Classified Find: 1978 Dodge D100 Warlock 440

American vehicle manufacturers battled with tighter emission regulations during the late 1970s as the power outputs of its previous high-performance models dropped considerably. They turned to what seemed an unlikely solution, rolling out potent versions of their existing Pickup… more»

White Hat Special: 1967 Dodge D100 Pickup

UPDATE 3/2/24. When the truck was first listed, the seller said the rack goes with the truck. Now it reads that it can be purchased separately. Que sera! In the late 1960s, Dodge began marketing some of its vehicles… more»

Carport Find: 1971 Dodge D100 Pickup

When a pickup makes it past five decades of use, chances are it’s been through several owners and possibly undergone a significant restoration at some point during this period.  But this 1971 Dodge D100 here on eBay breaks the… more»

One Family Owned: 1971 Dodge D100 Sweptline

Collectors are confronted by a sea of vintage Ford and Chevy pickups; finding one barely requires patience. But here on eBay is an uncommon 1971 Dodge D100 Sweptline – the last year of the model – bid to $4950,… more»

Slant-Six Workhorse: 1977 Dodge D100 Pickup

Dodge introduced the D/W Series of trucks in 1961 and it would enjoy a three-decade run. A styling rework came in 1972 and the trucks became smoother in appearance, akin to the treatment given to the 1971 B-body Mopar… more»

Fastest American Car In ’78: 1978 Dodge Lil’ Red Express

In 1978, if you wanted to buy the fastest new vehicle on the market, what would it have been? Whatever your guess, you’d likely be wrong because it wasn’t an automobile, but a truck – the Dodge Lil’ Red… more»

Semi-Automatic: 1958 Dodge D100 Short Bed Pickup

Delving into the Barn Finds archives seems to confirm that most of the older Pickups we see hail from the factories of Ford or General Motors. That makes this 1958 Dodge D100 Short Bed a refreshing change, and although… more»

Authentic Western Workhorse: 1972 Dodge D100 Adventurer

It’s no secret that I have an affection for old pickup trucks. And the more original and authentic, the better. Ford and Chevy pickups get the majority of attention, but it’s also refreshing to shine the work light on… more»

Only 62 Miles? 1984 Dodge RAM

It isn’t rare that you run into a 35 to 40-year-old classic that only has a few miles under its belt. A vehicle that someone pegged early on as something special to be babied and cherished for future generations…. more»

318-Equipped: 1978 Dodge D100 Pickup

Classic pickups have grown in popularity in recent years, and good ones can command some pretty impressive prices in today’s market. This 1978 Dodge D100 Pickup is a project build that runs and drives, and the owner has done… more»

Southwest Patina: 1967 Dodge D100 Pickup

The D/W series of Dodge trucks ran from 1960-93 and 4X2 models were marketed as “D” while 4X4 models were “W”. Hardly catchy marketing names like the “Ram Tough” trucks that would follow.  The D100 was your basic half-ton… more»

Stored 10 Years: 1967 Dodge D100 Pickup

Dodge redid their line of trucks in 1961 called the D/W series; “D” stood for 2-wheel drive while “W” stood for 4-wheel drive. Two styles of beds were available, the step-side narrow bed called the Utiline and the straight-sided… more»

Stored 31 Years: 1968 Dodge D100 Custom Sweptline

Over the years, it seems as though Dodge has always played third fiddle domestically to products offered by Ford and Chevrolet. In effort to narrow the gap, Dodge totally redid their trucks for 1961, offering the D100 Sweptline, which… more»

Rebuilt Slant Six: 1961 Dodge A100 Utiline

The D100 was the 2-wheel drive version of Dodge’s ½ ton pickup from 1961-93. When equipped as the narrow-bed, step-side edition, it was called the Utiline. These trucks would precede Dodge’s well-known Ramcharger series. This survivor from 1961 has… more»

Nice Patina: 1964 Dodge D100 Pickup

Older vehicles with a patina finish certainly have a unique look, and those who modify vehicles often enjoy using vehicles with weathered paint as the starting point for a project. The seller of this 1964 Dodge D100 that’s available… more»

Heavy Patina: 1966 Dodge D100

Up for sale is a 1966 Dodge D100 short bed. Originally, the truck was from Alamogordo, New Mexico, but is now being sold out of Santa Teresa, Texas. It has a surprisingly low Buy-It-Now price of $3,950 and you… more»

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