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Restore it or Drive it As Is? 1967 Dodge D100 Sweptline Pickup

This 1967 Dodge D100 Sweptline Pickup is a solid looking vehicle that would be a great basis for either a restoration or a restomod. Whichever way you chose to go with it, you will find it listed for sale here on eBay. Located in Sacramento, California, it is being offered for sale with a Bill of Sale. The owner has set a BIN price of $3,500 for this Pickup.

From what is visible in the photos, the Dodge does appear to be quite a solid vehicle. It was owned by the one family until recently. The owner recently passed away, and the estate donated it to a non-profit organization, who are now ready to sell it. The vehicle looks complete, rust doesn’t seem to be an issue (except for some surface corrosion), and all of the glass appears to be present, and in good condition.

The interior is also complete, and it is quite usable exactly as it is. The only obvious deviation from standard is the addition of an aftermarket radio/cassette player. The seat upholstery looks good, and I think that a good clean would do the interior the world of good.

The seller states that they are not car people, and one glance at the engine reveals this to be a pretty fair statement. They claim that the Dodge is fitted with a V8 engine and a 4-speed manual transmission. To me, that engine looks like a slant-6 engine, but we’ll cut them some slack on that. The Dodge doesn’t run at present, but it did run when parked. Hopefully, it won’t take too much to get it back into shape.

So, what to do with the Dodge D100? There is no doubt that it is a solid truck that would make a great restoration project. Alternatively, it would make a solid foundation for a restomod project. Me? I’d get it running and reliable, and I’d drive exactly how it is.


  1. Dave

    The Leaning Tower of Power, a granny gear four speed, what’s not to love? They built the Pyramids with these!

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  2. AF

    The answer to title of article question “Neither”

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  3. canadainmarkseh

    Your right about the motor Adam that is the leaning tower of power under that hood, which would be fine by me. A simpathetic restoration would be all I’d do. That would include body prep and paint in single stage gloss paint in the original colour. It’s a nice old truck that should be back on the road but not working to hard any more. Good find.

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  4. Miguel

    Are there fans of this body style out there?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

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  5. Ole Sigvartsen

    I do believe it’s the slant 6 , but I’d just clean it up , tune it, fresh fluids , new battery , and drive it , probably need a kit in carb ,

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  6. Del

    Good old stump puller.

    Grab it

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  7. FordGuy1972 Fordguy1972 Member

    Looks like rust damage isn’t too severe so I’d get it running, get rid of the ladder rack, paint it, clean the stock wheels and find some original style poverty hubcaps and do up the interior as time and money permits. This would look really nice brought back to original(as above) and with the slant six, probably last a long time. I would think it’s definitely worth the BIN. A plus for me is that it’s not a Ford or a Chevy.

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    • Ken

      “A plus for me is that it’s not a Ford or a Chevy”

      A minus in my book. I’ll never understand the appeal of a Dodge pickup. They haven’t made a nice looking truck since 1947.

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      • Jeff

        Exept that all Dodge pickups look nicer than all the Ford and Chevy pickups –

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  8. stillrunners stillrunners Member

    Yes Migel – there are – did you miss the Cummins conversion on here the other day – who goes for that much work on something else ?

    Yes I own some brutes – a D300 and a D600 work horses.

    Yes I own some Ford’s – an F250 and 2 F350’s all work horses

    Yes I own some bow ties – a P300 swap meet van and a 1977 Suburban work horse and a 1972 GMC 1500 Sierra big block that pulls it’s own weight as well.

    Have owned some work horse IH’s in a panel and Traveall

    Don’t need to mention my Studebaker trucks I use – do I ?

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  9. KKW

    The glossy finish on the dash, the bright dash moulding, and the lack of a dash pad, says this truck is a late 65 or a 66. It’s not a 67. No big deal, just saying.

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  10. Jon Rappuhn

    Noticed in the photo of engine compartment what appears to be an A/C
    condenser in front of radiator but no holes in firewall or hoses. Also I like the “non-stock” radiator overflow container.

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  11. firefirefire

    step 1 : Get it running
    step 2 : Paint it Mat Black.

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  12. Del

    Yes. Dodge trucks of the ERA were ugly.

    But they were built like Tanks and could do almost any job.

    And they did not fall apart. Welln except for that good old Mopar rust.

    FCA Rams continue the Rust Tradition

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    • KKW

      Built like tanks? Didn’t fall apart? What planet did you come? Good powertrains, I’ll give you that, but the rest was flimsy as hell.

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