Restored And Forgotten: 1926 Pierce Arrow 80

1926 Pierce Arrow 80 Runabout

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The Pierce Arrow has a unique appearance that makes it easily recognizable, even without the name on the radiator. This Pierce Arrow listed on eBay is likely another example of a car restored years ago and put away when the owner was to old to drive or lost interest. It’s been hidden away for about 20 years in Auburn Hills, Michigan. The owner knows nothing of its history. Bidding is already over $14,000, no reserve and with 8 days to go as I write this. That may seem like a lot of money for this car to some, but it’s far below the cost of restoration. The engine is free, but has not been started. It appears complete and original, although the frame was shortened for some reason. Perhaps this Runabout body was mounted on a sedan frame.

front right

It’s a nice, rust free 20 foot car, but the paint is flaking and falling off in places. The top is said to be in good condition and it has side curtains.


The dash, gauges and floor all appear in good order. That horn button is an obvious add on, probably for the triple air horns under the hood.


The seller refers to these as “bucket seats”. These would be an early version. The upholstery appears to be in good condition.


Everything under the hood appears in good order. Pierce Arrow engines have a unique appearance.

right rear

This old runabout looks great from every angle. It will be interesting so see how high the bidding goes. This car will great fun to drive when it’s running again. It’s a very distinctive looking car and will get lots of attention. Compared to other cars of this era, the Fords, Chevys, Plymouths, etc.,you don’t see many of these. This will be a great opportunity for someone who loves these old cars to purchase a restored example for much less than restoration costs would be. What do you think?

Auctions Ending Soon


  1. Tim

    The price isn’t out of line for a nice early example of a Pierce. It’s a roadster too.
    It will be interesting to see where the market goes for the pre 1920 cars, as those who remember them are disappearing. The Pierce was a very expensive car in its day, and the quality was world class. I’d love to have this car in my collection, but too many irons in the fire at the moment.

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  2. Tim

    So.. The seller says the frame appears to have been cut and shortened. The car may have started life as a sedan. The numbers on the car should tell the story, but that’s a big red flag if one is thinking of spending serious money on this car. Buyer beware.

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    • Mark S

      Even though I’m not a big time purist, I do think that this car is pieced together, how else would explain the frame chop. I do however think that the quality of the work is exceptible, but that won’t give it providence as an original car. So in this case it should be advertised as a custom build. I know that effects the value and i suppose that is why it is going up for a lower price then would be expected for a car like this. All things considered I still think it is a very cool car.

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      • Mark S

        After looking at images of other PA’s it is clear that at least a foot of length has been chopped out of the length of this car just behind the door. I’m not sure why some one would do that, when you look at others you see how odd this one looks, sort of like that goofy looking Cadillac drop top from the other day. I guess a person would have to ask WHY ! ! !

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      • Tim

        It’s a typical sedan to roadster chop job. The extra length they cut away is the back seat area, and the body work isn’t badly done at all. It’s awkward, as cars usually are when people cut them up.
        It’s certainly no virgin barn find, but still a nice old car. It will find a good home I’m sure.

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  3. JoeW

    As soon as i saw that front 3/4 view I saw something was off. It’s too bad it was shortned. That really hurts the value of what was a true classic. Hopefully someone with the proper skills can get it and do it right.

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  4. SSPBill

    In my college years I worked in the old Pierce Arrow building. Despite my best efforts I did not unearth any hidden treasures.

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  5. K. C.

    Quite possibly the worst looking P-A ever? No wonder it was hidden in a garage for 20 years. It reminds me of a naive kids drawing – wheelbase too short, windshield too high, jump seats used for real seats. The price might be great right now, but transforming it back into something elegant is going to take a lot of work and dollars.

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    • Tim

      Even the back window looks like it’s too high.
      It’s a bit of an ugly duckling, but maybe it’s a fun weekend back road cruiser if the price stays where it is.

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  6. JD

    God I love these cars. Wish I had $20K lying around! Some of the finest, well built cars ever.

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  7. charlieMember

    I admit I know little about what the factory made, but the dash, the seats, the whole thing looks like a “custom”, built a decade after the car was made, when the car was just a used car, long before George Barris started modifying late ’40’s Fords and Mercs.

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  8. David Frank DavidAuthor

    This 1934 840A Sedan is in the museum to be sold. It’s amazing to open and close the doors. These are so precise, they just click, closed. The whole car is is was buily with precision. These Pierce Arrows are amazing cars.

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