Resto-Mod: 1973 Toyota Corolla

73 Toyota Corolla 1

The term Resto-mod is a relatively new term that has appeared quite frequently in the past 10 years or so. The term lends to the idea of having a car that is restored, but isn’t restored to stock, being modified. Thus giving us the resto-mod. That is exactly what this 1973 Toyota Corolla is. It appears mostly stock, and looks quite pleasant with the small flares, but the modern drive train is enough to make this little Corolla a hand full. Bidding is currently up to $1,151. Find it here on ebay out of Brooksville, Florida.

73 Toyota Corolla 4

The heart of this Corolla is a red top Beams 3sge engine that produces around 200hp. The engine is paired to a Celica 5 speed gear box. This engine is more than enough to create a sling shot effect. The seller has mentioned driving the car, but the car clearly still needs finishing work, and we wonder just how far along the car is. There is a lot going for this car, so we would think it would be an awesome project to finish and do the detail work on.

73 Toyota Corolla 3

The interior looks nice, aside from the grant steering wheel and the modern seats. A set of vintage seats would really set the interior of this car off. The seller mentions the floor and tunnel space have been modified to allow for fitment of the Celica transmission. The floor looks like it is shaped nicely and evenly, not really raising any suspicions from folks who have no idea what is under the hood. The dash board looks great, and really needs a tachometer to keep the 3sge on boil.

73 Toyota Corolla 2

The exterior looks charming with the dark mustard yellow color, chrome bumpers, and the small fender flares.  The body looks to be in good original condition with some rattle can on the fenders to arrest some surface rust. The Front grill and headlight buckets look clean and nice and the car just has a grand Japanese classic appearance. This overall is a great package into a retro car with a modern reliable drivetrain. This car would certainly fit in at any car event, and would also be a fun auto crosser as well. Would you take on completing this project?  What would you do with this cool Japanese classic?


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  1. Scotty Staff

    Someone has put a lot of work and money into that, it would be a super fun car to own. Nice find!

  2. Bobsmyuncle

    I dig it and I think the seats and wheel are just fine. Looks like a great car that you can enjoy immediately and yet have some projects to tinker with for a few weekends.

  3. DAN

    his list of needs……..leaves out AIR FILTER….

    • TW

      It has fuel injection !

  4. Bob Hess

    Neighbor had one of these. Nice little cars but the seats were like sitting on your front steps. Japan did some neat things in the ’70s and ’80s but seats weren’t one of them. Love the extra power.

  5. whippeteer

    A Corolla that can actually get out of its own way! I like that feature. Too bad it doesn’t look like there is enough room in the engine compartment to add AC. Otherwise it looks like a fun sleeper. Enough power under the hood for comfortable highway driving and surprising a few people on the street.

  6. 68 custom

    I had one of these with the T2 motor and even stock it hauled ass and could chirp the tires going into third. a rebuild with a turbo could probably get you close to 200 Hp. fun car I miss it!

  7. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    yep the year was 1974 and a buddy got a 1972 4 door as a HSchool driver….it was fast enough with a stick and pretty darn unbreakable…kinda what kicked the USA’s ass….and those 510’s….

  8. Mike Reese

    Would have LOVED to do that to my ’78 510 … my first car.

  9. Roger

    Oh yeah , would have some fun wit did 1!!!! I’d throw a one fiddy shotz of laughing gas on it and either try to do a burn out the full length of the quarter OR try to see how high I could get the hood to blow up in the air 😆😆😆

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