Recovered Treasure: 1967 Ford Mustang GT500 Tribute

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Losing a prized classic due to circumstances beyond your control is heartbreaking. However, when it is because a light-fingered individual has decided they deserve it more than you, that is almost beyond comprehension. That is the story behind this 1967 Mustang Fastback. Its owner created a Shelby GT 500 Tribute, but they suffered a devastating theft, fearing they would never see their classic again. As you can see from this image lifted from the news report two years ago, the thieves lightened it of a few parts. At least they had the decency to cover it to prevent weather damage. It is once again safely stored in a dry garage but is set to make a trip to a new home. The seller has listed this recovered treasure here on eBay in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The bidding sits at $40,100, which is below the reserve.

I admit this Mustang has me scratching my head. I can’t decide whether the thieves might have been disturbed while dismantling it or if they merely scavenged the parts that were easiest to sell. They removed most of the body’s hanging panels, grille, and trim pieces. The taillights are damaged, but the seller includes a correct set of lenses and a pair of fenders and emblems. It appears the buyer faces the challenge of locating a hood, doors, grille, and a few other exterior components. Considering the Mustang’s recent history, the Raven Black paint looks surprisingly good. However, a close inspection might reveal that a cosmetic refresh is advisable. With the hood, fenders, doors, deck lid, and front apron set for fresh paint, that would probably be the best approach for a consistent result. The rest of the panels are straight, and this Fastback appears rock-solid and rust-free.

I am amazed that the thieves didn’t liberate this Mustang’s mechanical components because it is a potent beast. However, it may be that the individuals realized that such components can be traced, and they didn’t feel the financial return warranted the risk. The engine bay houses a 428ci V8 that sends its power to the rear wheels via a four-speed manual transmission. The engine’s specifications are unclear, but power and torque figures of 335hp and 445 ft/lbs seem realistic. The good news is that the Fastback hasn’t suffered unduly from its traumatic life because it still runs and drives well. It seems it requires little beyond a thorough inspection before being deemed roadworthy, although there is a tempting option some may find irresistible. The seller has obtained a genuine 427 “side-oiler” engine block and will negotiate the sale of this to the winning bidder. That might be the ideal finishing touch for anyone considering returning this Mustang to its former glory as a Shelby GT500 Tribute.

This Mustang’s interior also surprises me because it is complete. Obviously, the door trims went with the doors when they disappeared, but the remaining Black vinyl trim and carpet are intact. The overall condition is good, especially considering the time it spent in the great outdoors. New door trims will finish an interior that features a reproduction Shelby roll bar, a set of AutoMeter gauges, a Hurst shifter, and an aftermarket radio/cassette player.

Some enthusiasts find a classic with a past irresistible, even if it is as dark as the one experienced by this 1967 Mustang Fastback. The seller supplies this YouTube video of the car during its recovery, which is where I sourced the first image in this article. It confirms it is listed in “as found” condition. The bidding action has been spirited, and I expect it will intensify as the end draws near. Have you seen enough to tempt you with this Fastback, or will you approach this auction as an interested spectator?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Aussie Dave Aussie DaveMember

    An easy repair, wonder what it will sell for?

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  2. Bidding Adeu

    40K with reserve not met for a Clone and salvage title after a insurance claim.


    I have a 64 Chevelle Malibu Wagon that a tree landed on…. Shall we start the bidding at 25,000? 🤪😆👀

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  3. Howie

    How sad. Four photos of the bare engine block?

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  4. 914Shifter

    I see a different story: I don’t think the thieves were respectfully sheltering the open car from the elements. I think they were trying to hide it, planned to come back for more parts picking, but maybe got scared off and just abandoned their project……??

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    • Paul Barger

      I agree, maybe they figured they would let the heat die down because they knew people would be looking for it.
      Kinda like robbing a place then hiding the money for a couple years.

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  5. Steve

    The fate of my 74 Mercury Capri was worse than this when it was stolen. It traveled from Pennsylvania to South Carolina where it was burned. My insurance company paid off the car loan and gave me $1000, which I used to buy a 65 Cadillac. Glad the Mustang didn’t have the same fate.

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  6. Nelson C


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    • Steve

      Yeah, better Lazarus than Phoenix, rising from the ashes of a fire.

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  7. Connecticut mark

    Got to be selling as a parts car or salvage, he must have been paid by insurance, car will look great, but value will be much lower plus you will need to rebuilt the title, or am I wrong?

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    • Walter

      My thoughts are similar. A lot of money for a replica and a salvage title

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  8. Glenn Goodrich

    I remember when the car was stolen, it was from a Shelby event in the Tulsa area, as I recall. Sad for the owner, but a common problem in that area. Good luck to him, as it was a quality build.

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  9. CCFisher

    The previous owner doesn’t want it back?

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  10. Wayne

    Replica….tribute…clone…..fake, phony…..I don’t understand how you could constantly tell people, well no it’s not a real one.

    It’s like a Rolex. There are so many fakes it undermines owning a real one.

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  11. Brian Goss

    The car came to Tulsa in the early 90s. It was an EBay purchase. Unless the late owner changed engines it has a 390.
    Car is worth resurrecting depending on purchase price.

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  12. mick

    Pardon my ignorance but, what’s the difference between a tribute and a clone?

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    • Bub

      Usually a couple grand.

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      • mick

        hahahaha but . . .

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      • Johan

        Please explain what the difference is, and which one is worth “a couple grand” more

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    • Johan

      Absolutely nothing. Different words, same meaning, much like “recreation”

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  13. stillrunners stillrunnersMember

    Around $40,000 as we speak…….

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  14. bobhess bobhessMember

    Remember seeing an article on the finding of this car. Glad to see it in this good of condition, missing parts notwithstanding.

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  15. MIke

    $40.1K in this condition, reserve not met, and the engine is negotiable? Hard pass on this.

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  16. Al

    Says CLEAN title, so for this replica, for whats here, no more than $50k at most. It IS a replica! Not a $200k+ car like that guy states in the video. My cuz George back in Newtown CT, restores these originals for the last 40+ yrs to this date. Along with his mint teal ’67 GT, he has a nice ’69 GT500 in red, the usual Carrol shelby signed glove box & his with the 428/4sp, all #’s match, roll bar etc, ex to mint, says worth about $200k. So a replica, he says about half that if THAT good, that one can only tell by vin#.
    For this to be a clear/clean, unbranded title anyways, means he collected some $ from insurance unfortunately, and convinced them to cover repairs/replacement parts & not total it where title be branded.

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    • mick

      Still, $40k for a recovered, stolen, incomplete vehicle that has no value other than the word “Tribute” and a (probably) not matching numbers 428? I’ll bet the person with the last bid is having second thoughts about now.

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