Reincarnation Candidate? 1967 Plymouth GTX

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So, is there reincarnation for cars? When one is finally abused, used up, and abandoned, can it ever return to a reborn life? If you follow the TV reality series Graveyard Cars and have followed some of the insanity around “Mopar Mania” pricing, the simple answer is yes! And that’s good to know because I’ve got a hot one! It’s a 1967 Plymouth GTX, and it has definitely seen better days. A resurrection candidate? Let’s see. It’s located in Corsicana, Texas, and is available here on craigslist for $4,500.

I worked with an auto body man years ago who owned a 1967 Plymouth GTX, but I thought, at first, his car was just a Satellite or a Belvedere with a big engine. This was in the early ’70s when his Plymouth was just considered a used car. Utilizing his car, he sent me on an errand one day, and I then realized that, yes, it was a genuine GTX. My belief, up to that point, was that the GTX had been introduced in ’68, along with the Road Runner. Sales of the ’67 GTX were fair but not brisk, with about 17K hitting the streets.

Today’s find is a roller – no 375 HP, 440 CI V8 engine or TorqueFlite automatic transmission is to be found. As to when or where they went, it’s hard to say. With muscle cars like this Plymouth, matching number engines are a big deal. And if not a matching number unit, then at least a date correct one – a move that I suppose could be made here, but does it really matter at this point? It depends if you want a chalk mark perfect trailer queen or a streetable hot rod (the latter for me); you know, something you can use and enjoy.

The seller suggests that full restoration is necessary, and I would agree. This thing is pretty banged up with lots of dents, rust, and missing parts. It also looks like it could use a hood and a trunk lid. The two images of the underside reveal a structure with scale but no indication of rust-through. It’s pretty stripped out, the rear window is gone, and even the differential assembly has been removed from the rear axle housing.

The interior is a mess, too, likely encouraged by the missing rear window, and that’s unfortunate. The white bucket seat interior, complete with a center console, probably made for quite a looker at one time. Besides the destroyed vinyl upholstery, there is a trashed dash, a missing steering shaft, peeling door panels, a gravity-bound headliner, and what looks like rusty floors.

I was actually expecting a higher price for this pile-o-parts; this is, after all, a 1967 Plymouth GTX…So, restorable? I have my doubts, but then I’m not Mark Worman, so hope springs eternal, right?

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  1. bobhess bobhessMember

    $45 maybe. What isn’t bent is already gone.

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  2. Harvey HarveyMember

    Mechanic and body man could both retire after getting paid after completing this restoration:-)

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  3. Dins74Member

    I love reading these write ups and watching the guys on Graveyard Cars bring these tore up abandoned vehicles back to life. But those reality shows are in way reality for most of us. It’s entertainment,

    I fount this car’s twin on ClassicCars.Com completely restored for “Numbers Matching” for 30K

    I’ m thinking even for the Mopar Pros out there this car would take three times that…..MININMUM !!!

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  4. Grant

    A few interior pieces and those seats. That is your worth here. It is so bad people even stopped stripping parts off. Enough of these crazy old Mopar prices.

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  5. Rw


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    • ACZ

      Even the Roadkill guys would pass on this thing.

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  6. John Lang

    Scrap price must be really high

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  7. Robert West

    Think the owner let it go downhill ffffar enough before deciding to bail on it? I wonder where the original drivetrain is today?

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  8. Geoff C

    “I once was a Mopar long ago,
    But now I’m a pretzel, oh no!”

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    • Steve W.

      So maybe if you have a big pile of money,
      You can work me back,
      into a stomping Mopar honey!

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      • 68Charger

        You can a small fortune with a car like this. You just need to start out with a large fortune….

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  9. George Louis

    I do not remember when Plymouth introduced the GTX Model but I believe it was a 1/2 year introduction or possibly a 3/4 year intro which would explain the low sales numbers for 1967.

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  10. K dawg kustoms

    Ive been restoring classic cars for 42 years and that’s not that bad of a build. I do it for the love of the build . I charge 40 dollars and he plus parts and material . And show any body what my shop can do .

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    • Ron Hall

      Give me your number? Where are You? I’m in Oklahoma (918) 618- 8372

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  11. DON

    It was hit hard in the rear and totaled , then stripped for another 66-67 B body , simple as that. This was someone’s old parts car .

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  12. Mitch

    a $1000.00 at best, and That’s if you really really want a real GTX, but keep in mind your gonna be well over it’s finished value!!!

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  13. stillrunners

    Sad and really sad this end’s up on Barn Finds. Like most have said it’s an easy pass – there are a lot of these for sale more complete than this one for close to the same money. I search and watch for these 1966/67 B Bodies and this one is just some easy pieces you can buy from other junkers. Had the same color combo a few years back – one of the rarer sales as I drove it to the new owners house after he paid for it. Even think that gas cap is wrong for a 67 GTX and looks like it’s off a 1967/68 Cuda – they came with flip open.

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  14. Mark N.

    Wow, as much as I like these cars (my first car was a ’66 Plymouth Belvedere), this looks a bit too far gone. The rear of the car is so banged up, you can’t see the body lines!

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  15. George Louis

    The “Flipper Gas Cap” is correct for 1967 GTX. FYI.

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  16. Arthur

    Reincarnation Candidate? Perhaps if you had access to someone who can fabricate new body panels by hand with regards to those body parts that aren’t being manufactured?

    I came across a YouTube video of a rusty Australian Holden HK Monaro where an Australian fabricator named Tim Johnston resorted to that type of fabrication to put this Monaro back on the road. I was impressed.

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  17. Yblocker

    What a pity. My dad bought a new Belvedere in 67, same color as this one, sharp looking cars. I’ve always loved the Mopar roofline from 64-67. It’s gonna take a miracle to resurrect this one.

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  18. George Mattar

    I will take the blue 68 ? B Body in the background. At least it has metal left. Mopar people are insane. I worked at a Chrysler Plymouth dealership as a teenager more than 50 years ago. These cars were garbage new.

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    • Yblocker

      Actually this generation of Mopar were pretty well built, 68 was when they turned tinny.

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  19. Yblocker

    Amazing it’s still there.

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  20. Ron Hall

    You are telling me that the gas cap stuck around after all the car has been through? Or are You selling it for $4400.00 ? Something is wrong? A bunch of horse if you want my opinion.. I’m sure the cap will vanish into thin air like everything else, when a new owner comes along…

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  21. Maggy

    4500? Really? I don’t see it.1k tops for parts and that’s pushing it.imo.

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  22. Midway

    Watch old Mannix shows, Mopar Heaven, the crooks, the cops and Joe drove gas guzzling power sleds.

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