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Restore Or Re-Shell? 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

You can sometimes look at a potential project car and get some idea of just how much work is going to be involved in bringing the car back to life. When you see the words “a great donor car for a Dynacorn body project,” you know that the list of work is going to be very long. That’s the case with this’67 Camaro because it really does have some serious rust issues. It is still worth a look because the owner might be on the money with his assessment. The Camaro is located in Belmont, New Hampshire, and is listed for sale here on eBay. The BIN price for the Camaro has been set at $3,500.

When you give the Camaro the once-over from the outside, the news doesn’t appear to be that bad, and it would seem that we’ve all probably seen worse. When you find out that the car has been sitting out in the weather, and that the floors, the trunk, and the rear frame rails are all gone, that’s when things take a turn for the worse. With no screening on the front cowl, you can be pretty sure that plenty of leaves and other debris has found its way into all of the little hidden corners, which is a great way of trapping moisture and making things worse. With rust in all of the lower regions of the body, along with plenty around the rear window opening, that Dynacorn shell is starting to look pretty attractive.

The interior is pretty much history, so the next owner will be starting from scratch there. Having been exposed to the weather, you can also be pretty sure that items like relays, electrical connections, switches, and gauges will almost certainly be beyond help. The car is fitted with a small-block V8, but the owner doesn’t tell us what type. Given its ongoing exposure to the elements, you can also be sure that there will be plenty of work to kick that back into life, provided that it is worth salvaging. The car does have a good 4-speed transmission, but it isn’t clear what sort of rear end is fitted.

When you start to add up the sheer amount of work that would be required to revive this Camaro, the balance ledger is going to swing heavily into the red. I can see why the owner suggests the Dynacorn alternative, but if that company isn’t to your liking, there are certainly others to consider. There will be a few people who say that if you were considering restoring this car, that you should use the original shell. My one question is just how much steel are you going to cut out and replace in that body before it ceases to be the original body?


  1. Avatar photo David Mika Member

    I see a contender for Carhenge here.

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  2. Avatar photo 71FXSuperGlide

    Wow. :-O

    Does that $3,500 include a St. Jude’s medal?

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  3. Avatar photo Poncho

    Another car too far gone to be worthy of mentioning here on BF. Perhaps should start a new site for these: Scrapyard Bound…or…Rescue these Rides (from the scrapyard).

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  4. Avatar photo Ike Onick

    Option #3- Crush and move on.

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  5. Avatar photo Anthony in RI

    Restore or Re-shell? How about Recycle….

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  6. Avatar photo Gaspumpchas

    I sold one in a little worse shape after being scammed on ebay, there wasn’t a part on this car that wasn’t rusted. had papers and VIN. Got 3500 for it, Buyer did the car and in the process lost said paper work, Somebody will fix this. I might start a firestorm with this, but when you do a complete resto using imported sheet metal, its a far cry from the original. You cant lean on it, you must be careful when you jack it up or you will lose your gaps. I’m not sure how the dynacorn bodies are, but a good strong engine with twist it up like a pretzel. Assembled a 67 mustang convert that was done this way. Sure would have hated to have been there when the guy nailed it. My opinion and experience. Your experiences?
    Good luck

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  7. Avatar photo David Mika Member

    Ya, my ’68 Charger R/T, (sold) although a good car, was raced in the 80s and it did such a number to the body, that you could drop a light underneath it, and see the stress cracks all throughout the floor…sad to hear that aftermarket does this right off the line.

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  8. Avatar photo 86_Vette_Convertible

    IMO stick a fork in it, it’s done.

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  9. Avatar photo mjf

    It takes guts to ask $3500 for this $50 dollar car ….

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  10. Avatar photo 433jeff

    Well as much as i hate to admit it , some day in the future we may pine for crap like this. I will probably be dead when the last rotted Hemi carcass sells at Auction, people will pay, i sold A rotted hulk of a convert to a guy who tack welded it together and then smoothed it over with bondo an who knows what. The car looked awesome when done, but i sure as hell wouldnt want to get hit in it. Makes me really appreciate a factory Gm ( no disrespect to amc ford or dobge)no rust trunk over a new floors new trunk car.At 50 years old its all gutta be gone thru anyway? Right? Yea 3500 for a roach with a title,its an admission price to a dream. Ive been the buyer and the seller, and will be again

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  11. Avatar photo Tom

    A cowl tag shot would have been nice. At least we could see what it was from the factory.

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  12. Avatar photo Karl

    Someone with a lot more time and a lot more want in Camaro Dept than ME is welcome to this one, I didn’t look to hard for fear of tettnas!

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  13. Avatar photo TimM

    I think the $3500 should include a Tetanus shot!!!

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  14. Avatar photo TimM

    I have to say that it surprises me that people will pay $3500 for parts and not a lot of them either!!!

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  15. Avatar photo Paul

    I have seen a lot worse sell for a lot more!!
    I would think after looking at the pictures on eBay that this is a restorable car at a fair price for one of these. If it was closer to me I would a least take a look

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  16. Avatar photo Del

    Joke of the week.

    And all spring we keep seeing worse ones.

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  17. Avatar photo Mike

    Why even bother with this one? Anyone with the money to buy a repop body also has the money for everything else the aftermarket offers. From modern front subframes to crate engine, trans and rear end packages. You can litterally build a brand new first gen Camaro, as well as other vehicles, from the ground up today.

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