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Restore or Recycle? BMW 2800CS Shell

If you follow old BMWs to any extent, you already know the E9 chassis cars are fairly pricey in either restored or survivor condition. Even if it’s a project, cars that aren’t terribly rusty still pull a decent number among enthusiast circles. This model has a lot going for it, from terrific grand touring qualities right out of the gate to an impressive pedigree gained from a storied racing career. Still, they are extremely prone to rust in some of the worst places,  so rough cars are a major labor of love to restore correctly. This listing here on eBay is for a bare shell that the seller claims isn’t the rustiest E9 he has ever seen, with an asking price of $7,500.

Only three photos are provided so it’s hard to say whether that claim is accurate. But he does highlight the fact that the inner fenders are not roasted by rust, which does make this bare shell an interesting prospect for someone trying to get into the bottom of the E9 market. Inner fender rust has ruined otherwise decent cars, oftentimes running unchecked in examples that may have gotten a quick respray back in the day wherein the trouble spots were covered up and not noticed until it was too late. The listing does reveal there is rust in the floors and rockers but those locations are practically the cost of doing business with an E9. Solid inner fenders can be a total game-changer, even on a car like this.

Obviously, you’re going to have to come up with almost every other component of this car, from the suspension to the glass to the engine to the interior. A hood and trunk lid will also need to be sourced. The seller doesn’t tell us much about how this once-pretty 2800CS ended up this way, but there are many restoration project E9s waiting for their shot at rebirth in private garages and restoration shops all over the world. While I still find the price a bit high here, it may seem perfectly reasonable for someone who doesn’t want to pay $75,000 or better for a complete example with minimal to no rust. Would you “start at the bottom” with a specimen like this or look for a more complete car?


  1. bobhess bobhess Member

    This one’s only worth $7,500 if you have a compete car so badly rusted or wrecked that could be used to make a car out of. Depends on your talent, time, and money in the bank.

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    • Ian

      No if it was complete it would be double. This shell is worth more chopped up into inner and outer fenders, quarter panels, nose and tail clip, roof skin and hood.

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  2. angliagt angliagt

    Located in New Smyrna Beach,Florida.

    These are gorgeous cars when finished,but like
    Jeff says,the DO rust.

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  3. Maggy

    Why not put more pics of all the critical rust prone areas?

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  4. Troy

    I would do the same thing toss it against the wall and see if it sticks if you have to keep lowering your price until its time to just scrap it

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  5. Robert

    I don’t get it. Half the time you see a Dodge so rusted, that it’s ony a front fender and you guys drool all over it. Now there’s a European car with a bad floor, and you start by calling it a rust bucket that should be scrapped.

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    • Mitch

      some dont get it. This cars where manufactured not industrial
      built mass products. as long the shell is in average condition
      a experienced panel beater can rebuilt the gone sheet metal
      The seller states no title and no vin tag? This is good as donor.
      750€ not more

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      • Ian Phillips

        It Does have a vin. The hood alone is worth 750 euro.

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  6. Mike

    It’s in Florida. Mount it to a Jeep chassis and go muddin’. When your tired of that, sell it on BaT as a safari conversion and cash in.

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  7. Big C

    It’s got that rare BMW badge on the front end. So, yep. It’s worth every dollar.

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  8. Troy

    Honestly I would rather have that Volkswagen bus in the background of one of the photos

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  9. Allen L

    3.0 CSL Batmobile clone resto mod.
    Gives leeway for drivetrain, interior, etc.
    Then you can drive the snot out of it, no trailer queen.
    But the price is still too high.

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  10. Derek

    Perfect base for a historic racer; has no save trim/matching numbers issues.

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  11. 'George.Birth

    PASS NOT Enough left to restore

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