Rebuilt 383: 1970 Plymouth Road Runner

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This 1970 Plymouth Road Runner looks more like a Road Runover, it’s in shaky, but not surprising condition. Unfortunately, rust was the bane of this generation of ChryCo’s B-body and that malady has befallen this example. There was a time when I was really jonesing for one of these, and though that time has long passed, I still find a certain attraction for this first-gen (’68-’70) RR. And with that thought, let’s examine what’s up with this Satellite Beach, Florida find. It’s available, here on eBay for a current bid of $10,000 with the reserve not yet met.

The thing that surprises me the most about the ’70 Road Runner is the sales freefall, dropping from 81K units in ’69 to 41K for ’70. It was basically the same car, having experienced a mostly minor facelift. Perhaps Motor Trend’s ” Car of the Year” award, bestowed upon the ’69 model had something to do with it. Or maybe the entire muscle car phenomenon was starting to fizzle out. Regardless, 41K copies is still a healthy number, and once again, it covered three body styles, two-door sedans (coupe), hardtops, and convertibles.

Rust, unfortunately, is crunching away on both quarter panels and there’s evidence of cracked Bondo, likely a poor repair administered in the past to help contain the corrosion. In addition, there’s rust in the fenders, as well as afflicting the non-original driver’s door. Add in scrapes, dents, and a sizeable kisser to the driver’s side quarter panel and you’ll have our resulting subject.

The real rust-away activity, however, is happening inside, particularly in the trunk. The interior is gutted, and the dash is missing items like the heater/defroster controls, radio, and glovebox, though aftermarket gauges have been substituted for the instrument panel originals. Besides the missing seats, the door/upholstery panels are either MIA or in unusable condition. I don’t know about you, but I’m always enthusiastic about having a plastic fuel source, upfront, riding shotgun, and held in place by a two-by-four!

Get a load of this trunk image. This car is claimed to be driveable, more on that to follow, but I’d be concerned that a hard start would leave the rear half of this ‘Runner behind in the dust.

The original power provider was a 335 gross HP, 383 CI V8 engine though that powerplant is gone and has been replaced by another 383 of unknown provenance. The seller states, “Non-numbers matching car. Motor has been rebuilt, runs and drives. New brakes all the way around, front end has been redone” so there’s a bright spot or two. A four-speed manual transmission handles the gear changes.

The seller concludes with, “Comes how you see it in the pictures” so it is, what it is. And that being the case and not having a feel for the reserve, I think I’d keep looking. The images are helpful, nothing is sugar-coated but this car is going to need a ton of metalwork, and essentially an entire interior. does have a nice set of Cragar S/S wheels, right?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Nevada1/2rack NevadahalfrackMember

    This upscale Satellite sitting at Satellite Beach is worth less than any space junk in its last orbit-a Runover Road Runner on its last legs. $10,000 bid, reserve not met??!!?!? 😂🤣

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  2. Tucker Callan

    Only thing keeping this together,, is the Termites holding hands!!

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  3. Ed H

    All you need is a milk crate to sit on and you can cruise to the DQ.

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    • gippy

      Not the DQ in my area- they are so slow that by the time you reached the drive up window the milk crate would be all that’s left.

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  4. Big C

    That shiny motor shore is purty. Well worth more than $10k! LOL

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  5. Robert Levins

    The whole car looks like an abandoned project that was in the works at one time. I’ll bet that the owner of this car was advised that the cost would be “astronomical” to restore. It has potential for sure but most likely it will be for someone with all the tools and money at their disposal. If they (new owners) have a shop or access to one they might have a “running chance”, no pun intended. Other than that, 10k + dollars for this one? Mmmm, that’s the question. Good luck to the new owner. Nice article too.

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  6. DA

    Rebuilt 383, brake, and front suspension parts for sale, in container for shipping.

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  7. John PrillMember

    Roadkill ! (I like the gauges, though)

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  8. Bick Banter

    Oh my goodness.

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  9. Big Bear 🇺🇸

    It’s really sad.. we been seeing Mopars like this for a while. Don’t count the T/A or AAR. Those are one off special vehicles. But the other rust bucket’s we are seeing. And how the prices are out of reach. 2023 will be the year prices will come down. That’s why we see good to great cars for sales. Make your money now before the bottom drops. This runner is done. The drivetrain is worth it. 🐻🇺🇸

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  10. Robert West

    Has the guy who is selling this car actually seen it before?? This is a $100 car, not a $10,000+ car. His brain doesn’t know that rust is BAD, not good!

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  11. Ralf Pietzsch

    It will take Mark and his Graveyard crew 3 to 4 years to fix and repeat to as new condition and the new owner $200 thousand and you would get a car that is worth $65 thousand. But hey a fool and his money etc..

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  12. Rick Norman

    looks like the coyote caught this Roadrunner

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  13. Mike

    What a pile

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  14. Robert Levins

    Make the owner a deal. Show the receipts for the rebuild on the 383ci V-8. Then offer $1,000.00 for his/her efforts. The rest of the car comes free. Part of the deal for eliminating the hassle the seller has to deal with in order to sell the whole car. The seller wins – the new owner wins. A $1,000.00 over the verified cost of the engine is a definite win for the owner because almost everyone would agree that this car as a whole is gone.

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