say Tennessee for example), due to title companies from those states.

  4. Keith

    This car would be strictly a labor of love, and aggravation. I had a 46 Hudson Commodore 8, in much better shape than this (running and driving, etc.) and after about a year gave up on it and sold it. Parts are almost impossible to find, and when you do they are very expensive. There is a great dedicated club to Hudsons, (H.E.T. Hudson-Essex-Terraplane club), but the average age of that club has to be in the 70s. When those fellas die off, I don’t think there will be much of a market for Hudsons anymore, which is a shame because they are excellent and unique cars.


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