Restorable Binder: 1957 International S110

I expect there will be a large number of comments from the readers of this site who know International trucks better than most. Here we have a 1957 International S-110 stepside pick up that the seller says is a “barn find.” There are quite a few photos provided, and at least for me, they were confusing.

Some show the truck in really nice driveable condition, and the rest, which appear to be more current, show it a bit the worse for wear like the one above. How about that collection of tires?

But some photos, like this one, appear to be from when the truck was being driven regularly. Very difficult to figure out what the story is here. When was it in the barn?

The questions keep coming – why does it have snow tires on the front wheels, and why are the headlights missing, as shown in this photo?

The truck is now red, but apparently, it might have been mint green when it was new.

Then again, at what point was it this primer grey? Regardless of its story, this truck is for sale on Craigslist in Florence, Arizona, with an asking price of $1,850. Even with the confusing photos, given the crazy level of prices nowadays for old pick ups, and the relative scarcity of 1957 Internationals, that seems a very reasonable price.

Take a look at the price guides for this year IH and you will likely be surprised that it is worth upwards of $35,000 in restored condition!

And it’s hard to resist this classic International Harvester hood emblem.

Can anyone figure out what this picture shows? Is that the original upholstery of the seats under some sort of aftermarket cover?

Despite all the questions, this old truck, which has the look of an every day driver, has alot to offer. While the body wears some dents and flaws, there does not appear to be very much rust. This is a desert southwest truck, of course, so it should be relatively clean, even after sixty years on the road. But even so, it is in need of some tender loving care from a new owner, for sure.

The interior looks fairly decent. Obviously it will need a fair amount of work, but it looks like a decent place to start.

But it does need some mechanical work. According to the seller, the original engine started smoking, so he pulled it in favor of a Chryco slant six engine hooked up to an A904 automatic tranny. The seller says this engine runs great but the driveline is not hooked up, so it is not a runner.

It does come with two more engines, the original smoker and a larger International straight six of unspecified origin and condition. It looks like these engines are in the bed underneath all those tires.

The seller says that there are plenty of parts in the deal to restore this truck. Seems they might all be in that nice long bed.

I could not determine how many S-110 International Harvester manufactured in 1957, but am guessing it was around 10-12,000 units. The truck for sale here is solid and while a dedicated IH fanatic might want to restore it at great expense in time and money, I prefer to imagine this sixty year old truck put back on the road essentially in it current condition, with the original engine rebuilt, and its original transmission returned to duty so it can continue to be used for the pure joy of riding in a well worn fifties era pick up. What more could you ask for if you want to have some fun owning and driving an old truck?

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  1. Howard A Member

    I need to bring out the big guns for this one, I think this is a ’56. (geomechs?) The A series came out in early ’57, so this would have to be one of the last S series. I think the pictures are in various stages of the trucks life, and I like the slant 6 idea, and my old man said, (in his infinite wisdom), “son, don’t ever buy a car at night in the rain”. Cool truck, price is right.

  2. David W Member

    Howard – I will always defer to anyone who knows more than I do, and that probably includes you. But take a look at this picture and tell me if this does not look like the same model year IH. This is why I did not dispute the year of the truck for sale here.

    • Howard A Member

      Hi David, that’s why we need geomechs, he’ll know. Below is the 1957 A series pickup, introduced in April of ’57, so this could very well be a very late ’56 titled as a ’57.×181.jpg

      • David W Member

        I asked the seller. He says it is titled as a 57 in Arizona. I know that does not mean it could not be a 56 as some vehicle titles do not match manufacturer specs. Also, I asked which pics are current, and he said the ones showing the truck in red along the concrete wall, i.e., the truck at its worst is what it is now :)

      • geomechs Member

        Hi guys. The later 50s were a mixed bag for International. The last of the R-series in ’55 used the new cab with the larger one-piece rear window. Then the S-series was introduced a short time later for ’56. There was a transition between the S and A-series. The S-100 morphed into the A-100 almost from the get-go in ’57 (well early spring anyways) but the S-110 lasted a little longer–possibly to get all the assembly lines (and maybe deal with a surplus of parts) set up. I grew up with a lot of L, S, and B-series Binders. Dad drove an S-100 from the fall of ’55 until ’59 when he replaced it with a Ford Ranchero. We had an S-120 4×4 on the ranch from early ’56 until the spring of ’59 when it was replaced with a B-120. Our local Binder dealer (not to mention one of Dad’s best friends) was quite aggressive so there was no shortage of International trucks at that time.

      • Howard A Member

        There you have it folks. Thanks geomechs. That Packer tru,,oops, I mean, John Deere truck, looks great!

      • geomechs Member

        Howard, that’s just a little light for Packer Green. Maybe if it was painted up like an old Oliver tractor….

      • Beemoe

        I didn’t think that JD green would stick to a binder. ;-)

  3. terry

    That green paint makes me think it’s an old forest service truck.

  4. Dairymen

    There’s no sign of a transmission in the cab, is that what he means by saying the driveline isn’t hooked up?

    • David W Member

      Dairymen, that’s what I thought when I saw the interior shot. Hopefully, the original tranny comes along with the deal.

  5. DrinkinGasoline

    Looks like the seat was covered with an old camping sleeping bag. Always liked the wrap around rear step bumper on these trucks. I would transplant the cab and bed to a newer 4×4 frame and drivetrain while maintaining a normal 4wd ride height along with factory interior, bumpers, wheels, etc.

  6. Dave Wright

    The mystery photo is the old seat cover lifted up to show the seat underneath. One of the more silly engine conversions.

  7. Bobsmyuncle

    The biggest curiosity for me is why all the black (bumpers, mirrors, and grill) have been painted over with primer.

    It’s almost like the patination of this truck was intentional. Now where did I put my tin foil hat?

  8. Bill

    Remove those DOT Inhalation Hazard placards – it’s a violation of federal law to display those on a vehicle unless you actually have that hazardous material present. The first responders don’t like it too much when you make them think there’s a poison gas or other PIH material present when there isn’t.

    • Howard A Member

      That’s true, Bill. I saw that, didn’t register tho. Didn’t look right to me. Thanks for bringing that up.

  9. JunkieTruck

    My dad always drove old international trucks like this, he loved them. He thought they were the best trucks on the road, and you could not Kill them. Dad’s been gone a long time and every time I see one of these old binders I think of him.

  10. Fogline

    It seems like a good deal. Pretty much anything from the 50’s truck wise has reached prices that are unobtainable or to the point where you couldn’t drive the thing. Perhaps I am missing something. It looks like it compares favorably to the F1 listed today. Not sure you might get buried in getting it actually driving though. Anyone have thoughts in that area? I would almost be tempted to get it at this price and use it as lawn art.

    • Beemoe

      Parts enough to get it road worthy won’t kill you. The mechanicals are still pretty well
      available. To make it a $35k show truck? Well, you’re going to have to search long and hard for some of the finishing bits.

      • Fogline

        IMHO trucks are for using, not showing. Not that I don’t appreciate a well done restored truck. It just doesn’t fit in my life too well.

  11. Bill

    That bottle opener on the tailgate may cause the troopers to get suspicious.

  12. RNR

    One Christmas I received a metal ’57 International Pickup, mint green (same color as the door jams of the subject truck) with ivory roof, wheels, grille and bumpers and working steering. Could have been a promo – my Dad had a friend who was a IH dealer. Boy, I loved that truck!

  13. Wade Anderson

    I’ve seen that green on the inside of a lot of International buses

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