Restoration Started: 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T

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This 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T is a claimed barn find car that had some restoration work started but never got very far. The seller notes it is relatively complete and in restorable condition, but there is still some rust to contend with and the need for a full cosmetic and mechanical restoration. The Coronet will come with a few miscellaneous pieces already restored, but the bulk of the work is still ahead of the next owner. Find it here on eBay with a $10,000 Buy-It-Now.

The fenders and front bumper have been removed, and this seems to be where the restoration began and also stalled. The fenders were restored, which I suppose is commendable given it would have been easier to sacrifice the original panels for rust-free replacements. The front bumper is described as “partially restored,” so it seems like this project moved at a glacial pace if that’s all that was done in the time it’s been sitting. The seller does not note whether the paint scheme is original.

The interior is quite tired and it’s difficult to determine if there’s any floor rot. The seller says there is rust in the usual places for a vintage Dodge, but that doesn’t help us much. It appears the roof at one time had a vinyl top which has since been stripped away and now shows signs of rot-through. The seller notes the seats are not original, but that the correct OEM buckets will be included with the sale.

No word on whether the motor is original, or if it even turns over. This engine hasn’t been moved in some time given the amount of surface rust visible, and the air cleaner isn’t visible in the pictures. Overall, there’s a lot to sort out on this car but an original Coronet R/T will always be desirable. If the motor is confirmed as numbers-matching, this Coronet looks like a worthy restoration project with a manageable amount of bodywork for the ambitious DIYer. Would you take on a Coronet R/T project in this sort of condition?

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  1. redwagon

    If the seller can get 10 large for that it will be a happy day in that household.

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  2. Miguel

    There has to be something redeeming about the car to ask that kind of money.

    Beside the R/T badge on the truck, I don’t see anything.

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    • Saylor

      Pretty nice ride in the day but that day was a long time ago !!!

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    • Sandy Claws

      You don’t see anything because there is nothing to see. You need to use your sixth sense and feel the greed and recklessness for adverse financial risk. Who knows, they might just pull it off, but I am willing to bet they end up upside down on this deal in a hurry. Wish I had “saved” a barn load of these heaps 30 years ago and let them go to eager beaver buyers today, but who knew? My generation is on it’s last gasps of driving life, when we are off the roads, what do you think a car like this will be worth then?

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      • Superdessucke

        I don’t think they’ll be worth near as much as today because your generation did very well financially, so it was able to keep their prices out of reach of most in the younger generations.

        That means not a lot of Gen-Xers formed attachments to these and most Millennials don’t even like cars. So I think there will still be demand of course but I don’t think you’re going to see prices near what you do now. And the more obscure cars will suffer the most.

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    • Sigmund

      Agree with you Miguel. I think this one is just a little too far gone

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  3. 8banger David MikaMember

    If you’re looking for an extra crispy serving, you found it!

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  4. Woody

    This is trashed,whatever is left here the rodents are enjoying and it looks like it was pulled from a “Barn Fall”! It would be an awesome ride finished,love those old Mopars.

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  5. Ian McLennan

    Put your hand over your wallet and run like hell the other way. Nothing to see here.

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    • Maverick

      Mo junk

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  6. CapNemo

    The belt is still on the A/C compressor, so that probably still works fine. Ha!

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  7. Gaspumpchas

    Geez clean it out so you can see the floors. The rot in the roof alone would have you running away. the guy probably got it for nothing, then the American @sspickers/ BJ greed syndrome set in. Parts car and not even a lot of parts. Good luck to anyone who would fork over 10 large for this pile of crap.


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  8. Capriest

    As much as I love these, and prefer them over the more common Charger this baby has just been let go too far. It could be saved, but it makes zero sense with the ridiculous asking price.

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  9. Terry

    A word to sellers who think they have something special but go out of their way not to show it. To maximize the price of this car one should probably put it in an orderly way. Clean all the dirt and debris out of it, wash off the caked on mud and give your potential customer something they can assess. Frankly I think this car is to far gone for the asking price. You could probably find a running one with attached fenders and a carburetor for 10k.

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  10. Del

    No fender tag

    No build sheet

    No runner

    Only 3 things might be worth buying. The front seats, the tail lights and the dash pod. Otherwse its junk

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  11. Jimmy

    This car is where the saying (M)ostly (O)ld (P)arts (A)nd (R)ust came from.

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  12. skibum2

    Man oh man… and the hits just keep coming.. 10K ????…..

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  13. Del

    More bidders that will not show up.

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  14. GeneB

    That center tail light could be the most valuable piece on the car.

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