Restore Or Drive? 1967 Pontiac Grand Prix

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This Pontiac Grand Prix is a Californian car that appears to have successfully escaped the ravages of rust. It appears to be a solid example that would either make a great project car or could be driven as it is. If you like the style and performance of the Grand Prix, and really fancy this one, then you will find it located in Fair Oaks, California, and listed for sale here on Craigslist. Barn Finder Miguel referred the Grand Prix through to us, so thank you for that Miguel.

This is an attractive looking car, and it does appear to be quite solid. The paint is starting to look quite tired in spots, but the chrome, trim, and glass all look good. I’m not sure about the wheels, but that is purely personal taste. I’ve also noticed that the covers for the concealed headlamps are open in all of the photos, so I’m not sure if there is a problem there, or not.

With a 400ci V8 under the hood, backed by an automatic transmission, the Pontiac should be capable of pretty decent performance figures. Life is also made that little bit easier with the inclusion of power steering and power brakes. The car is also fitted with factory air conditioning, although the compressor is currently removed from the car. Apparently, it has recently received a stainless steel radiator, and the owner says that the car runs strong.

The interior looks to be really nice, with no obvious issues visible in the single photo that the seller provides. Once again, comfort items abound in there. Power seats, power windows, and a tilt wheel are all present. The upholstery on the bucket seats, along with the floor console, dash, and carpet all look quite good. Get that A/C back up and running, and you really would be living in the lap of luxury.

While it may not be perfect, this Grand Prix does seem to be a solid car that is not in need of any major work. It is possible that a simple repaint will have the car looking a million dollars. Is that the price? No, the owner has set the price at $7,500, which sounds pretty reasonable to me.

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  1. DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

    The wheels?

    NO. Whoever installed those could hardly have made a less attractive/compatible choice. NO.

    Funny that the fit between the front bumper and center and left side body pieces are so …. unusual. Makes for a comical appearance.

    But I like the car in general. Tail lights reminiscent of the ’67 GTO.

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  2. mlm

    This is one good looking car and it would be a killer with the 8 lug wheels on it.

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    • Miguel

      You say that but everybody want disc brakes on their cars these days.

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      • mlm

        Miguel.I say that because I have SEEN them with 8 lugs TODAY.You might want to take a look on You Tube or go to some car shows where they still sport the 8 lugs on these fine Pontiacs before you make that remark.Yes I would still put 8 lugs on this baby!

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      • Miguel

        mlm, I have seen them as well, but everybody wants disc brakes on their cars.

        it is odd the only car where drum brakes are acceptable is a Pontiac like this to get the 8 lug wheel.

        I was not attacking what you were saying, I was just pointing out the opposite way of thinking about this specific car than every other car.

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  3. Suttree

    This is a driver. Let the next owner decide whether to restore it or not.

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  4. Kyle Soler

    Drive as is. maybe swap those Dayton ripoffs (not sure if they are the real real McCoy or not) with some better wheels.

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  5. Tom Justice

    I love these era Pontiacs. That distinctive nose was a big favorite as it reminds me of mine.

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  6. Gay Car Nut

    It looks like it could be a driver. If there’s nothing wrong with the car, and it’s drivable as it is, why not drive it! :)

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  7. Brian K

    Love it. The rear springs look a bit tired but, overall it looks great. I’d change out the wheels with new tires, fluids and a tune up and see where I’m at from there. The cool things is you can do the work yourself and it’s not hard at all. I miss working on cars that are simple.

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  8. Gary D Oliver

    I would fix the retractable headlights and put 8 lug wheels on it and use it as a driver. After I drove it around for awhile and spent all my disposable income on gas, I would go back to driving my Toyota at 33MPG.

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  9. Bob

    I have a 63 Grand Prix that looks and drives like a dream. For some reason I just love those early to mid 60’s Pontiacs and I am a Cadillac man.

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  10. Robert Sabatini

    Pontiacs sure were tough to beat on styling in that era!!

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  11. Kenneth Carney

    My FIL had the ragtop version of this car
    in the mid to late ’80’s. And while it was
    a very tired used car, it had class. It had
    all the desirable options that if circumstances were different, would’ve
    made a rewarding restoration project
    for him. It had it all–at least when it was
    new, down to an M-22 4-speed tranny–
    which was swapped out in favor of a
    T-400 auto trans at some point. What
    a fast, powerful car it must’ve been when
    new. Sadly, he sold it on to some kids
    who turned it into a lowrider! I always
    wished that he’dsold it to me.

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  12. G.W.Gilmore

    Can yall imagine what fender skirts on it would look like? I would for myself find some of the olds factory wheels that are the same color which might then call for a paint job to truely match the wheels. With either white walls or white letter tires would to me be the final step I would do for it. If it were mine. My opion and we all have them. Color to me would be either of Red White or Black??

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  13. Richard

    My 63 GP, mild custom with a 455, 4 speed

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Liking the hood-mounted tach.

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  14. Richard jones

    Thanks, its a 4 year labor of love,car was buried in a back yard for 25 years here in Alaska. Not a square foot that wasn’t dented or rusted. Believe it or not, i got the 389 running but instead of rebuilding it, i decided to drop in a 455 and have some fun.

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    • DayDreamBeliever DayDreamBeliever

      Thumb – UP for the 455 Fun Factor!

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